268 Master vs Master

Lin Feng was the first to take action. He charged forward, for every stride, he left a mark underneath his foot as if the very ground was unable to bear his might. He moved with a speed that was almost blurring, closing the distance between him and Richard in mere seconds. Richard, anticipating the swift attack, braced himself. He activated the suit's defense mechanisms, preparing for a direct confrontation with Lin Feng.

As Lin Feng neared, his hands morphed into a pair of razor-sharp claws, gleaming with a malevolent light. Richard countered, his own suit augmenting his strength, allowing him to meet Lin Feng's ferocity with equal force. Their clash resulted in a thunderous collision, sending a shockwave that rippled through the air.

Graves, not far from the action, readied his plasma cannon, looking for an opening to assist Richard. Lin Feng sensed the imminent threat from Graves. With astounding agility, he pivoted, dodging the plasma beam by a hair's breadth. He then unleashed a barrage of reddish energy blasts from his own hands, targeting both Richard and Graves. Richard and Graves leaped away, avoiding the explosive blast. Lin Feng's claw morphed into a blade arm and he swung it, sending a crescent-shaped red energy like the one earlier.

The crescent-shaped red energy wave sliced through the air, a lethal arc aimed at both Richard and Graves. Without a moment's hesitation, Richard activated his suit's plasma cannon, aligning it with Lin Feng's attack. He fired a concentrated plasma beam, colliding with the crescent wave. The two energies clashed fiercely, creating a blinding explosion that momentarily illuminated the entire area, canceling each other out.

In the aftermath of the explosion, Lin Feng, Richard, and Graves quickly regrouped. The battle escalated into a high-octane 2v1 close-combat scenario. Lin Feng, with his blade-arms, swung with lethal precision and speed, each strike intended to be fatal. Richard, in response, activated plasma blades from his suit, meeting Lin Feng's attacks with his own flurry of blade strikes. Their weapons clashed with intense ferocity, sparking and sizzling in the air.

Richard found it odd as most of the time, his plasma blade would cut everything like it was made out of butter, but in this case, it wasn't. He is fighting a real deal here. The initial posting of this chapter occurred via N0v3l.B11n.

Graves, meanwhile, attempted to provide support by firing from his plasma cannon. He aimed at Lin Feng, trying to find a gap in his defenses. However, before he could land a hit, Lin Feng's harem, who had been observing from the sidelines, intervened.

Suddenly, Lin Feng found an opening in Richard's defense. He delivered a powerful kick to Richard's solar plexus, sending him flying backward with great force. Richard, caught off guard by the sudden attack, quickly activated the flaps and thrusters of his suit to regain control and stabilize his flight. "So you are getting mad huh?" Richard muttered under his breath. He was also surprised to learn that he was able to last this long against a man who took a direct hit from a low-yield missile. Well, there's more than meets the eye when fighting Lin Feng. He is sure that he is hiding his true abilities. And he is certain that he may not win this battle. This is not a battle of ego where one has to fight to the death because if you don't, then your will is not strong. This is for the preservation of humanity. If he were to die in this battle, then all hope would be lost because there are many people who are dependent on his abilities.

"Blackwatch to Eagle, we are ready to launch the nukes, awaiting your confirmation," Sara informed.

"Sara...launch those nukes now," Richard ordered.

"Understood...Richard," Sara acknowledged the order.

As Richard steadied himself in the air, he knew he had to make a decisive move. Lin Feng's strength and resilience were unlike anything he had faced before. With a determined look, Richard aligned his sights on Lin Feng, who was confidently waiting on the ground.

He activated his suit's most powerful weapon – a high-energy plasma cannon. The cannon began to hum with energy, its core glowing bright as it gathered immense power. Richard aimed the cannon directly at Lin Feng, the targeting system locking onto him.

With a command prompt, a massive ray of plasma erupted from the cannon. The beam was so intense that it cut through the air, leaving a trail of concave grooves along the road. The ground underneath the plasma ray turned molten, its surface bubbling and hissing as the intense heat vaporized everything in its path.

Nearby structures, unable to withstand the extreme temperature, began to melt and collapse. The air around the beam shimmered with heat, distorting the view like a mirage. Lin Feng on the other hand, activated his biomass armor and braced. "I'll show you how futile it is to stop fate!"