Chapter 13: The Ninth Cycle of Time (VII)

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Chapter 13: The Ninth Cycle of Time (VII)

The results of the tests came back quickly and both young men were in good health with no problems or the possibility of being high on drugs.

When the results came in, all the police officers were left with a major headache.

The "testimonies" that they give are not unbelievable, they are simply a "fantasy", not many people dare to write novels like this, and it is basically impossible to convince people.

"Take another close look at their experience, focusing on what they say in the internet, their friendships, to see if there's any possibility of a cult."

Officer Du struggled to make reasonable speculation, "Some cults are usually buried deep, and if this is the case, it's best to get rid of them all together."

While the police officers in charge of the forensic investigation went to work, Officer Du's team didn't stay idle either.

"Anyway, they knew there were explosives in the car without us telling them, and they were able to tell us when and where the explosion was expected to happen, so if they're not the main culprits, they're at least co-conspirators or people with knowledge. ..."

Officer Du's face is sullen.

"Next, it's just a matter of questioning."

So, instead of the police trusting them more, the two young men's confessions pushed them into the abyss of being "suspects".

When the interrogation room was replaced with tighter security and more equipment, Li Shiqing and Xiao Heyun knew that their plan B had also failed.

Round after round of more severe questioning began.

"How did you and Li Shiqing meet? Through some kind of organisation?"

Officer Du looks through Xiao Heyun's file and asks tentatively.

"Will you be transferred to W because Li Shiqing is here?"

"No, I didn't know her before I got on this bus."

Xiao Heyun was already tired and said with little energy, "I only remember her and the driver's uncle in the car when she dragged me off, I don't know anything you ask me."

"So it was by arrangement with someone else that you got into the same car? Who was it?"

The glare of the arraignment lights shone directly on Xiao Heyun's face, so strong that any expression on his face was visible, and Boy, who was wearing glasses, was blinded by the glare, which seemed to take on substance, like a million needles stabbing him at the same time, making even his temples ache.

"If someone did arrange it, it was probably God ......"

Xiao Heyun smiles bitterly to himself.

Unfortunately, no one could appreciate his humour.

"What was your and Li Shiqing's mission? Was it to cover for the real terrorists?"

Officer Du frowned, "Would you guys get off early because you got an early blast time?"

"We didn't have a mission, we would get off early because we had been through this many times, the tanker at that intersection was a 'bump in the road' that we hadn't avoided several times before and none of us wanted to get blown up, it hurt too much."

Xiao Heyun mumbles, in a trance: "The burns hurt too much ......"

Officer Du looked to the expert who had arranged it aside, who shook his head with him and said that he could not tell a lie from his facial expression.

Boy's eyes were already glazed over by the light and he couldn't help himself, his eyelids drooped and he tried to hide from the glare by closing his eyes.

"No closing your eyes!"

Officer Du walked up to Boy and suddenly shouted into his ear.


Boy, who was already in poor spirits, shivered with fright at such a yell and regained his wits.

"Keep asking."

Officer Du looked up at Mr. Zhang and gestured for him to ask.

"I know you're sleepy, it's late and you've been tossing and turning all day, everyone is tired, we're tired too and we can understand that."

Mr. Zhang said kindly, "Look, even if we believed the statement you gave earlier and made a statement, the public and the families of the victims would not believe it. We need to be responsible to society, we can't rely on this to fool people. Even if these are your actual experiences, they lack sufficient conditions to convince people, for example, how did the bomb get on board?"

"I don't know."

Boy's response was getting slower and slower, "If I knew how the bomb went up, I would have solved the problem myself with Li Shiqing and wouldn't have come to the police station ......"

"So you still want to help us, right? Then please think about the details more. Is it possible that the bomb in the car was remotely controlled? You said you heard a mobile phone ringing, could that phone have been the remote control device?"

Mr. Zhang is a good guide.

"I don't know, I never saw where the bomb was from start to finish and I don't know where in the car it went off."

