Chapter 451 Roland Gilwynn Appears

"Apologies, Ms. Scarlett Piers, but you do not possess the privilege to disregard me—" Simon's voice abruptly trailed off. His eyes widened in astonishment as the door swung open, revealing his father's commanding presence entering the room.

'Why is he here as well? Could this girl have informed him?' Simon's thoughts raced as he swiftly rose from his seat, and respectfully greeted Roland.

"Father," Simon greeted Roland with an air of deference, his voice carrying a trace of tension that hinted at a fear of his father's potential reprimand.

With a swift sweep of his gaze, Simon observed Scarlett remaining seated, seemingly ignoring the arrival of his father, the former king.

'How audacious of her! Why hasn't she greeted Father? Where are her manners?' Simon felt the urge to remind her, but before he could utter a word, he observed his father dismissing him and settling onto the sofa, fixing his gaze upon Scarlett.

"Father why—" Suddenly, Simon felt a sense of betrayal. This was the first time his father had completely ignored him.

Simon remained rooted in his spot, his gaze fixed on his father as he awaited an order. He despised this the most; despite ascending the throne, he had never managed to surpass his father's commanding presence.

In this kingdom, no one dared to treat him with such disregard. He usually felt powerful, but only in front of his father did he experience a sense of insignificance, as if he were a commoner and not the kingdom's ruler.

"You may take your seat, Simon," Roland's authoritative voice resonated in the room, breaking the silence. He promptly occupied his seat.

Simon's eyes continued to rest upon his father. He could discern from his father's expression that his father was seething with anger, and he was acutely aware of the reason behind it.

"Sir Roland, it has been some time..." Scarlett finally greeted him casually. Simon, seated opposite Scarlett, nearly choked upon hearing her nonchalant greeting to a former king. Even he, as a king, continued to pay respects to him.

'This young lady,' Simon mused to himself, 'She evidently lacks the proper manner.' He shook his head subtly while shifting his gaze toward his father. He sought to see his reaction, thinking, 'Father surely be displeased, right?' In the past, his father would have scolded them for a lack of respect toward their elders.

"Scarlett, I am delighted to see you return to our country," Roland's warm smile blossomed on his face. Ignoring Simon, he continued conversing with Scarlett. "...I have heard that your brother-in-law has received medical attention?"

Simon found himself speechless. How could his father show such a gentle attitude towards someone? Even towards his sister, Maggie, he had never given such a cheerful smile since losing their mother.

"Yes, Grandpa Robert led the doctor to assist him. I am truly grateful to Grandpa and you for granting us entry into this country. But—" her words trailing off, her gaze shifting momentarily to Simon as she gave him a sweet smile.

Simon felt completely confused. 'Why did she suddenly smile like that?' His confusion deepened as he looked at Scarlett's shifting expressions, her demeanor now softer than before.

"But?" Roland knit his eyebrows, now looking at Simon, before returning to look at Scarlett.

"Sir, I believe... Your son does not hold me in favor. He visited me here to question me about a matter I have already clarified to you," Scarlett stated, her gaze shifting to her hands in her lap, feigning a touch of sadness.

It was her way of teasing the young King Simon—finding amusement in observing him flustered and stressed under his father's rage.

Taking a few slow breaths, Scarlett lifted her head, directing her gaze towards Roland.

"A question?" Roland's voice arises. "What kind of question, may I ask?" he repeated, the previously composed demeanor now giving way to visible irritation.

"I—" Simon's attempt to speak was swiftly halted by Scarlett's intervention.

"Mr. Gilwynn, allow me to explain to Sir Roland..." Scarlett said, her expression slowly changing to serious as she shifted her focus to Theodor, who stood by the door. "Theo, what are you doing there?" her voice bore a distinct unfriendliness as if urging him to exit the room.

However, it appeared Theodor was determined not to leave, prompting Scarlett to release a resigned sigh.

"Very well! You may stay, but ensure you refrain from discussing what you hear here," she continued.

Simon, who observed Scarlett's assertive demeanor towards Theodor, grew increasingly perplexed. 'Who is this young lady, truly? How can she command Father and Theodor? Has my investigation on her been flawed?' Doubts began to creep into Simon's perception of his perused findings.

"Yes! Thanks, sister-in-law," Theodor expressed his happiness as he briskly moved to join them in the sitting area. He respectfully greeted Roland and Simon before settling down beside Scarlett. Then he turned his attention to her once more. "Sis, you can continue... I'll just quietly listen."

After a brief pause, Scarlett redirected her focus to Roland Gilwynn. It was time to cease her playful teasing of Simon and bring this drama to a close.

"Sir, His Highness has come here to inquire why I came to this country and attempted to approach you, as well as my intentions," Scarlett paused momentarily, noticing Roland's expression growing even darker, his anger flashing in his gaze directed at Simon.

She continued, "I urged him to seek these answers from you directly, as I have already communicated my thoughts to you a few weeks ago. This matter pertains to your family, and I sincerely wish to avoid becoming entangled in it." She concluded with a warm smile.

Roland was utterly speechless. He knew Simon's intentions and harbored resentment toward his son for not meeting him first.

Another slow exhale could be heard in the room as Roland fixed his gaze sternly on Simon.

Without uttering a word, Roland extended his apologies to Scarlett. He rose from his chair and requested that Simon do the same while apologizing to Scarlett.

Scarlett was taken aback as she watched Simon lower his head slightly in her direction. She felt like hot coal was burning beneath her seat.