"Enough of your rubbish, hurry up and order the cutting of the rock." Lu Zhongda was furious in his heart. He, a mighty Feng Shui Master who was famous for his Longjiang Province, was actually being mocked like this. If he was not too old and his status did not allow him to mess around, he really would have rolled up his sleeves and fight with Fang Yang.

He worked for the Zhou Family, how could he not understand the path of Gambling Stone? Even though he was not an expert on the art of stone, he was still half an expert.

Most importantly, he is the Feng Shui Master. What was the Feng Shui Master doing? He was proficient in Zhou Yi and was just playing with luck.

Everything he wore today was for his own good luck. Looking at Fang Yang, who was dressed in a poor and poor family of Sea Wave, without even a little thing to add luck, how could they compare? It was all because of how young he was that he could speak so quickly.

"Wait until I defeat you, then I'll let you know what it means to have someone more powerful than you, and the presence of a mountain beyond the mountain." Lu Zhongda was furious, he glared at Fang Yang.

Being stared at by Lu Zhongda, Fang Yang did not seem to care at all. The old man might be powerful, but he didn't know who he had met today.

As the saying goes, random fists will beat the old master to death. Fang Yang did not use Chaotic Fist, but it was more ruthless than Chaotic Fist.

He was relying on external items to increase his luck, and he was directly using the spiritual energy in his dantian to improve his luck. An extremely good Feng Shui Line was transformed into extremely poor.

If Lu Zhongda did not have the most expensive and best value, he would not even have a single piece of jade within these three stones.

There was no other way. Unlucky people were just this unlucky!

The rule was to win two out of three games, so it was important to order the wool. Under normal circumstances, each person would first line up one piece, then, in the second block.

But Fang Yang was done, he took the three pieces of wool and placed them beside the stone cutter, waiting for the stone to be cut.

This scene caused everyone to be stunned. However, soon after, discussions broke out.

"This kid can't be stupid, right?"

"I think it's broken. Who was Great Master Lu? This brat is just a fledgling, what is he going to use to compare himself to me? "

"Then why did he shout so loudly just now?"

"It's probably an indirect brain attack. There are all sorts of diseases these days. Furthermore, he bought a piece of scrap metal, which is the other half of the Asian Stone King.

"Brother Fang, what's the situation?" Shen Xin was also slightly worried, he had gambled on his own family's Fish Intestine Sword. Even though he had been overbearing and domineering in the beginning, he felt a little regretful now. The ten ancient swords were not something to be trifled with. If he really lost to Fang Yang, then it would be weird if his father didn't skin him alive.

Fang Yang shook his head, saying that he would definitely be fine. He raised his head and glanced at Lu Zhongda, and then quietly turned his gaze elsewhere.

Old fellow, I'll be as good as you in a while.

Lu Zhongda was terrified when he saw Fang Yang, he secretly thought to himself, what is this brat doing, he isn't trying to cheat me, is he? Could it be that he was playing Tian Ji's horse racing? No, he must have realized that he couldn't handle it and was afraid of me. Yes, that must be it.

Thinking to the reason behind this, and then looking at Fang Yang's flickering eyes, his heart was at ease. Following Fang Yang's sequence, he was able to display his advantages to the maximum.

Unknowingly, the number of people in the third floor of the Gambling Stone City gradually increased. Everyone liked to watch the liveliness, not to mention the fact that it involved two big families, Shen Family and Zhou Family. This was a rare gamble.

"Eh, isn't this the Brother Fang whose luck was off just now on the second floor?" A familiar exclamation was heard from the crowd.

Fang Yang turned his head to look. Wasn't this the Ma Xianjie he knew just now, Boss Ma? Not far away from him, his sworn enemy, Lan Wenbin, also followed.

"Ma Xianjie, why is it that I can meet you wherever I go? How unlucky."

"Is this owned by your family? Why can't I come if you can? "

Seeing that, Fang Yang laughed bitterly and shook his head. The others also seemed to be accustomed to these two people, so they took it as a pleasure to listen to them.

The cutting of the rock had finally begun. The first thing he cut out was Fang Yang's stone, it was a piece of wool the size of a basketball. Fang Yang had spent 40 thousand to buy the new Pit Stone.

The one who cut the stone was a middle-aged master, the top-notch Lithoclast on the third floor. He wore a brown leather work apron and had delicate gloves.

He asked Fang Yang how to begin, whether it was to cut all of them in one go or to open a window to heaven.

