Chapter 615 Roar Of The Void

Name:The dragon's harem Author:Alen_Tanor
Chapter 615 Roar Of The Void

"I swear I told Baltos to make sure no such troubles start," Arad opened his jaw, roaring at the woman.

She smiled, "Look at those pure white fangs. They would work well in my pot," Her nails gleamed with eldritch green magic, channeling into marking across her body before a tiny ball of magic appeared in front of her.

[Eldritch Eraser]

A beam of green magic burst from her hands, flying toward Arad at a blinding speed.

Arad opened his jaw, blocking the beam with a compressed breath of the void, and erased it.

"If you can cast magic, it means you can think," Arad said, staring at her, "Stop attacking at once, or I'm afraid I'll have to beat you down. My wives are in the carriage, and I don't like to fight near that,"

"I'm a witch. I'll try my luck," She smiled, pulling a crystal ball, and several dots of magic appeared floating around her, "Let's see what can you do,"

Witches are known for being worse than wizards when it comes to experimenting on stuff. While the wizards of the tower study to push the magic development further and give humanoids an edge against monsters, witches experiment for their own pleasure and power, seeking benefits only for themselves, often causing plages and destruction with their failed concoctions.Immerse Yourself in the Storyverse: N♡vεlB¡n.

Arad's massive body disappeared, leaving a tiny dust patch, floating on the ground. The witch gasped, instinctively shifting her magic to protect her body with a barrier.

Arad flew past her, his eyes leaving a purple trail behind as his palm approached the witch's chest, smacking into the barrier at a blinding speed.

She gasped, feeling the impact across the barrier as her body rapidly accelerated backward, jolting her limbs and almost tearing them off. She flew back across the city, reaching the sea in the blink of an eye.

The witch gasped, looking at the blue sky, her guts, and chest twisting in agony from the impact. As she looked up, she could see Arad in his humanoid body standing between her and the sun, looking down with a passive face, "I said, I can't fight you close to my wives."

^He pulled me all the way here? With no magic?^ She couldn't believe what happened. The barrier she formed is supposed to be stationary, unmoveable without spells.

"What did you do?" She growled.

bursting roar. The ground around him vibrated as everyone closed their ears in pain. The people living on the other side of the capital could hear it reverberating in their chests, shaking the windows as they gasped for air.

"How it's. So loud?" Claug growled, barely standing her ground behind Arad, ^No, it's weaker on our side. That adventurer is having it worse.^ She realized the flow of magic around Arad. The void had formed a thin barrier, muffling the sound going back while leaving the majority blasted toward the adventurer.

Arad's anatomy wasn't like that of humans and was vastly different from other dragons made of flesh. As a creature adept at living in the void of space and speaking with telepathy, he didn't have innate vocal cords, and that is why he couldn't speak in his wyrmling stage as a dragon.

By that time, his body adapted to the air, producing sound by using the void to vibrate the air down his throat. This had made it possible for him to speak even when out of breath, without moving his jaw, and even, produce far louder sound than any other kind of dragons can.

The adventurer's ears bled as the fine veins in his body burst, his bones cracked, and his brain trembled from the roar, and his consciousness faded away as every cell of his body was about to burst.

He fell face first as Arad stopped his roar, staring at the adventurer with a passive face, "Doma said to try it, but who knew it would work this well."

lightsnοvεl Arad turned, walking back toward the carriage as the adventurer fell to the ground, the whole city turned to stare at the wall, wondering where the roar came from.

"That was loud," Claug approached, staring at Arad, "Is your throat okay?"

"I'm fine," Arad replied with a smile.

"Arad!" Isids jumped out of the carriage, running toward him with a smile, "That roar, it was like that one on the island,"

"But louder," Arad looked back toward the adventurer. "Doma said I could use my voice as a weapon, so I tried it. Not all people come prepared to face that."

"The roar of a dragon, loud enough to pierce ears and shatter bones," Isids looked around, "Would make for a great tune, a poem for generations to come," She waved her hand.

"What would you write? He screamed so loud, he almost killed a person?" Arad looked at her with a smile, resting his fists on his hips.

"The majestic roar of a dragon, loud, deep, and heavy." She waved her fingers in the air, dropping snow from her palms, "Bone-chilling, shaking and crumbling screech, bursts like an explosion, and sends a message. If you can't handle the dragon's roar, then don't bother fighting, as what is to come, is even worse."

"The closest sound that I heard was the orange dragons' explosions." Kinryuu smiled, walking toward them, "When their white breath touches water, it explodes."