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After a while, HK called back and informed "Shien, you were right. A young man indeed came to look for Kiki's uncle and aunt a few years ago. Not only did he go to jail but he also visited the mental hospital. His name and signature was written on the register. His name is Brian, he was twenty two years old when he visited the prison. His age matches the age of Kiki's uncle's son"

"Did he leave his address?" Sia asked eagerly

"No except for his name and age, he did not leave behind any information. And since his parents were no longer in the prison, the person incharge did not bother collecting his ID or anything that could help us identify him" HK reported

"Damn it" Sia cursed. Rubbing the space between her eyebrows, Sia took a long breath and said "Alright, you can get back" The initial posting of this chaptter occurred via n00veel biin.

After hanging up, Sia turned to look at the file. Now was not the time to feel frustrated. Every second was important. She needed to find the killer as early as possible. As Sia continued to look through the first victim's file, one of the victims activity caught her eyes. A few months ago the victim went to city A for a week but it wasn't mentioned for what reason. If she remembered it right, the victims mother said that her daughter was not a fan of travelling so she never went out of this city. Even if she did go out, it was to city F where her boyfriends family leaved and that place was also full of tourist attraction. But the file says the first victim went to city A, for a week. But the reason is not mentioned. Could it be possible, the victim's murder has something to do with this trip?

Picking up her phone, Sia called victim no 1's mother, but the other person did not pick up. Not wanting to waste time waiting, Sia immediately left the office and headed to Victim no 1's house immediately. When she reached the house, Mrs. Xu had just reached her house was about to head inside. Seeing Sia she called out in surprise "Mr. Shien, you are here for?"

"I had something to ask you. I tried calling you but you did not pick up my call" Sia replied indifferently

"I am sorry, I was in the hospital and had to mute my phone to avoid disturbance. I'm sorry I had to make you come here. Why don't you come inside and have a cup of tea Mr. Shien?"

Hearing the question, Mrs. Xu looked at the flowers and faint smile appeared on her face as she answered "Not me, but its my daughter. She likes to do gardening during her leisure time"

"Oh, is that so"

Recalling something, Mrs. Xu exclaimed "Oh! I almost forgot about this. Didn't you ask if there was a change in my daughters behaviour? Yes, ever since she came back from city A, she suddenly had the hobby of raising small plants and she would take care of them whenever she was free"

"Ms. Xu started gardening ever since she returned from city A?" On the way, Mrs. Xu's words kept repeating in Sia's mind as she was riding on her bike. Suddenly a thought in Sia's mind and she suddenly stepped on the break "Flowers, that's it. It must have something to do with flowers. No, I need to immediately visit the crime scene to make sure of this"

After making the decision, Sia immediately headed towards the nearest crime scene. Soon she reached the crime scene where the body of 3rd victim was found. The third victim was found on the street where people hardly passed. The street was eery and quite. The moment Sia walked to the scene, she noticed tall grasses on either side of the street. But after she looked around, she found several flowers growing behind the thick grass. Based on soil structure and plants condition, it seemed that someone had planted them not long ago. Reaching for her cell phone, Sia immediately called HK and asked him "Where are you right now?"

"Me? I'm at XX location, I'm on my way to the station"

"Don't go to the station. Go to the nearest crime scene and help me check if there are any flowering plants planted around the crime scene. Also call the victims family and ask if the victim had the hobby of gardening?"

Though confused, HK still agreed without a word and turned his bike to head to the nearest crime location. After hanging up the phone, Sia called Inspector J and ordered "Immediately call victim no 2 and 4's family and ask if the victim had the hobby of gardening. Also, ask them if the victim has ever been to City A"

"Yes Sir!"