Fang Yang chose to cut it in half. As for the Gambling Stone s, they had to be clean and nimble.

The middle-aged master nodded and cut down.

Shouts of surprise immediately rang out in all directions, followed by laughter.

"Hahaha, I'm crippled. Nothing at all? " The person who laughed was Zhou Tianhe, he was standing right beside Lu Zhongda. Seeing the blade cut down, there was no mist at all, as if a stone had dropped from his heart.

He himself was won by Shen Xin, if Lu Zhongda was also won by Fang Yang, he would really lose a lot of face. Therefore, all his heart was focused on Lu Zhongda, hoping that he would be able to turn the tables around and give him some face.

"It's such a pity to cripple it."

"What's a pity? With a single look, he saw that it was a newly dug rock. "They're all new people who bought them to pay for their tuition. I thought this guy had some skills. After all, he was just a rash kid."

"What's going on?" Shen Xin also felt that it was a little strange. Why is it crippled? Could it be that Fang Yang was mistaken?

He knew that he could not ask, so he merely shifted his gaze over. Seeing that, he was even more confused. Fang Yang still had that confident look on his face, he did not seem to be crippled at all.

"It's my turn." Lu Zhongda did not mock Fang Yang together with the others. Although he was already extremely happy in his heart, he was, after all, a person with status and should not be left alone.

He pointed to his own wool, and asked the middle-aged Lithoclast to take action.

"Wait a minute, I haven't finished cutting it." Fang Yang shouted, causing the middle aged Lithoclast to be startled.

"This stone is useless. There's no need to continue cutting. " Lithoclast turned and said as he shook his head, thinking that he was still young.

The people beside him all responded and began to comment on the stone from all aspects. They said that Fang Yang was a new disciple and was messing around here.

Fang Yang coldly snorted, but in reality, he was already feeling great in his heart. That was what he wanted, for what? Of course he was playing the pig to eat the tiger, he was betting on him.

He suddenly raised his head with a resolute face, making the young man's expression appear very clear. He looked around and said loudly, "Those who say I made a mistake, do you dare to bet with me?"

"You want to bet again? Brother Fang couldn't have lost your mind. " Shen Xin's heart trembled. After all that had happened, Fang Yang was actually a gambler.

He immediately thought of his family's fish intestines and swords. His heart was thumping as he wondered how he was going to report back home.

As for the trust he had in Fang Yang, it had long since been thrown far away. He really wanted to cover Fang Yang's mouth and stop this gamble. After all, the truth was right in front of him. After cutting it open, there was nothing.

However, it was too late. Someone immediately responded, "How should we bet?"

"I said that there are two emeralds on this side. The odds are 1 to 1. Tell me how much you want to bet, and I'll take it all. If you lose, I'll compensate you. " Fang Yang said loudly.

"Fang Yang, stop messing around." Shen Xin realized that he was losing control of the situation and quickly went forward to stop him.

However, the more Shen Xin was like this, the more he displayed that Fang Yang was of a lower standard. There were those in the crowd who saw the profits and quickly said that they accepted the bet.

With the flow of events, the number of people who responded increased. Even Ma Xianjie and Lan Wenbin participated, but the two of them were betting on Fang Yang's victory.

In the blink of an eye, the gambling stake had exceeded 1 million. This made half of Shen Xin's face turn green.

If he lost, even he would be affected. It wasn't about the money, but the issue of face.

But things had already gotten to this point, so he couldn't say much. He had to stand on the same line as Fang Yang, and hope that could win the match.

"Starting from the two sides of the knife scar. "Splash more water." Seeing that the bet was a success, Fang Yang thought that Xiao Jiu Jiu was done. The smile surfaced on his face. The fishing net had already been scattered, and the fish had also taken the bait. The next step was to pull up the net.

Fang Yang was not a kind person. Perhaps in the past, he was no longer a kind person after experiencing the events at Sequoia High Tech.

He wanted to give Shen Family a vote today, so he had to beat Lu Zhongda to death and completely destroy Zhou Tianhe's face.

This was the only way he could completely tie himself up with Shen Xin, and ride on the same chariot as. Thus, he showed no mercy. What he wanted was to win all three rounds in one go.

The middle-aged master started to rub the rocks. Although he muttered in his heart, he could only obey his employer's orders.

However, as he wiped his hands, his hands began to tremble. He quickly sprinkled a bowl of water and upon closer inspection, a mist actually appeared.