Chapter 53: The Undeliverable Delivery (XI)

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Chapter 53: The Undeliverable Delivery (XI)

This time, you decide not to change anything, to receive all the deliveries assigned to you, as you did on your first day of work, without being greedy or lazy.

You enter the office at the same time as your first day, and, as expected, your master has already sorted out the deliveries you had to make this morning and stacked them under your car on a trolley.

You've gone through all the processes and pulled the delivery you were supposed to deliver this morning.

You buy enough food for the day and go to the street corner where the old man is cowering, give him the food you have prepared and slip him two hundred dollars.

After leaving the corner, you searched the internet for the number of the city's homeless shelter, told them the old man was homeless and had thoughts of dying, and went to work.

When you pass this junction again, you will see the staff of the homeless rescue centre picking up the old man.

You've read online that there are counsellors, social workers, volunteers, and with their help, maybe the old man's desire to die after living on the streets will be changed.

For the rest of the day, in order to free up enough time to find all the difficult deliveries, you delivered them extraordinarily fast, running up and down the stairs, calling and not nagging anyone, going up when you were told to go up, waiting when you were told to wait.

There is only one thing you disagree with, and that is for you to deliver the next day.

For those who are not at home and want you to deliver the next day, you ask the other party to give an address that can be signed for, either a friend's house, or a small reliable shop downstairs, you do not mind sending another trip to send a little farther, only to ask the other party can have a way to receive their own delivery.

It is a good thing that couriers value their deliveries, and the vast majority of them hear your request and give you a location where you can temporarily store your delivery or someone to help sign for it, but there are some that are completely out of the question.

"I've just changed jobs and come here, I have no relatives or friends, I have nowhere to deposit them."

A chap says to you on the phone, "I can't even send it to my flat, my place is a training institute and my flat is closed today."

You have a headache when faced with such a delivery.

"Don't you have any colleagues you get on well with?"

You think of your master and remind him, "Can you ask a colleague to sign for you? I can deliver it to your colleague's address."

"But I've only been at work for a short while, so how can I bother anyone ......"

The average person hearing you suggest this would surely be asking rhetorically why it had to be delivered today, but this young man was just hesitant and hesitant, clearly not someone with a strong personality.

"When colleagues get along, it's all about you bothering me and me bothering you, and the math is so clear that you never get to fit in."

You listened anxiously and began to pass on your valuable experience of mingling with your comrades in the barracks, "Look, you've just started work and you're too embarrassed to invite people to dinner or chat with them, but someone else has helped you collect a courier once and you've got a conversation and a friendship between you. You owe someone a favor, you have to return it, this will have a back and forth, people and people are so familiar with each other, how can you be afraid of trouble?"

"Don't you have any colleagues you'd particularly like to get in touch with? This is a great opportunity!"

The other person, listening to your serious nonsense, actually gets really wound up and froze, squirming and spitting out the name of a girl.

"Well, then I'll give my colleague a call, wait for me for a moment and I'll call you back when I'm sure."

Having convinced one, you breathe a sigh of relief and move on to deliver the next one.

You delivered a delivery to the steamed bun's house with a lollipop in your pocket, coaxed someone else's big fat boy along the way, and thanked the hostess for the big bun, which you really didn't have time to eat; the

You climb up to the house that gave you a bad review earlier with a large plastic bag tucked in your pocket, and without being told, you grab the large plastic bag you brought with you and pocket the rubbish full of food waste and stride down the stairs.

After throwing out the trash, you find out that the person not only gave you a 100-word positive review, complimenting you on your good looks and thoughtfulness, but also gave you a $5.50 "soda money" reward.

You chuckle and realise that this person is also quite interesting.

Just two steps outside, the soft and sexual customer calls, in an excited tone, telling you that the female colleague is willing to help sign for your delivery and send you her address and mobile phone number by text message, asking you to deliver again.

You see this female colleague live exactly where and you have to send the following courier down the road, a bite agreed to down, delivered to the door, the other side curious to ask a question, asked him if the other side offered to ask their help to sign on behalf of the.

You told the truth and said you suggested it. The young man is quite shy and afraid to bother others.

The girl was relieved and signed off the delivery with alacrity, and incidentally sent out a few more deliveries for you to send out, making you earn some more extra money.

You follow this approach and solve most of the previously uncollected deliveries. Although some take detours and some take extra trips, you feel more and more relieved as you watch the deliveries get smaller and smaller, as if you already see yourself breaking free from this cycle of time that you don't know how many more times you will have to do so.

By midday, you receive a call from your master telling you to go back and happily drive the few courier cars back to the business location.

Your master is amazed when he opens your delivery van, shocked at your sign-off rate, and then greatly relieved to give you a little extra in addition to the part you should have delivered.

"You're so lucky today, huh? More work then!"

You: ......????

After lunch, you drop your chopsticks and set off for work in your fully burdened delivery truck with a mountain of stress.

You take out the Mr. Xiao delivery that you have dismissed as "difficult", set the alarm again and start delivering your afternoon delivery.

You look at the time, the cat litter lady should still be asleep by now, and you deliver her home delivery early and repeatedly advise her that strangers should never open doors or leave their intimate clothing out on the balcony, and that young ladies living alone at home should be safe.

With a half-terrified, half-quizzical expression on her face, you help her put the delivery away, casually jerk the cat that is rubbing against your feet, and close the door for her.

