Chapter 1167 The Third Stage Of Grief...Bargaining.

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Chapter 1167 The Third Stage Of Grief...Bargaining.

In a few moments, Felix opened his muddled eyes to the real world...The first thing he saw was Asna's breathtaking face.


She hugged him tightly the moment their eyes came in contact, feeling like she would lose him if she let go.

Felix rubbed her back with an apologetic smile and whispered near her ear, "I am sorry for making you worry. It won't happen again..."

"You better be!" Asna sniffled as she punched him in his chest.

Eee Eee!

Nimo joined in the fun and kept hitting Felix with his tiny paws while making a noise excitedly.

"Welcome back, brat."

"It took you long enough."

"How are you feeling?"

"Thanks everyone, I am not feeling too bad."

The rest of the tenants welcomed Felix back one by one, making his smile get bigger and bigger.

Still, all of them knew that he was just smiling to be polite and that his hearts were too cold to react emotionally anymore...

"How long was I out for?" Felix asked with a curious tone.

"Four months more or less." Asna answered as she wiped her eyes.

"What the hell!" Felix exclaimed as he jumped instantly from his bed.

Felix knew that four months was a long time in this fast-moving era, where things keep changing every second!

"Don't worry, you haven't missed anything too big." Candace comforted him and began updating him on all the developments happening in those four months.

She left nothing behind, telling him about Fenrir's challenge, the Darkins' faction getting kicked out of the alliance, The Federation's reaction to Earth's destruction, Noah's grave situation after his sister's death, and the Void Nation's successful occupation of the Darkins' races territories.

With each piece of news, Felix had shown a different reaction...If they were categorized, they would fall under Guilt, Anger, and Relief.

"How are Noah and Olivia doing now?" Felix inquired.

"Noah's situation remained unchanging while Olivia has been taken under Lady Yggdrasil and Selphie's care." Candace shared, "Being in a foreigner's territory while losing everyone she cares about has taken a great toll on her. If it wasn't for Lady Yggdrasil and Selphie, she would have done something bad to herself."

"I see..." Felix sighed.

Felix might feel somewhat relieved that Olivia and Noah weren't on Earth at that moment, but at the same time, he also felt extremely bad for their misfortune as he was the only one able to understand their feelings right now.

As much as Felix wanted to meet them and comfort them, he knew that he had no right to do so.

The only way to truly face them was if he show them that he could either make things right again or at least avenge their families.

"Candace, you told me there is a chance to make things right." Felix eyed her calmly, "I hope you aren't talking about the Spirit Realm."

With all the knowledge he heard about the Spirit Realm, Felix knew that it was going to be near impossible to revive everyone...In fact, just reviving his grandfather was going to prove to be a tough task.

After all, the moment someone died, his memories get erased so as does his entire appearance...When he get picked up by the Charons and transported to the Heavenly Plane, he gets bestowed with a new identity.

So, unless the Spirits Guardian was involved personally, there wasn't any method to truly revive someone with their memories still intact after they reach the Heavenly Plane.

"Wait, you told me that life primogenitor can revive anyone he wants and he already did so with thousands of spirits."

Felix suddenly exclaimed before Candace could answer.

"I still have a favor saved from the primogenitors' event and since the life primogenitor has attended it, he has to accept a request of mine!"

"Is this the chance you spoke about?"

Felix didn't know about the possibility of reviving everyone on Earth, but his grandfather, Noah's sister, and those close to him shouldn't be too hard for the primogenitor of life.

"Our method has nothing to do with the life primogenitor." Lady Sphinx shared, "In fact, even if he wants to revive just your grandfather, it's doubtful if he will agree to it."

"What do you mean?"

Felix was confused since he clearly heard that the life primogenitor had a Life Domain.

He didn't know how it worked for sure, but he believed that if he cast it on Earth, maybe all the spirits would return?

When Lady Sphinx heard his thoughts, she shook her head, "If only it was that easy. Lord Quetzalcoatl's life domain can only revive dead people with their bodies still intact so their spirits would be guided back to their bodies. Without having rightful vessels, the spirits would ignore his calls and continue to wander around."

"I see..."

Felix was already shown the new state of Earth by Candace in her update...It didn't take a genius to understand that not a single corpse should have survived such an apocalyptic event with an intact body.

If there were some lucky ones, they would have been taken out by the aftermath.

"Even if you requested him to enter the spirit realm and manually bring back your grandfather's spirit and I created a new body for him, he will still not agree." Lady Sphinx added, "That's because he will be required to locate it through the sea of faceless spirits and it can take him either an extremely long period or not, depending on his luck...No matter how friendly Lord Quetzalcoatl is, he isn't going to accept such a thankless tough task from anyone."

"I understand..." Felix had heard enough to make him give up on this thought.

He knew that Lord Quetzalcoatl was already going to be doing them a massive favor by bringing them hopefully to the Heavenly Plane.

He would hate himself if he ended up antagonizing him with such a heavily bothersome request and he void his ticket.

"If this wasn't the opportunity, what is it then?" Felix frowned, "This is the only one that makes sense in my eyes."

Lady Sphinx and the others glanced at each other for a second with wry smiles, not knowing how Felix would take their plan.

"There is another method that can potentially revive not just your grandfather, but everyone dead, plus restoring Earth to its former glory." Fenrir disclosed in a straightforward manner.

"Huh...How can that be possible?"

Sure enough, the moment Felix heard just the premise, he was already gasping in disbelief.

He could have comprehended if the method could revive his loved ones or even everyone dead, but even the planet?!

It sounded too insane even to Felix who experienced a second life!

"Honestly, whether it's possible or not, we aren't so sure yet." Lady Sphinx stated, "But, we know the only one capable of achieving such an unfathomable scenario."

Before Felix could ask about such an extraordinary figure, Lady Sphinx answered, "It's Lord Zurvan, The Primogenitor of Time, and The first primogenitor to be born in this universe."

The moment Felix heard the term 'Time', it clicked in his mind that his master's plan was none other than requesting Lord Zurvan to rewind time before the destruction of his planet!!

"Wait, what, how?!"

This idea bewildered Felix to no end more than there was a time primogenitor, who he had never heard about.

He always believed that such a primogenitor should have been born since there was the space primogenitor, but the fact he never saw or heard about him made him assume that he was dead or something.

"He isn't dead, he is just completely isolated from this era." Thor clarified, "Unlike the creation primogenitor, we actually know where he stays."

"Can I go there?" Felix's eyes brightened up a bit.

He still had plenty of misgivings about this plan since he still couldn't wrap his mind around Earth being restored through time without causing major aftermath in the universe.

It didn't sound too logical.

But at this point, Felix didn't care about the aftermath and only if it was going to save everyone or not.

"That's the first hurdle." Lady Sphinx shared with an irritated tone, "Lord Zurvan is residing inside The Foremother Galaxy, Siamese...It's the only place inaccessible by even primogenitors in the whole universe."

"The Foremother Galaxy, Siamese? Even you can't enter it? Wait for a second..." Felix's eyes widened in shock as he exclaimed, "Don't tell me you are referring to the Elementals Galaxy?!"

"Unfortunately, that's the one."