Chapter 595 - Chapter 595: These People Are Even More Ugly Than I Thought

Chapter 595: These People Are Even More Ugly Than I Thought

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Shen Yaowei tapped her fingertips on the table and said thoughtfully, “I’ve never heard of this name before.”

“Of course, you haven’t heard of it. Dugu Yao is Dugu Aoyun’s last trump card. She’s the best heir he can find in the bloodline of the Dugu royal family. For so many years, he has been secretly nurturing Dugu Yao. If it weren’t for the fact that he accidentally discovered Junhan, Dugu Yao would be the future heir to the throne of the ghost race. Now that Dugu Aoyun’s soul hasn’t completely recovered, if he recovers with Dugu Yao’s help, he might very well be completely revived in a month.” Qi Yuan looked at Shen Yaowei and said seriously, “Dugu Aoyun is powerful. We have to get rid of Dugu Yao to stop him from getting revived so quickly.”

“Not only that, but Dugu Aoyun has finally cultivated such a good daughter. If he’s killed by us, he’ll probably be furious to death, right?” Shen Yaowei smiled evilly and stood up. “Imperial Preceptor, this information is very useful to me. Please start preparing. In an hour, you, Yan Bei, and 1 will set off for the ghost race first.”

They had already left the ghost race’s territory for so long. Now that the specific situation of the ghost race was unknown, she originally planned to open the spatial door first and test the ghost race before coming to a conclusion.

When she went to the ghost race’s territory to obtain most of the information, she would try her best to open the array formation and let the army attack, catching the ghost race off guard.

Seeing that Shen Yaowei was so anxious, Qi Yuan nodded and agreed, quickly preparing.

An hour later, when the sky lit up, Shen Yaowei, Qi Yuan, and Yan Bei were ready. The three of them stood side by side in the courtyard.

The other secret guards guarded the surroundings of the courtyard and didn’t allow anyone to disturb them. Shen Yaowei took a deep breath and closed her eyes to sense the spatial power around her.

“The place where the ghost race is located is extremely dangerous. You need to find the aura fluctuations in the space first, then use your power to infinitely magnify the fluctuations before forcefully charging in.”

Qi Yuan’s faint voice echoed in her ears. Shen Yaowei tried according to what he said and slowly tore open the tightly shut space.

With a loud bang, space slowly opened.

The evil death aura that whistled over hit her face. The terrifying aura unique to the ghost race space instantly awakened Shen Yaowei’s vigilance.

She opened her eyes, and her dark eyes revealed a murderous aura. “The door of the ghost race is open. Let’s go.”

As Shen Yaowei gave the order, Qi Yuan and Yan Bei followed her into the ghost race.

The pitch-black space spread into the air. As the spatial vortex appeared, it instantly turned invisible and disappeared completely.

After entering the spatial crack, Shen Yaowei closed her eyes and endured the discomfort brought by the bumps along the way. When her mind stirred, she opened her eyes.

In the dark alley, Shen Yaowei opened her eyes and looked at the entrance of the alley. She could see the bustling streets of the ghost race.

There were strange ghost clansmen everywhere on the street. Their appearances were extremely ferocious, shocking Yan Bei, who had just come here.

“These people are even uglier than I thought.”

“This is a pill that can disguise our aura. After taking it, we can hide our human aura first to avoid being discovered. I know Dugu Yao’s residence. We can directly go to her residence to wait and ask for information along the way.” Qi Yuan and Yan Bei consumed the pill together, then Qi Yuan handed the pill to Shen Yaowei. Seeing that she was silent, he couldn’t help but urge, “Miss Shen.”

Only then did Shen Yaowei return to her senses. She reached out and took the pill from Qi Yuan’s hand, then lowered her head and tried to hide the sadness in her eyes. “There’s no aura that belongs to Junhan in this Ghost Capital.”

She admitted that she came to the ghost race’s territory because she had a strong premonition in her heart. She kept feeling that Junhan was still alive and was in a corner of the ghost race’s territory, waiting for her to find him.

In the end, she didn’t expect that there wasn’t Junhan’s aura around, making her a little disappointed.

Yan Bei wanted to comfort her, but he didn’t know how to.

Qi Yuan shook his head at Yan Bei and said to Shen Yaowei, “There’s no need to rush to a conclusion. There’s also a portion of the ghost race’s bloodline in Junhan’s body. Perhaps he still has a chance to live. Moreover, Dugu Aoyun wants him so much. Even if he has a chance to survive, he won’t expose his aura. We still have to find him slowly.”

Anticipation appeared in Shen Yaowei’s dimmed eyes again.

When Qi Yuan saw this scene, he wanted to say something but hesitated.

He only comforted Shen Yaowei. In fact, he knew very well that Junhan’s chances of survival were very slim. Even he didn’t have much hope.

A rational person like Shen Yaowei had always had a trace of fantasy, making him unable to bear to say cruel words.

“Where does Dugu Yao live?” Shen Yaowei took a deep breath and suppressed the restlessness in her eyes.

Qi Yuan said, “On the first Ronghua Street beside the palace. She’s the orphan of the former prince and was conferred the title of princess. She looks like she’s staying in the princess residence and doing nothing, but she’s actually been undergoing secret training. There are also many experts hidden around the residence to protect her. We need to hide from the public and secretly infiltrate…”

“Secretly? There’s no need to go through so much trouble. We came to the ghost race this time to take revenge. In that case, we should take revenge. This time, 1 want to kill Dugu Yao as a big gift to Dugu Aoyun.” The smile on Shen Yaowei’s lips disappeared slightly as she headed straight for Ronghua Street.

At the same time, in the palace.

In the quiet, cold pool, Dugu Aoyun’s translucent figure was soaking in the frozen pool water. His soul seemed to be about to be frozen, and layers of ice crystals condensed on his body. The turbid air he spat out during breathing and expiration turned into a white mist.

A bone-piercing cold attacked, but Dugu Aoyun didn’t move.

The eunuch at the side was worried and carefully reminded, “Your Majesty, the cold air in the cold pool is too heavy. Your body can’t withstand it. It’s better to rest for a while before continuing.”

Dugu Aoyun didn’t seem to hear it. He sat in the pool without moving.

The eunuch mustered his courage and moved closer. “Your Majesty…”

“Noisy, get lost.” Dugu Aoyun raised his hand and waved. A ball of cold water swept out and landed on the eunuch.

The eunuch’s entire body was frozen into an ice sculpture. Accompanied by the aura released by Dugu Aoyun, the eunuch’s body instantly shattered and turned into ice on the ground.

“Your Majesty, calm down…!” The other eunuchs and palace maids present knelt down together. No one dared touch the aura emitted by Dugu Aoyun.

At this critical moment, a girl’s bell-like laughter suddenly came from outside the door of the cold pond.

“Imperial Uncle, I’m here to look for you. 1 have good news to tell you. Come out and meet Yao’er!”

The coldness emanating from Dugu Aoyun’s body instantly disappeared. The smile in his eyes even had a hint of pampering. “Bai Yin, bring Yao’er in. Don’t let her wait at the door.”

As soon as these words were spoken, a wave suddenly appeared in the air behind him. Then, a white-haired woman in a long white dress and a veil appeared behind him and bowed respectfully to Dugu Aoyun. “Yes, Your Majesty.”

In the hall outside the cold pond, Dugu Yao was sitting on an exquisite golden chair. Her flower-like delicate face was filled with anxiety as she kept sticking her head out to look in the direction of the cold pond..