January 18, 2023 has become the most brilliant day for Luli.

When he won the Oscar and proposed to Yang Ni, China, thousands of miles away, also welcomed a feast.

Magic City, Yanjing, Shencheng

Many first tier cities in China are celebrating Luli.

"Congratulations to Lu Li on winning the Oscar!"

"Congratulations to Lu Li on winning the Oscar!!"

Drones, large LED screens, streets and alleys are all posters of Luli.

Many years later,

When people calculate the cost of everything that happened that night, they surprisingly found that nearly a billion dollars were spent that night.

Lu Li, by virtue of this, won the Guinness world record.

Lu Li, who won the Oscar, fell into a period of confusion for a long time.

These days,

He either plays or sleeps every day.


In front of Long Xi, Yang Ni, Chen Yuqi, Du Yiqing, Wan min, Liu Yifei, Shelley, Han Ting, Chi zaozaozao, Xu Yuan, Xia Ci, Yang Zai

In front of all relatives and friends, Lu Li said,

"I want to go back to my hometown!"

No matter who, can't stop Lu Li.


The company cannot do without Luli, the crew cannot do without Luli, the singing world cannot do without Luli, and the piano industry cannot do without Luli.


Lu Li told everyone in front of everyone.

He has a way.

And this method is the shadow separation.

The crew needs Luli, separate!

The concert needs Luli, go separately!

Wherever Lu Li is needed, he will go to complete the task for Lu Li.

Except for Yang Ni, Long Xi, Chen Yuqi, Du Yiqing and Shelley, no one knows that the Luli exposed in public is a fake Luli.

Lu Li bought a piece of land with a radius of 100 miles in his hometown County in March 2023, and spent tens of billions to build a manor.

In May of the same year, Yang Ni announced in public that she would withdraw from the entertainment circle and withdraw indefinitely.

As soon as the news came out, the entertainment industry was in turmoil.

But when Lu Li proposed to Yang Ni on the Oscar statuette, netizens began to understand Yang Ni again.

During the Spring Festival in 2023, ye Wen 3 and Chihiro swept the Spring Festival.

"Ye Wen 3" broke through 5.7 billion at the box office and became the most popular kung fu film in the Spring Festival.

The box office of "Chihiro" exceeded $3 billion, and won the Best Animation Award in major film festivals in June of the same year.

During the Spring Festival,

"Love apartment 2" and "love apartment 3" have been released repeatedly.

The peak of audience rating broke 15!

"Love apartment" series has truly become the best comedy tv series in the hearts of the people.

In July 2023, Long Xi announced that the market value of WL company under 'future entertainment' exceeded 100 billion, and glory became the most popular game of the year.

"Glory Internet cafe" has opened all over China!

In September of the same year, Chen Yuqi went to Stanford University, a world-class university, for postgraduate study.

It was also September, and WAN min went to mordu University for further study.

In October of the same year, Yang Ni gave birth to a daughter named Lu Xiaoyi.

In December of the same year, future animation under future entertainment announced its independence and was officially listed.

On the day of listing,

"Future animation" has a market value of more than 150 billion US dollars.

In 2024,

"Ye Wen 4" swept the Spring Festival stage, with the global box office breaking $2 billion.

Chinese Wushu is thoroughly spread all over the world!

As the director of "IP MAN" series, Han Ting announced that "IP MAN 4" was the final chapter of IP MAN series.

No more martial arts films will be made in the future.

As soon as this news comes out, there will be turbulence in the circle!

In May 2024, "Forrest Gump" was released in major cinemas.

Jia Jiang officially made an international debut.


In May of the same year, after Jia Jiang was given the title of "Lu Li" by the media, the Chinese film world suddenly burst out with a loud "bang" from the paradise flower, and a huge golden column of light rose into the sky and soared into the sky.

Not far away, the Tianhu demon emperor only felt a burst of startling will. The whole hell garden trembled violently, and the flowers began to wither rapidly. All the luck seemed to condense towards the golden column of light.

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His face changed greatly, but he didn't dare to neglect it. After shaking his body, he showed his original shape and turned into a Nine Tailed sky fox with a length of more than 100 meters. Each guard was more than 300 meters long, with nine tails flying in the air, blocking out the sky and the sun. It sends out a lot of Qi into the hell garden, and the love reading novel app stabilizes its position.

Hell garden must not be broken, otherwise, it will be a devastating disaster for the Tianhu clan.

Zuting, Tianhu holy mountain.

The golden light that had originally converged suddenly became strong again. Not only that, the body of the heavenly fox holy mountain also emitted white light, but the white light seemed to collapse inward, pouring into the interior.

A golden column of light rose into the sky without warning and rushed into the sky in an instant.

The emperors who had just resisted a thunderstorm again almost subconsciously dispersed. And the next moment, the golden light column has rushed into the robbery cloud.

The dark, inky robbery cloud was instantly lit up and turned into dark golden clouds. At this moment, all purple vanished, replaced by huge golden thunders. Love reading novels app seems to be full of anger in the whole plane.

Love reading novels app

As the train goes away, it brings up large yellow leaves and the bleakness of autumn in the vibration of the railway tracks.

Wang Xuan watched until the train gradually disappeared, and then he took back his eyes and saw off several classmates. Love reading novels app

Since then, we will be separated from each other. I don't know how many years it will be before we meet again. Some people even have no time to meet again.

Around, some people are still waving slowly, haven't put down for a long time, and others are silent, quite sad.

After four years of college, it's always difficult to part with the friendship accumulated.

The sunset twilight shines on the falling yellow leaves, with mottled light and shadow, interwoven with a sense of the passage of years.