“Refuse to hype, Bai Qiutang can get lost!”

“Heartbroken! Little fresh meat Xi Gu unexpectedly likes Internet celebrities?!”

“Rongcheng Jue and Xi Gu have both announced their romantic relationship. How do you feel, fans of this meng CP?”

“Shocking news! The ultra-popular young male celebrity Xi Gu seems to have been dumped. He was in pain and couldn’t bear to part ways, while the woman confidently raised a glass and left gracefully! [More images]”

“God f*cking damn it, ‘in pain and couldn’t bear to part ways’ my ass,” Xi Gu angrily threw his phone, “I was in pain, real pain! Are these people blind?!”

Rong Chengjue flipped through the pictures on his phone one by one and examined them carefully. He then commented, “The narrative quality in these pictures is quite good.

Xi Gu looked at him, feeling hopeless, and asked, “Is this what a brother and boss should say?”

“Then, thank you from the bottom of my heart for saving me and Ye Zhen from the hot search?”

“Listen, ge, why don’t you just get lost?”

“President,” said Ah Zhan, the president’s assistant who came to pick him up. After waiting for the two of them to finish their “discussion”, he asked, “Shall we go to the headquarters first or to Rongcheng Entertainment?”

Rongcheng Jue and Xi Gu: “Rongcheng Entertainment!”

“Oh!, thanks a lot, buddy~”

“Don’t thank me,” Rongcheng Jue told Xi Gu, “I’m not doing this for you, I’m doing it to send Ye Zhen to the company for her new job.”

“I’m not going to start today,” said Ye Zhen, who was reading documents in the front seat, without even looking up. “I need to make some preparations for the job. It will probably take two days.”

“Pffthahaha–” Xi Gu laughed unkindly.

“What other preparation do you need to do?” Isn’t it enough for the president to take you there?!

“I need to familiarize myself with the company’s rules and regulations, study product materials, understand the power and scope of the position I was hired for, prepare preliminary plans, and so on,” Ye Zhen reported seriously, looking up. She didn’t forget to add a sentimental ending: “So that I can devote myself wholeheartedly to my work and contribute to Rongcheng Entertainment.

One could say that she was a very dedicated and conscientious employee.

President Rongcheng Jue: Should I praise her for being honest, trustworthy, and dedicated to her work?

No matter how resentful Rongcheng Jue may be, he currently has neither status nor power, so he cannot be overbearing. All he could do was watch as Ye Zhen exited the car halfway and walked away, leaving him behind.

In reality, Ye Zhen was not as carefree as Rongcheng Jue perceived her. She couldn’t even go home right now. Her scandal with Rongcheng Jue was widely spread, and if she went home now, who knew how her mother would deal with her.

Ye Zhen found a rental agency near Rongcheng Entertainment and dragged her luggage to rent a house and settle down. But she didn’t expect to be recognized by someone already.

“Ah, you are that… Rongcheng Jue’s…” The agency manager seemed extremely excited. “Hello, scholar, hello.”

Okay, I get it.

It seemed that what she needed most now was not only to find a place to settle down but also to avoid going out to see people. It would be even better to change her appearance or something like that. 

Even though her face was somewhat blurred in the video from the Bullet train station, netizens could still identify her by the name Rongcheng Jue called out. Not only did they find her ID photos from Hua University, but they also dug up videos of her winning international math competitions when she was eleven or twelve years old. Many people shouted “So cute, so cute” in the comments.

Amid all this fuss, it would be odd if people who pay attention to online gossip didn’t recognize her.

The agency manager seemed to have noticed Ye Zhen’s concern and quickly reassured her, “Miss Ye, please don’t worry. We value the privacy of our customers and will never give out any information about you. Many artists from Rongcheng Entertainment rent through us.”

