Chapter 629 - Chapter 629: Acquaintance

Chapter 629: Acquaintance

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In the VIP lounge on the second floor, Lu Jun heard footsteps approaching from afar and deliberately arranged his clothes neatly. Only then did he lean on the chair with a serious expression and wait for Shi Man to enter.

Unexpectedly, the clear footsteps suddenly stopped not far away.

Lu Jun was anxious from waiting, so he got up and walked to the door to eavesdrop.

He pressed his ear against the door and could vaguely hear Chu Yue’s deliberately lowered voice outside. “It’s your honor that the teacher summoned you first. Later, you’d better correct your attitude and not make him angry at the his birthday banquet!”

Shi Man revealed a mocking expression and raised her eyebrows at her. “What identity do you have to order me around? Instructor Chu, I’m not a soldier under you, right?”

Chu Yue glared at her angrily. Since Lu Li was also here, she could not say anything too unpleasant. She could only rush to the door and knock.

When Lu Jun heard the hurried footsteps again, he hurriedly ran back to the chair and tidied his clothes again. After confirming that there were no creases on them, he replied in a low voice, “Come in.”

Chu Yue pushed the door open and entered. Her attitude was respectful and obedient. “Teacher, I’ve brought her over.”

“Yeah.” Lu Jun looked across at the empty couch. “Have a seat.”

Shi Man did not stand on ceremony with him. After letting her sit, she sat down generously and said respectfully, “Congratulations on your longevity. Yi Zheng and I brought gifts today and handed them to your butler. I hope you’ll like them.”

Lu Jun nodded in satisfaction and waved at Chu Yue. “Pour the tea.”

Chu Yue was stunned for a moment. Then, she lowered her head in humiliation and fetched two clean cups for Shi Man and Yi Zheng.

Hot mist filled the air between the few of them, blurring the emotions in everyone’s eyes.

Lu Li smiled and said, “No wonder Grandpa thinks so highly of Miss Shi. I’m afraid Grandpa doesn’t know yet, right? Miss Shi hasn’t been in the military school for long and has already established a good relationship with the Tong family.”

He deliberately emphasized the words “established a good relationship”.

How could Lu Jun not understand what he meant? The smile on his face deepened. “It’s just subduing a school. The predicament Shi Man will have to face in the future is far more difficult to resolve than now.”

Of course, there were also opportunities that corresponded to the predicament.

Lu Jun must have high hopes for Shi Man and would be entrusted with heavy responsibilities in the future.

Chu Yue bit her lower lip and clenched her fists indignantly.

Ruan Yu, who was completely treated as a transparent board, sensed Chu Yue’s emotions. She lowered her eyes slightly and thought of a plan.

Lu Jun’s private meeting did not last long. After all, he was the protagonist of this banquet. If he kept reclusing himself and did not show his face, outsiders would probably say that he was putting on airs.

He stood up with Lu Li’s help and walked out with a smile. “Alright, there’s no point in chatting with an old man like me. Let’s go down and meet everyone.”

Shi Man naturally had no objections. The group followed Lu Jun down the stairs.

The originally chaotic hall instantly fell silent. Everyone was staring fixedly at the group led by the army.

At this moment, those who could stand beside Lu Jun were youths who would definitely have a bright future in the future. They were also people they had to rope in.

A scorching gaze shot over from the crowd.

Shi Man looked back in surprise and saw a familiar face.

Yuan Yi.

Had Shi Mu not come with them today because he went to the airport to pick him up?

Yi Zheng followed Shi Man’s gaze. When he saw Yuan Yi’s face, his expression darkened and his grip on the person beside him tightened.

Shi Man sensed Yi Zheng’s change and glared back in confusion.

“You can only look at me.” Yi Zheng held her hand domineeringly and pulled her closer to him.

Behind her, Lu Li had been staring at Shi Man’s graceful back in fascination, so he naturally did not miss this scene.

He narrowed his eyes and inexplicably reached out to pull the woman who had been following him carefully into his arms.

Ruan Yu was calculating how to embarrass Shi Man later, but she did not expect to bump into Lu Li’s arms. She immediately exclaimed in shock.

In the silent hall, her voice was especially obvious. Everyone subconsciously looked over.

Ruan Yu quickly blushed and stood up. Just as she was about to hold Lu Li’s hand happily, the man had already let go of her.

She could only pretend to tidy her gown and put her hand down awkwardly.

Beside her, Lu Li frowned and suddenly regretted his rashness.

The moment Ruan Yu bumped into his arms, he had the urge to push her away. When she cried out and embarrassed herself in front of everyone, this urge became stronger.

He clearly knew that he did not like Ruan Yu. Even if she was a fiancee carefully selected by the family, he still did not like her.

In the past, he could still pretend to care about her because of the engagement.

However, ever since he met Shi Man, he realized that he could not even maintain this simple act..