Shi Lei quickly dove back into the water, and then, he quickly arrived beside Lin Shan's feet. Seeing Lin Shan's slender and straight leg, he was also incomparably anxious, because Lin Shan had always been maintaining this kind of posture for an extremely long time, and if this were to continue, there was a real possibility that something bad would happen in the end. Thus, he was currently very hopeful that something bad would happen to Lin Shan.

Even if he was poisoned, he could still live for a period of time. It would only be a few days. However, if he brought him here, it would be too much of a waste. If he was the one who killed him, then his crime must have been great!

When Shi Lei went back down, he immediately came to the side of the water grass. From his point of view, since he had no other choice using brute force, then the only thing he could do was use his brain. After all, they were just some plants. If they couldn't even handle these things, then there was no need to even mention finding those so-called Medicine Garden.

Shi Lei used his hand to directly interview the water grasses, planning to try and see if he could directly dig up the water grasses, but, what he did not expect was that the soil that covered the water grasses was unexpectedly as hard as the water grasses, and he used a lot of effort, but he was still unable to loosen up the water grasses.

"Strange?" Shi Lei could not help but be curious. If it was these water grasses, he could understand that these water grasses were buried due to the soil, but what was wrong with the soil? Could it be that there was something else that covered all the soil? But this is also not right?

Shi Lei thought for a while, he still did not understand, but he still wanted to give it a try, so he used all his might to continue digging, but unfortunately, in the end, there were no results. The soil was still unaffected, and there was no reaction, which made him certain that there was something wrong with the soil in front of him!

In other words, it was not just the aquatic plants that had problems, even the soil would have problems as well. Of course, Shi Lei was not sure about this, but he was sure that there were other things under the water that he could not figure out.

Not only was it this so called aquatic plant, but there was also this soil!

However, Shi Lei quickly thought of the water grasses that he and Lin Shan could pull off previously. There were still a lot of water grasses that he could easily pull out from there before, but why couldn't he do anything about it now? With that thought, Shi Lei became even more suspicious. With the current situation, if it could be said that there was a problem with the soil, then those aquatic plants should not have been so easy to remove.

If it wasn't a problem with the soil, then why could he pluck out the water grasses from before? Why could he pluck out the water grasses now? When he thought about all this, Shi Lei felt a headache, but he also knew that he definitely could not mess around right now, because the current Lin Shan was waiting for him to help him get rid of all the water grasses in front of him.

If he was in a mess, then everything would be really troublesome. Thus, what he needed to do now was to sort out the situation and figure out where the problem lay.

"If I were to say that it's because of the connection between the soil and the aquatic plants, that the adhesion between them would become even stronger?" Shi Lei suddenly remembered something that the Profound Docotor Scripture mentioned before. It had mentioned that if some medicinal herbs wanted to grow, they would need to live in some strange soil, some special places, ordinary soil, or even irrigation areas, there was no way for them to grow back.

Therefore, what Shi Lei was considering now was whether or not these water grasses were also related to the soil. As a result, both of them could create this kind of strange binding degree, and was unable to remove them.

After all, compared to the water grasses that he had pulled out before, the water grasses in front of him were not only thicker, more importantly, these water grasses looked very neat and orderly, unlike the water grasses that he had pulled out previously.

Of course, their style was exactly the same as the water grasses from before. However, there were a lot of similar things in this world, such as green grasses, that couldn't be divided completely, so Shi Lei wouldn't think that these two types of water grasses were the same just because they looked the same.

"If you want to add some elements, can you separate them?" Shi Lei started to think. In his mind, he immediately found a type of medicine that could cause many plants to wither in an instant. It was the same even in water.

Of course, the reason why Shi Lei suddenly thought of this thing was because he had seen it on Lin Shan's body before. Shi Lei had smelled it before, so he was sure, but he wasn't sure if it was true or not. However, the most important thing right now was to make sure if that thing was really useful.

When Lin Shan saw that he had appeared, she was stunned for a moment. Then, as she felt the situation beneath her feet, she could not help but let out a bitter laugh, "Is there nothing we can do?"

Shi Lei rubbed his nose and said, "There's something wrong with the aquatic plants and the soil. If I'm not wrong, the reason why these aquatic plants and the soil can't be dug out is because if they were to be combined together, it would be even more cohesive."

Lin Shan could not help but look surprised, and asked: "It has a strong adhesive force behind it?"

Yes, because I had thought before that the water grasses that we pulled out could easily appear, but right now, there's nothing these water grasses could do, and there's nothing the soil could do as well, so these soil must be very special. At the same time, these water grasses are also very special. Shi Lei said, "That's why, right now, it's not only impossible to pull out the water grasses, but also the soil. It's because of a different kind of adhesion, so their density may be higher, and it's not easy to pull them out either."

Lin Shan inhaled a breath of cold air, then gritted her teeth: "Do you mean, I can only wait here for my death?"

Man, how could Shi Lei have such an idea? He only wanted to say that this situation before him was a little troublesome, and he wanted Lin Shan to be mentally prepared for it …

After all, he was still worried that Lin Shan was being too anxious and nervous, and would be unable to calm down in a short period of time, and would then be in trouble. But looking at the current situation, although Lin Shan still looked a little scared, she could still maintain her calm.

"There's only one way left." Shi Lei looked at Lin Shan and asked: "Did you bring that perfume?"

"What perfume?" Lin Shan was unable to react in time, there was nothing she could do, what Shi Lei was saying was too sudden and baffling, she really did not know what Shi Lei was saying.

Shi Lei immediately said: "It's the perfume that you're wearing right now, I can smell that scent, it seems to be some kind of flower. I had previously read about it in a medical book, and it can cause many plants to wither, maybe we can use this method to get rid of those aquatic plants."

Lin Shan immediately opened her eyes wide: "I don't have any perfume on my body, just something similar to balsam essence. It was given to me by my brother earlier, saying that I can drive away mosquitoes and even maintain my tender skin, I had always been unwilling to believe that. But after using it a few times, the effect was really very good, so good that I could not believe it."

Shi Lei was momentarily stunned, and said. "Did your brother say that it was called Jade Fragrance Powder?"

Lin Shan's face shook, and said: "How did you know?"

Shi Lei immediately said: "Didn't I say it before, I have also read about it before. If your body was always smeared with the so-called Jade Fragrance Powder that your brother found for you, then it would be correct, there seems to be a very weathered thing in this thing, a human's skin would be fine after touching it, but once it touched some plants, they would immediately become dried up and wither."

Lin Shan's face immediately became pale, "This, this is too scary, why do plants wither upon touching it, people are fine, if I use it, would there be side effects?"

Shi Lei immediately said: "Now is not the time to talk about this, what you need to do most right now is to quickly give me those things, this is the most urgent matter, because I need to confirm whether or not I can make those water grasses wither, if it really succeeds, then, if I want to pull all these water grasses out, it will not be difficult. "Eh, do you have it with you?"

In fact, Shi Lei was still thinking that this woman should not even be on him … After all, in Shi Lei's heart, he still felt that it was extremely inconceivable.

But, what Shi Lei did not expect was that right after Shi Lei finished speaking, Lin Shan actually blinked her eyes!