Chapter 360 A Consolation Kiss

360 A Consolation Kiss

It wasn't just Ying Yue; even Wan Li and Wan Er were dragged into becoming researchers under Fatima. I thought it was a joke at first, but seeing the achievements under their profiles, I was slightly amazed.

"Who would think these girls are a perfect fit as researchers?"

Especially Wan Li! Due to her Xiao Bing having an innate [Physical Damage Nullification] skill, she was able to do things that others would hesitate to do.

"I guess they'd have their time to shine while researching, given their skills."

Even Wan Er started to become OP with how her Xiao Huo started to learn her Samsara skill. If she succeeded in mastering it, then Wan Er would technically become immortal.

"Master, dinner's ready."

Hearing Ember calling, I stood up from my chair and went out to the meeting table. There, everyone was already gathered, with a variety of food set on the table. Given the quantity, you might guess there's some sort of celebration or something, but for the girls, this much was barely enough.

"Leader, listen! Today...!"

As we began eating, everyone started to tell me their stories. After all, now that I have become the President of a country, we have less and less time to catch up with each other.

For example, I had no idea that Fang managed to upgrade her [Shadow Skip] and gain the [Shadow Teleportation] skill, ignoring the connections of shadows and moving to any shadow within range.

Igni was the same, gaining a new skill called [Flames of Demise], which was an upgrade of her [Ignis Fatuus]. Those flames were still burning the souls, but they could also burn the physical body as a bonus. It was like a mix of her hottest flames and spiritual damage—an all-purpose skill.

Ember was having an easier time now with her manufacturing since she had already finished creating the tools to make the guns. Now, the use of her clones was limited to obtaining materials, which was done by mixing [Enlage] and [Transmute], creating large quantities of materials at once.

With her physical clones doing the labor, Ember herself could do her own things, like researching the phone or creating more weapons for herself to assist in battles.

Fina was also doing her best. Currently, she's doing her best to increase her battle capabilities, together with Judy and Yorm. In fact, the three of them were near saturation already, enough that I could give them essence crystals to help them rank up at any moment.

I held Ember's chin, pulling her face closer as I moved mine forward. Our lips met, and the sweet taste of fruit wine spread in my mouth. It was a short kiss, but Ember's face looked a lot more intoxicated than before.


Just as she was about to touch my face, her hand fell as her consciousness faded in a snap. Well, these girls aren't much of drinkers, after all. Just as I was about to let Ember lie on the sofa at the side of the room, a short whimper echoed beside my ears.

"Leader... Fang too. Fang's lonely without you..."

Seeing her ears, always standing straight previously, now lying flat against her head, I can't help but think of how cute she looks at the moment. Smiling, I gestured for her to come closer, to which she responded excitedly.

"Yay! Leader!"

Her ears jumped straight up as her tail wagged faster than a windshield wiper during heavy rain.

Jumping into my embrace, technically sandwiching the sleeping Ember between us, Fang approached her lips to mine. Fang was a lot more energetic, her tongue joining the fray as soon as our lips touched.

I felt lightheaded as Fang's kiss went on. The taste of the wine spread throughout my mouth and down my throat, making my body feel a tad warmer.

Fang refused to let me go and went for more kisses until the alcohol got the best of her, knocking her out with her face in pure bliss.


Just as I took a deep breath, straightening my clothes, I noticed how everyone was looking at me like hungry wolves. It looked like I wouldn't be sleeping until I kissed them all, one by one.

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