Boy shook his head off and tried to remember, "I don't think it was at the front of the car, I've been in the front position with Li Shiqing before and it seemed to lift the heat flow from the rear."

Mr. Du, who had already lowered his voice, asked his colleagues from the trace section to help him focus on the rear of the car.

Previously the bus was almost misled as to the cause of the explosion because it was a collision with a tanker, and it was the Traffic Accident Division and the Dangerous Goods Transport Department who later examined it together and deduced from the rupture of the tank that there was an external cause of the explosion before the case was transferred to the criminal police side.

Because of this, survey and laboratory time were limited, and because the extent of the damage at the scene was so great, no particularly useful clues have been obtained to date.

Exactly which type of bomb and by what means it was detonated is not known.

"The rear? Which rear exactly? Is it the last row of the car, or the last few rows?"

Mr. Zhang A little bit of coaxing.

"I don't remember, I really don't. ......"

Boy tried to remember, but couldn't remember if there was anyone sitting behind him.

Who rides a bus and has nothing to do with looking at who's sitting in the back?

She frowned and reached out with a disapproving "stop" gesture.

Everyone threw in the towel and did not continue the questioning.

"Give him a nap."

The psychologist walked slowly up to him and stroked his hair like a soothing animal cub.

"He's in a bad state of mind, so when he comes to his senses, I'll try using hypnosis."


On the other hand, Li Shiqing's mental health was deteriorating.

She's not on the verge of a breakdown like Boy, but she's clearly too tired to think properly.

When confronted with questions from the police, she also began to babble and make things up, giving as many garbled answers to the same question as the police asked several times.

"How did you and Xiao Heyun meet?"

"Met online at ......"

She said in a trance.

"You just said you met them on WeChat."

Officer Jiang asks impatiently.

"Feel free to shake it, shake it, shake it in the car."

"Why are you getting out of the car?"

"We see eye-to-eye, well, eye-to-eye, to get off and make friends ......"

"And you said before that you were catching perverts!"

Officer Jiang yelled in anger.

"Erotic, yes, it's our erotic, bus pervert and all that."

Li Shiqing Nonsense.

"Bloody bus perverts!"

And I'm an old man pushing a cart!

When they heard the question and answer session, the officers next to them couldn't help but "poof".

"What exactly did you discuss in the locker room? Why did you get off early?"

"We, we dry humped ...... um, locker room passion? Uniqlo, no, or Indy?"

She blurted out the truth with two eyes.

"We can't wait to get to the station."

This girl has no more shame!

Officer Jiang narrowly avoided spurting out a mouthful of blood in anger and slammed the table viciously.

"Give me a good answer!"


Startled by the loud slap on the table, Li Shiqing leaned back and the chair fell backwards, unsteadily.

After a muffled sound, Officer Jiang jerked back to his senses and rushed to Li Shiqing's side, crouching down in a frenzy.

" Li Shiqing? Li Shiqing?"

After probing, he looked up in a panic, "Get someone to see if there's anyone else in the infirmary quickly ......"

" Li Shiqing passed out!"


After what seemed like a long time, and what seemed like an instant, Li Shiqing and Xiao Heyun, who had previously lost consciousness, opened their eyes in a daze.


They looked at each other and suddenly burst into tears as they realised they were back on the bus.

There was never a moment when they felt that the bus was so cosy and peaceful, the warm breeze blowing in their faces and the small but regular swaying of the bus as it moved were so suitable for sleeping.

Then they made the same gesture in unspoken agreement.

--reclose your eyes.

The swaying bus was like a mother's cradle, easily lulling the two young men into a deep sleep.

As for whether it will explode later?

What the hell, let's blow it up!

Nothing could be more intimidating than a police officer (tears)!

Author's Note: A little theater.

Psychologist: I'll try "hypnosis" later.

Buses: (shaking) Leave me alone!

Li Shiqing and Xiao Heyun: (hugging and crying) Great to be back on a cosy bus at last!