You run downstairs again, knock on the door and ask if the air conditioning unit downstairs needs cleaning. After getting a positive answer from the other party, you take out the business card of a regular appliance repair and cleaning shop you found on the road and hand it to the landlord, telling him that many of the air conditioners and plumbers who are now playing "guerrilla" outside are not reliable and to consider this regular The landlord handed him the business card of a regular appliance repair shop.

Then you left the block and went on to deliver to other people's homes.

Everything seems to be going well and at this rate of efficiency, it might not be impossible to deliver all the deliveries today.

That is, until your delivery van drives up to the bottom of a flat in an old block.

You are not familiar with these extra couriers, your master shoved them on you at noon, so this is also the first time you come to this district, holding a few copies of the sorted courier, standing bewildered in front of several buildings to distinguish the southeast, northwest and building number.

Once again, your master pokes you in the head and hates to take the money for you.

The next half day is chaotic, all of a sudden some journalist hears about it and comes over to cover it, all of a sudden the local TV station receives a tip from a resident and comes over to film it, you don't get a proper rest at all and by the time everyone disperses, it's not even nine o'clock and you're asleep.

Before you go to bed, you are still concerned about the car that you don't know if the delivery has been driven back to the office.


The next morning, your eyes open and you immediately go to touch your arms.

Thank goodness that what happened yesterday has left no shadow on you and that your arms are still moving as they should.

You crawl up with your heart in your mouth and for the first time you dig out a small notebook from your rented room and begin to jot down the things you need to go over in a single sitting.

[Homeless Elderly].

[Qin Rourou, Air Conditioner]

[Cheated stewardess].

[Remember to throw away your rubbish]

[The child was about to fall at around 2pm]

[Call Mr. Xiao and tell him not to turn off the phone for the afternoon delivery]

You read down line by line and sigh long and hard as you realise that so much more happens with a delivery, and as the number of time cycles gets higher, so does the amount of things that have to be managed.

Now that things are organised, you're not panicking, so you get up early and go to TangGe for a morning tea, picking up a little of the leftover variety you've been missing.

After your morning tea, you packed the specially ordered untouched dim sum and gave it to the chef at work.

The master was delighted with the breakfast you brought him and became more and more enthusiastic about you.

You tell the master that you are afraid of not being familiar with delivering alone on the first day, so you will not eat in the company at noon and settle on the road after loading the afternoon's delivery, but in fact you are going to treat yourself to some delicious food.

You're not greedy either, you just want to find a good restaurant at lunchtime and order one or two dishes a day, so that you can satisfy your appetite and not be afraid of not having any money left on you at the end of the time cycle the next day.

Even if the time cycle doesn't end, this way you can still order the same dishes every day without getting bored.

In fact, you're already worried that you're going to get stuck in a time loop and become like the wandering old man, and start to have some fun with your time loop so you don't end up going crazy like him.

Driving out in your delivery truck, you call " Xiao Heyun " from the roadside.

The first few times you called him once an hour, now it's a call you can recite.

This Mr Xiao Heyun was very alert when he received your call and heard that he had a delivery arriving this afternoon.

"Why are you calling me now for a delivery that arrived this afternoon? How can I be sure there will be a delivery in the afternoon when you said it was a delivery and asked me to pay for it in advance and put it somewhere? How can I prove and claim if something is damaged inside? Or is the item actually broken and you're trying to avoid responsibility in this way?"

You've brought Mr Xiao Heyun to his knees with his "logic" and "vigilance".

As it turns out, he raises questions that you, with your stupid mouth and inability to lie, can't even justify.

And now the courier hasn't been sorted by the forwarding centre yet, you can't be appointed to deliver Xiao Heyun's courier until the forwarding centre delivers it at noon, and you really can't get a courier to deliver to him now.

But thankfully, he confirmed to you that he would not be turning off the phone this afternoon.

"I won't turn off my phone this afternoon, I'll wait for your call, if I do have an arrival delivery, please deliver it later, I'm out for something this afternoon and won't be back until four o'clock."

This is the first time you see a glimmer of hope.

You happily took care of the outstanding items in your notebook, went to a nice restaurant for lunch and enjoyed a nice lunch, then took time in the afternoon to deliver the cat litter and knocked on the door of the house where the children had fallen to remind them to lock the security net.

After you've finished with all the important matters, you start trying to send away every delivery that doesn't make it, including the ones where no one answers the phone and no one is home at the address.

In the frame that you hate to blow up someone's phone, many owners of couriers have chosen others to help collect them on their behalf and give them somewhere to go.

There are still those left whose phones don't work, so you simply don't call and go straight to the door and knock on them, some with family at home, and send off a few more homes.

At this point, you're left with half a dozen deliveries that you can't deliver or call, and you decide you won't leave work until they're done.

But you toss and turn for a whole day and find that you can't deliver all the deliveries by yourself.

Especially the "Xiao Heyun" delivery, where you were promised in the morning that your phone would not be switched off, but you still couldn't get through on the phone.

Out of anger, you irregularly took his delivery when you left work, found his house according to the address on it, and simply sat on his doorstep waiting.

He can't stay out all night, can he? You're prepared to wait until he comes home.

You waited in the hallway all night until you fell asleep against the wall and Xiao Heyun didn't come back.

Opening your eyes again, you feel in a very bored mood.

The frustration of not sending out a piece when you clearly only have one left makes you gradually lose patience.

And as one person's capacity and energy is limited after all, you start to think that it is simply impossible to deliver all the deliveries in a day's time, on your own.

You feel that your emotional state is not quite right and may straighten yourself out or there may be a mental problem.

At this point, you may choose to.

Go and talk to the cat litter lady or ask your master for help.