An Ning was helpless and could not break free. She believes that Jiang Siao Han can definitely do it, just how can you not go back. And in addition her heart was indeed soft, thinking about his thoughtfulness and sincerity all the way, why did she not feel it.

So after thinking about it, she said, "Well you let go of me and I'll forgive you."


An Ning gave an enunciation.

"Then let's go back together?" His voice was tinged with pleasant colors.

An Ning gave another engram, then she was hugged tighter again.

Women, they were soft-hearted creatures.

The next morning, An Ning's trip was over.

Because the holiday was still long before it ended, Jiang Shao Han let her rest at home for a few days, while he went to the company without stopping.

At home, An Ning was lying in bed, but she couldn't sleep, holding the necklace that Jiang Shao Han bought for her in her hand, and the more she looked at it, the happier she was.

Then she went to the mirror and put the necklace on her neck. Although this necklace might not be expensive, it was the most precious gift for her.

She now has a kind of living in a dream feeling, really did not think that Jiang Siao Han will be in the dark silently follow their own, but also did so many things, say not touched it is false. So thinking about it, An Ning decided to make a rich lunch for Jiang Siao Han, as a token of his appreciation.

She went downstairs and told Zhang's mother what she wanted to do. Zhang's mother was naturally happy and kindly tied her apron: "Do you want me to do it?"

An Ning smiled: "You go rest, I can do it myself." The lunch for him of course she should do it herself, otherwise how to look sincere.

After fiddling in the kitchen for more than an hour, An Ning made two dishes and a soup, looking at the finished product, Zhang Ma was praising it: "Young master will be very happy."

An Ning has always been with a smile, hope that her busy can win him a smile, this way her busy also has meaning.

After packing, she got in the car and went to the company, she did not tell Jiang Siaohan, wanting to give him a surprise.

She took the elevator dedicated to the president's office, avoiding acquaintances along the way. After all, she had taken a leave of absence and could not let the company know about her relationship with Jiang Siaohan, so she needed to move quickly and swiftly.

She was the only one in the elevator, and looking at her heart in her hands, the corners of her mouth could not help but raise a smile, thinking of Jiang Siao Han's appearance when he ate, just thinking about it made her feel like her chest was overflowing with bubbles of happiness.

When the elevator door opened on the top floor, An Ning walked out in a good mood and went straight to the president's office. I don't know why I didn't see Special Assistant Lu, but An Ning didn't think much about it, so she thought she would go directly to Jiang Siao Han.

But when she placed one hand on the cool door handle, a familiar voice that made her blood freeze instantly suddenly came into her ears.

But I miss you, every second, both my heart and my body ......"

These words, said is extraordinarily ambiguous and gentle, and between the vocal line extraordinarily seductive soul.

An Ning smile gradually fell, holding the hand of the door handle also used the force, she dead tight, between the eyebrows is a slowly growing disbelief.

This voice, she may never forget in her life, Ji Mingzhen!

Her other hand was still carrying the lunch she made for Jiang Siao Han, and now, it seemed even heavier, but this time, the heaviness was not her mind, but as if she was carrying a bucket of insults, which humiliation came head-on and poured her whole being through.

But she did not move a muscle, trying to restrain herself, as if to find more abuse, An Ning hand gently force, and then pushed open the door.

The glass door in the push open as long as the action is light enough will not make a sound. Just a gap, but also enough to her office in the picture to receive the bottom of the eye.

In front of the desk, is a pair of 'living color' picture.

The white dress with one shoulder is originally sitting on the desk, hair all tossed to the side, her body is delicate for every man is a sexy beauty, while Jiang Siao Han is sitting in the boss's chair, side to An Ning and Ji Mingzhen.

I don't know why, but Ji Mingzhen suddenly got up and sat on Jiang Siaohan's lap, so when she sat down, her one-shoulder dress slipped down a bit because she raised her hand and wrapped it around Jiang Siaohan's neck: "Siaohan, I really miss you."

The first time I saw the company, I was able to get to the bottom of the problem.

It was like a dull knife that was lingering back and forth on her heart that was just healing a bit.

And the most let An Ning mind and pain is, Jiang Siao Han for her initiative but not a bit to refuse the look.

But because she was facing sideways, she didn't see that Jiang Shaohan's inside hand was trying to push her away, but Ji Mingzhen was holding his neck too hard, and the action of sitting on his lap was too sudden, so he really didn't react in time.

"Siao Han, you say obviously we just love each other, why do you want to separate? Your heart is still the same for me, right?"

Jiang Siao Han remained calmly holding the document in his left hand and looking at it, the reason he didn't answer was because he had said too many times that those things had already passed.

For An Ning outside the doorway, his non-answer was a tacit acknowledgement that they loved each other.

An Ning bit her teeth to death, her eyes tightly watching the two people who were like glue, her heart like a knife.

The first thing you can do is to go to the town and do things to soften her heart and bring her back, but on the other hand, you are in love with Ji Mingzhen.

The actual fact is that you will be able to get a lot of people to do the job.

The food in her hand seemed to weigh a thousand pounds and cut her palm, causing her to look painful.

What she did was like a joke, An Ning thought, if she hadn't come to the company, would she have been cheated by Jiang Siao Han all the time.

The lower lip was purple and blue from her own bite, but she couldn't feel the pain in general, and finally all her feelings were transformed into a smile that seemed to be mocking, sad, and resentful.

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