"Tell me where the Black Tiger is tied, I can leave you half a life!" Lu Feng swept his gaze across them as he spoke with an ice-cold tone.

Kaige froze for a moment, then suddenly seemed to remember something as he laughed out loud, "So you're a member of the Crimson Ice Sect. You're dead meat, I'll go look for our boss right now!"

Kai Ge looked at Lu Feng. His intuition told him that if Lu Feng did not agree, Lu Feng would really kill him immediately.

Kaige brought Lu Feng through warehouse 2 and arrived at the very end. There was a small door at the end of the warehouse.

Lu Feng judged from the terrain outside that the little door they passed should be the pier's warehouse number 3. Lu Feng was secretly shocked, he did not expect the people of the Sirius Gang to be so cunning, announcing that their base was in warehouse number 2, but a good warehouse was their real base.

"The Black Tiger is tied to the beam post at the center of the warehouse. Big Brother, you'll see it once you go in!" Kaige endured the pain and said with a flattering smile, "About that, I can go now, right?"

Lu Feng pursed his lips and laughed: "I just said that I will let you live for half a day, that you will live for half a day.

After Lu Feng finished speaking, he extended his hand and placed it on Jiange's left shoulder, and then pressed it down. With a "kacha" sound, Jiange's left shoulder relaxed, swaying like a dried up branch on a big tree.

Kaige looked at his lost arm in a daze, his mind a blank.

When a person was in great pain, the nerve would have a self-protection awareness and voluntarily cut off some connections, so there would be no pain feeling. However, the duration of the neural protection was limited. Those with strong personalities could only maintain it for a few minutes, while those with weak personalities could only maintain it for a dozen seconds.

"Ahh …"

A few seconds later, Kaige kneels to the ground and howls.

Lu Feng sneered, opened the small door, dropped the delinquent leader who was rolling on the ground, and walked into the good warehouse.

If Kai Ge did not say "I'll kill your entire family", Lu Feng might have merely taught him a simple lesson. However, his words had touched on Lu Feng's bottom line. Letting him break his arm and recuperate in bed for a year or two was already a blessing.

Warehouse No. 3 and No. 2 were roughly the same, but there were some components that were obviously processed in the later stages, which told Lu Feng that this place was frequently used.

Lu Feng took a few steps forward, passing by a huge container, and then saw a man whose entire body was filled with scars trapped on a beam at the center of the warehouse.

The man lowered his head, unable to see his face clearly. But from his appearance, Lu Feng quickly identified that he was Black Tiger.

Lu Feng quickly walked over, reached out his hand, and snapped the rope binding the Black Tiger.

The unconscious Black Tiger painfully groaned, then was blocked by Lu Feng, and fell to the ground.

"Save …" "Save the Sister Bing!" Black Tiger said with a hoarse voice.

Lu Feng was shocked. If Han Bing really came, then where was she?

Lu Feng slowly placed the Black Tiger on the ground. The Black Tiger's physique was not bad, just a moment ago, Lu Feng used the Divine Book to inspect his body. As long as Lu Feng was around, he would only need a day or two to be lively enough after he returned.

"It's in the back room, hurry up..." Black Tiger used all his remaining strength to push Lu Feng.

Lu Feng went to the corner of the warehouse and discovered that there was a small account window in the only room. In twos and threes, there was a large group of delinquents surrounding them.

Lu Feng suddenly had a bad premonition. These delinquents actually didn't guard important criminals, but instead came here to look for something. According to Black Tiger, the girl Han Bing was in the room.

"All of you, scram!"

Lu Feng was enraged, he immediately rushed forward, and in just five seconds, he sent all fifty of them flying!

Then, Lu Feng came to the door and kicked it open!


Lu Feng's voice entered the room even earlier than the sound of the room being kicked open.

Upon entering the room, Lu Feng was stunned.

In the room, there was a bed and a set of mahogany chairs. At this moment, Han Bing was sitting on the sofa with her head tilted, trying hard not to look at the bed.

"Dammit, dammit, dammit …"

The young man who had his good fortune interrupted cursed nine times in a row, then looked at Lu Feng with scarlet eyes.

At first, Han Bing was also shocked by the unexpected movement, but when he saw Lu Feng's figure, for some reason, his entire body shivered, and then his eyes started to blur.

"Han Bing, are you alright?" Lu Feng asked worriedly.

Han Bing shook his head. The Ghost Death God almost stood up and stood behind Lu Feng.

"Who the f * ck are you? I'm asking you, who the f * ck are you? I'm going to tear you into ten thousand pieces!" The naked young man stood up with a savage expression and said word by word.

Lu Feng frowned, the look of the man in front of him reminded him of the drug addicts who often went to the hospital to buy prescription drugs.

