Chapter 363

But Isnt this more based on feeling?

The more Choi Yeonseung used Future Sight, the more confused he became. Was there any difference between this and relying on his intuition?

[The Goddess of Balance Who Walks Ahead argues in a weak voice that even though it might seem like this, the power requires good judgment.]

-Ah...Yeah, I think so too. Its a good power.

[The Goddess of Balance Who Walks Ahead is smiling brightly.]


-If you regret calling the goddess of balance, blink twice.

-Be quiet


The hunters in front of the Brucol Building were thrilled to see that Choi Yeonseung had actually shown up.

Isnt a duel too risky?

Hunter Choi Yeonseung, a duel is too dangerous even for you. Its also not in the Otherworld. Is it worth it to risk your life for a senator?

Yeah, hes just a senator. He seems to have only ten years left at best, so if he dies now, its still a natural death.

Shh, you dumbass! There are many ears listening.

The hunters gathered at the scene tried to somehow persuade Choi Yeonseung not to participate in the duel. It was truly rare for a hunter to go out of their way to do something that didnt benefit themselves, but another clan. However, this was exactly what Choi Yeonseungs reputation was all about.

By the time hunters reached A-grade, they had already become very jealous and greedy and had built up many grudges during raids. There was also business on top of that, which doubled their notoriety.

Nevertheless, these hunters hadnt realized just how popular and influential Choi Yeonseung really was. He was truly a one in a million case!

I appreciate your concern, but Ive already made up my mind. Get out of the way.

Choi Yeonseung...!

The hunters of the Albuquerque clan were tearing up before they knew it. It was truly surprising for such cold-blooded hunters, who didnt even cry when the stocks they had invested all their money into crashed, to cry for a hunter from a different clan.

I cant believe hes helping us like this!

What made this even more surprising was the fact that the Albuquerque clan had nothing to do with Choi Yeonseung. In fact, the clans under Parker Group had an almost hostile relationship with Choi Yeonseung.

These hunters had even been ordered to keep Hunter Choi Yeonseung in check this time, which explained why they were so moved by his heroic gesture.

Who are you?

Choi Yeonseung was puzzled when he suddenly saw the hunters in front of him in tears.



We Were from the Albuquerque clan.

Im sorry, but have we met before?

No, but...

The Albuquerque clan hunters were trying to remind Choi Yeonseung of their clan because they had a reputation, but they thought it would make them look bad so they gave up on it.

...Please, Hunter Choi Yeonseung!

Please make up for our mistake...

Ah. Were you the hunters that were supposed to look after Senator McGlas? How incompetent were you guys to let him get kidnapped?

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The hunters decided that it was better for them to keep their mouths shut.


Most spectators wouldve said something like Are you really going in? but Choi Yeonseung didnt give them the chance to do so as he immediately went inside the building. He could hear the loud voices from the shocked people behind him, but they quickly faded away.

[You have entered the realm of Endless Linked Explosions.]

The building was filled by an acrid smell resulting from numerous explosions. The building itself had been transformed into the realm of the explosion constellation, just like the realm that had unfolded when Noble Crown Collector had descended.

Of course, this one is much smaller than the one from back then...

The collector constellation had been in his prime back then, whereas the explosion constellation was currently in a weakened state. Therefore, it made sense for this realm to be smaller.

You finally came.

Indeed, here I am.

The shamelessness of Choi Yeonseungs allies angered the explosion constellation even more. However, he didnt have time to be angry.


Once again, the explosion constellation was knocked back into the air.

Choi Yeonseung hadnt merely been talking to the explosion constellation; he had been taunting him to make sure he wouldnt be able to react to his next attack.

Fighting in the Abyss was more about ambushing your opponent than having a fair duel. Choi Yeonseung had been through so many fights that he was tired of them.

[Dignity of Light has strengthened your martial arts.]

[Realm of Nobility has strengthened your martial arts.]

[Origin of the Celestial Meteor Bombardment is tearing apart the opponents existence!]

The essence of internal energy, concentrated energy, decimated the explosion constellation.

The explosion constellation tried to defend himself and restore his body using the power of existence, but the Origin of the Celestial Meteor Bombardment boasted a deadly power. Moreover, the explosion constellation wasnt specialized in defense or recovery, which put him at an even bigger disadvantage.

I looked down on him...!

In the midst of his pain and dismay, the explosion constellation realized he had made a mistake. He couldnt believe there was an even more horrible, despicable, and filthy being among the constellations.

Choi Yeonseung, or rather, the Undefeated Incarnation of Training was an ambitious constellation who had been hiding his enormous power. His quiet and mysterious image was merely a veneer that hid his ruthless nature.

The Undefeated Incarnation of Training had climbed the ranks on Earth extremely fast, and yet he had somehow managed to conceal his identity from the other constellations!

The beast had finally revealed his true form, and his power was unimaginable.

The power of existence he had honed, the fighting power he had hidden, and the powers he had obtained from other constellations through deceptionthe combination of these powers resulted in a monster that could overwhelm any constellation.



The moment Choi Yeonseung disappeared, the explosion constellation instinctively went on the defensive.

As his concentrated energy decimated the explosion constellation, Choi Yeonseung also jumped in to hit the explosion constellation directly.

[The Explosions that Tears Through Space...]

The explosion constellation struggled to use his power. He completely gave up on defending himself, letting his very existence get shredded, and instead aimed for Choi Yeonseungs vital points. His attack had a terrifying destructive power.

However, Choi Yeonseung wasnt fazed by it; he merely shook his head, predicted its path, and evaded it.

Choi Yeonseung had dealt with many fierce attacks in his numerous fights in the Abyss, so he knew how important it was not to get hit.

He continued to suppress the explosion constellation without giving him time to attack. His offense was unrelenting!

With multiple thuds and cracking sounds, the explosion constellation was blasted away. Every time he sent the explosion constellation flying, Choi Yeonseung got on top of him and struck him again before even landing on the ground.

Choi Yeonseung linked his Origin of the Celestial Divine Arts flawlessly. With every vicious attack, the existence of the explosion constellation was growing weaker and weaker.


-Dont be fooled!

Of course, I dont intend to listen to anything he has to say.

Choi Yeonseung was going to end it here. He had no intention to listen to the explosion constellation beg for mercy. He had to eliminate his opponent now that he knew his true identity!

-Successor, youre the only ruthless constellation disguised as a human!Finish him off!

Choi Yeonseung charged forward as he listened to the encouragement of the goddess of sloth. He dodged various explosions that went off at the same time and used the Origin of the Celestial Fist.

The explosion constellation crumbled as his existence was shattered.


There was a cracking sound and Choi Yeonseungs attack pierced the torso of the explosion constellation. He could no longer withstand any of Choi Yeonseungs attacks.

[Endless Linked Explosions is defeated!]

[The existence of Endless Linked Explosions will disappear!]

The explosion constellation stared at Choi Yeonseung with flickering flames in his eyes. These were the eyes of someone who had finally come to terms with their defeat.

It is my defeatIt is your despicable victory...Undefeated Incarnation of Training!

As far as despicable goes...

But dont look down on the other constellations...There are many who are more despicable and evil than I am.You...I dont know if you can beat them...Cough!

Choi Yeonseung didnt want to hear it and swung his fist.

Even though hes about to be gone, hes still running his mouth uselessly.