Chapter 1276 Are you ready to answer a few questions I have?

Chapter 1276 Are you ready to answer a few questions I have?

Author's Note: For those who forgot, Morwen was the name of the Black Order woman Nux captured and turned her into a Slave. A Slave with her memories altered, thinking she is loyal to the Black Order, but Nux checks her memories, so she is indirectly a spy.


"I am glad that we can all gather here."

A man wearing a black cloak spoke up.

He was inside a dimly lit room where he couldn't even see the appearance of the rest of the people standing beside him.

"To think a mere Semi Saint would have enough influence to stop all our operations. Aren't we giving him too much attention?" Another being spoke up.

Maybe it was one of the functions of the cloak these people were wearing, but all these people seemed to have the same, genderless voice.

Identifying any one of them seemed impossible.

Heck, despite being in the same room, even these people didn't know the identity of the one next to them.

"Are you doubting the higher-ups decision?"

Another voice was heard.

"Huh? Of course not. I simply do not understand why we are letting a mere child walk all over us."

"A mere child?" The voice chuckled.

"Why don't you try appearing in front of that 'mere child' then? I would love to see you fight him."


Of course, the voice didn't have an answer.

He was only a Complete Semi Saint.

That monster even defeated a Complete Saint, how was he supposed to face him?

However, this time, he received support,

"He isn't wrong. We probably cannot defeat him, but the same isn't true for them. Even an incomplete Divine is enough to beat that boy into submission yet we still aren't making any moves." Ñøv€l--ß1n hosted the premiere release of this chapter.

"Exactly. That is suspicious. I feel like there is something we do not know."

More and more voices were raised until,

"Don't act clever. You are nothing more than a tool.

There is something that you do not know?

A tool does not need to know anything.

You are only supposed to do what you are ordered to.

And even if you do wish to question the higher-ups' orders, at least consider all the possibilities before uttering the nonsense you utter.

Vyriana kneeled.

A woman as arrogant as her knelt down in front of those two humans, their presence not only pressured all the Divine Stage Cultivators present near the Trail that day, but even our Cultivators hiding their presence were affected.

Not just that, they were specifically targeted and none of them had recovered after receiving the damages from those humans.

Do you even understand what that means?

First, they sensed their presence even after the Artifacts were used.

Second, they knew that we were enemies, yet they didn't kill them. They completely ignored us, the Black Order.

Those people are strong, again, Vyriana knelt in front of them, yet they are people we do not even know the names of. Complete unknows.

A voice none of the people here recognized, a voice, that was different from the default voices they were using.

An intruder.

In an instant, all the people turned towards the direction the voice came from and their eyes widened in horror when they realized who the voice belonged to.

It was a man they knew very well.

A man they were just discussing about.

Nux Leander!

'W-What is he doing here!?'

Morwen was shocked.

The same was true for the rest of the people here.


In an instant, a decision was made.

Why he was here? How did he know where this place was? Was there a Spy within their ranks?

All these questions needed answers and they all will be answered when they capture this man in front of them. All the consequences of their actions were a topic of another day.

Right now, capturing this man was extremely important.

Nothing needed to be said, all the people here moved, rushing towards Nux, however, the moment the strongest person present in the room, an Incomplete Divine Stage Cultivator reached Nux, he froze.

Not just him, but the rest of the beings present here were frozen as well.

*Step* *Step*

More footsteps could be heard.

The people of the Black Order panicked, Nux, on the other hand, had a big smile on his face.

"You didn't think I would barge into a place the enemy is gathering in alone, did you?"

The three Divine Stage Cultivators of the Black Order had horrified looks on their faces, they could tell why they all froze.

The pressure that was descending on them...

It didn't come from just one person...

Inside this room...

20 Divine Stage Cultivators had come for them...

There was no chance to escape, heck, even taking their own life was difficult. Their body was completely locked up due to overbearing pressure coming from 20 Divine Stage Dragons who had surrounded them, even cutting off their own tongue was impossible.

As for using their Life Force...

Well, in front of this monster... that would only work against them...

Seeing all these horrified expressions, Nux couldn't help but smile.

"Now then..."

He started as he stretched his body,

Then, he stared at the man who was about to reach him, and,

"Are you ready to answer a few questions I have?

I am quite curious about your Black Order, you see."