To rent a house, you have to provide real information, so even if she moved to another agency, she would still have to “show herself”. Of course, Ye Zhen wouldn’t waste her efforts on useless actions. She nodded willingly, selected a few houses as backup options, and while the agency was contacting the landlord, she went to the neighboring hair salon and dyed her hair. She also chose between a short haircut and extensions – at least from an intuitive logical point of view, few people would associate a girl with waist-length hair with the one who had shoulder-length hair a few days ago.

As expected, after changing her appearance, none of the landlords who viewed the apartment with her dared to recognize her, except for the landlord who finally signed the contract with her and saw her name on it.

Ye Zhen sealed her mouth with a promise of Xi Gu’s autograph.

The day after moving in, Ye Zhen crossed half of Beijing and delivered the tea and gifts to Mater Yao’s wife. Then she quickly found Tan Jia’s address, which Master Yao had given her, in the neighboring community. Instead of knocking on the door, Ye Zhen took the opportunity to set up a surveillance monitor in the hallway outside her apartment.

If she did not reveal her identity, she would be operating incognito. But if she revealed her identity, the question of whether or not to investigate would be another matter, but it would certainly alert Rongcheng Yue and… the Ye family.

Ironically, it’s one thing for Rongcheng Yue not to be publicly known as Ye Yi’s girlfriend, but it’s even more surprising that the Ye family had “forgotten” about her as well.

Ye Zhen habitually reached into her pocket, touched Ye Yi’s name on the “King” card, and smiled: It’s good this way.

On Monday, at a regular department meeting in a conference room at Rongcheng Entertainment.

“Come, come, let me introduce you. This is our new deputy director Ye Zhen of the IP Expansion Department, a Ph.D. graduate of Hua University, the youngest researcher in the field of applied mathematics at Hua Academy of Sciences, and a winner of the International Young Scientist Award. She will be in charge of data analysis work in our department,” said Xiong Li, the director of the IP Expansion Department, leading the applause. “Let’s all welcome her!”

“Whoosh—” Someone whistled happily.

“COOL~” Someone shouted, “Am I really going to work in a film and television company? Did we accidentally join a mysterious project team? I feel like we’re about to bring glory to our country any minute!”

Everyone burst out laughing

As she sat down in her seat, Ye Zhen smiled and replied, “It’s not that everyone went to the wrong set, it’s that I’m crossing over. As you all know, my expertise is in applied mathematics, and the premise of the application is to understand the actual situation. Nowadays, the entertainment industry’s IP and big data are booming, so I came over to join the fun, hoping to find a place where I can apply what I’ve learned.”

“Ah, yes, of course,” Director Xiong Li quickly replied, “we are currently trying to develop software related to IP, but we have encountered many problems in mathematical modeling and market forecasting.”

“The mathematical modeling itself is not difficult,” Ye Zhen replied, “the difficulty lies in using the calculated results to solve practical problems, which requires us to conduct in-depth investigation and understanding of various information related to the modeling object and to make simplifying assumptions. Especially for IPs, it is…”

Two hours passed quickly.

“…in addition to buying the IP, data analysis is also needed in the adaptation process.” At the end of the meeting, Ye Zhen elaborated, “For example, what plot do the original readers like and what characters are popular in the story? These questions can be taken into account in the mathematical model and used as references when adapting the script. I believe it can greatly reduce the situation where the ‘original readers’ cannot enjoy the adaptation.

“Oh, yes, yes,” The team members quickly took out their pens and wrote down the key points.

“Okay, that’s all for today’s meeting. Regarding the software and mathematical modeling, everyone can discuss more after the meeting,” Director Xiong Li announced the end of the meeting and added, “Amy, you’ll temporarily act as Deputy Director Ye’s assistant and hand over the work progress to date with Deputy Director Ye.”

“Okay.” Amy stood up with her notebook and walked over to stand behind Ye Zhen.

But Ye Zhen said, “Amy, go to my office and wait for me, I have something to discuss with the director.

“Ah? Oh.” Amy obediently left the meeting room and closed the door for the two bosses.