"He is the son of the Sirius Gang's Sect Master, Wu Chuanxiong!" Han Bing moved closer to Lu Feng's ear and whispered.

Lu Feng slightly nodded, and said: "Black Tiger is outside. Go and take care of him, I'll be out shortly!"

Han Bing looked at Lu Feng worriedly, but Lu Feng's expression was relaxed, as if the danger in front of him wasn't even worth mentioning. Han Bing didn't even think twice and chose to believe him.

But just as Han Bing was about to turn around and walk out of the room, Wu Chuanxiong got off the bed, took out a black handgun from the drawer, and sneered: "Today, whoever dares to leave, I will beat them to death!"

"AHH!" When the girl who slept with Wu Chuanxiong saw the gun, he shrieked. But soon after, with a "bang," a gunshot rang out, and the light in the girl's eyes immediately disappeared.

"Hey, I'm calling you!" Wu Chuanxiong said angrily.

Han Bing's face instantly turned pale.

Lu Feng frowned, now he could confirm that Wu Chuanxiong had taken a lot of medicine and that it was not a small amount. However, what he was concerned about now was whether or not he could snatch the gun away before Wu Chuanxiong could shoot.

If he wanted to dodge bullets, Lu Feng, who was in the early stages of the Spirit Realm, didn't have the ability to keep him.

What a headache, who would have thought that he would run into someone holding a gun!

Lu Feng said gloomily in his heart.

Han Bing stepped forward and grabbed his arm, saying softly, "I'll block the bullet for you later. Go out and take Black Tiger away!"

Lu Feng became even more depressed, and said with a bitter face: "Big sister, it's not that I'm boasting, but you?

Han Bing's face turned anxious, "Now is not the time to be emotional, you being able to charge in is proof that you have the ability. The chances of you taking the Black Tiger and escaping is higher than me, get out!"

"You're really calm. I thought you'd say, 'You being able to come in here has already moved me. You want me to die for you?' Then, a bunch of them …" Lu Feng laughed.

"You're still in the mood to joke at a time like this!" Han Bing's face reddened. She really had that kind of emotion in her heart, but this kind of emotion made Lu Feng directly say it out loud.

"Don't earn, all of you will die!" Wu Chuanxiong sat on the bench and poured himself a cup of red wine. He felt bored and said to Lu Feng: "Brat, do you know what bad things you have done to me?"

Wu Chuanxiong didn't ask, but Lu Feng had almost forgotten why Han Bing was sitting on a chair while he was fighting a big battle on the bed with another woman.

Lu Feng thought, and then looked at Han Bing in confusion.

Han Bing turned his head away with a face full of smoke.

"Your f * cking plans that I've painstakingly carried out for a whole year have all gone down the drain …"

Wu Chuanxiong said as he slammed his gun on the table.

Lu Feng squinted his eyes, this was the first time he had taken down a handgun, but just as he was about to move, dozens of neat rows of sounds came from outside the warehouse.

The Du Family's bodyguards had arrived!

Lu Feng's heart moved, he looked at Wu Chuanxiong who was drinking a different cup of wine, and then his figure moved, in a few seconds he had reached the side of the glass window.

"Are you f * cking …" Wu Chuanxiong was startled for a second, then reacted, after that he cursed, and quickly went back to the table to retrieve his gun.

However, what he did not expect was that Lu Feng's goal was not the handgun.

Lu Feng sneered, one hand on Wu Chuanxiong's arm, causing him to lose the strength of the gun, and pretended to fight with him.

Wu Chuanxiong's temper rose, and he actually started fighting with.

However, he did not expect that when Lu Feng was fighting him, his other hand had already picked up a silver needle and pierced it into his body more than ten times.

"Stop, we are the security guards of Haibang Group!"

A voice filled with energy rang out.

Seeing them enter, Lu Feng knew that the show was over, so he released his hand and separated from Wu Chuanxiong.

"What kind of bullsh * t Hai Bon Corporation, do you know that my father is the boss of Sirius Gang?" Wu Chuanxiong roared.

"I only know that your father is only a dog of the Li family!" The Security Captain said coldly.

After Wu Chuanxiong heard this, his body quivered. He immediately slapped his face a few times to clear his mind.

"I'm sorry, Mr Lu. We came late!" The leader of the security guards walked in front of Lu Feng, and saw that his clothes were all messed up, and apologized.

Lu Feng laughed and shook his head slightly.

"Now I want to see if you still have the ability to act arrogant," Lu Feng lightly glanced at the furious Wu Chuanxiong, "You guys deal with me and bring the people out." With that, Lu Feng ignored Han Bing's opinion and directly carried Han Bing who was lying on the bed.