"How much is it? 1000, why don't you just snatch it! " Fang Yang rejected him immediately, and looked at Fatty Wang in disdain, saying that he was dishonest in business.

When the boss of the stall saw this, he laughed out loud: "Fatty Wang, I already told you that this brother is a knowledgeable person. "Brother, if you want the copper coin, I have it too. Other than those that are easy to handle, I also have Qian Long's. The price is absolutely fair."

"Monk Zhou, stop messing with laozi's business. Do you believe that I'll fight with my life on the line with you!?" Fatty Wang was so angry, his eyes were wide open as he scolded.

But after he finished cursing, he immediately went over to Fang Yang's side with an apologetic smile and said softly: "Brother, you're my first ticket today, so you can open it for me once you buy it. I'll give you half of the price, 500, how about it? "

Fang Yang did not speak, but took the copper coin and looked at it carefully. At first glance, he thought that he was trying to figure out the authenticity of the copper coin, but in reality, he was using the Hygroscopic Eye to see if it had any spiritual energy.

All things have a spirit, but not all spirits can emit an aura. The true ancient items were accumulated through the passage of time. A fake was a fake. No matter how perfect the imitation was, the fragrance that lacked time could not emit spiritual energy.

Fang Yang had seen Tong Kun's copper coin before in Microsporium. At that time, he did not know how to arrange formations, but that copper coin had spiritual energy, and it shone with white light.

As long as the copper coin glowed with white light, 80% of the money would be used to set up the basic Feng Shui gathering array.

"Eh, what is this?" From the Hygroscopic Eye's point of view, the copper coin in Fang Yang's hand actually released a white light.

However, what surprised him even more was that within the pile of copper coins that Fatty Wang had previously taken out, there was actually a copper coin glowing with a white light.

In addition, the copper coin in Monk Zhou's stall also emitted an inch high and the size of a pinky finger spiritual energy.

But Fang Yang did not reveal it, it was a joke. The people at the stalls were all smart people. If they found out, it would be light even if they didn't beat you up.

"It's still too expensive. Monk Zhou, how much are you selling this copper coin?" After Fang Yang finished speaking, he turned around and left. Squatting in front of Monk Zhou's stall, he began to play with it.

"This pile is all five pieces, this pile is three pieces, how much do you want?" Monk Zhou beamed. He had been setting up a stall here for seven or eight years, and normally, he would be happy to disrupt the Fatty Wang's business.

He was around the same age as Fatty Wang, thirty-seven or thirty-eight. He was tall and thin with a string of prayer beads around his neck.

"I want 10, mm, 5 RMB one. I can pick any one of them." Fang Yang played with the copper coin, and asked without raising his head.

"Pick any one. Pick any one. Watch carefully. I'll even give you one more." Monk Zhou was very happy, but he intentionally winked at Fatty Wang as if he was talking about something. Who told you to ask for a high price? The customer ran away, right? Serves her right.

Fang Yang picked ten copper coins, and one of them was filled with spirit energy. He took out fifty dollars from his pocket and got up to go.

Fatty Wang watched anxiously from the side. When he saw the fifty yuan, he was especially anxious.

"Bro, don't go. I'll give you a little more." Fatty Wang pulled Fang Yang and looked at Monk Zhou vigilantly.

After saying that, he saw that Fang Yang did not move an inch, and grinded his teeth with a face full of pain: "200, really can't go any lower, and then I'll give you a little thing. I just received it a few days ago."

"Just 100, no more." I don't think you're the only one with this copper coin. If I go in, there will definitely be more for sale. Also, take out your gadget and let me take a look at it. " Fang Yang shook his head.

Fatty Wang was crying in his heart. He was at a disadvantage in the beginning, how could he have met someone who could negotiate with him.

Although there was reluctance on his face, his movements were not slow. He directly handed the copper coin over to Fang Yang, then turned around and took out a small stone the size of a fist from his bag.

"This is?" Fang Yang was startled, and asked.

Fatty Wang looked at him and replied: "I bought the materials from the Emerald Ore a few days ago. If you like them, I'll give them to you."

Fang Yang had heard a bit about the materials of the emerald Ore. This thing was called Gambling Stone, it was something that was on the same level as antiques.

The wool was wrapped in emeralds, but the chances were small. Under normal circumstances, a hundred pieces of wool would not even produce a single piece of jade, much less a high-quality one.

Fang Yang took the Ore in his hand and used his X-ray vision. This time, his heart thumped.

F * ck, is big bro's luck really that good today? I can even pick up f * cking treasures like that.

Following Fang Yang's line of sight, there was a ball of green jadeite underneath the Wool Ore. Although he didn't understand the market price, this thing was given to him for free. Its value would definitely exceed 100 yuan.

"Alright, use it as a decoration to scare people." Fang Yang's face was expressionless as he took out a hundred pieces, handed them over, then turned around and left.

Watching Fang Yang's disappearing figure, Fatty Wang and Monk Zhou laughed. After all this time, the two of them were in the same boat, pretending to be bullying each other.

"It's a 10 RMB item. Selling it for 150 yuan, it's a good start today." Monk Zhou sighed.

Fatty Wang also laughed, rummaging through his backpack, which contained at least 20 of the same Ore.

However, it was hard to say who had picked up the advantage.

As for Fang Yang, he happily took the two copper coins and went back to Hundred Flowers Technology. He kept it in his hands as he played along the way.

However, when he arrived at the company, Jia Youming immediately called him into the office without waiting for his butt to warm up.

"Director Jia, you were looking for me." Fang Yang was expressionless. Although he didn't like Jia Youming, they were still related to each other. On the surface, he still had to do some work.

"Yes, I have something to talk to you about. This is about the company's next strategic development and only you can do it. " Jia Youming raised his head and looked at Fang Yang, and then pushed his glasses.

"What is it?" "Tell me." Fang Yang said.

Jia Youming sneered in his heart. What is it?

"Our company has always been cooperating with Sequoia High Tech, now that the contract for last quarter has expired, we need you to run over. However, for this contract period, we need to increase the profit margin by 5%, so you should find a way to resolve it. You are the one who came out, so I believe you have some connections with him. You can handle this matter, so Boss Chu and I are at ease. " Jia Youming looked at Fang Yang, and then passed the contract documents over.

Immediately, ten thousand mud horses galloped through Fang Yang's heart.

Good news never goes out, while bad news spread far and wide. Currently, all the science and technology companies in the whole of Jiangbei knew why Fang Yang had resigned from his position at the Sequoia High Tech.

You want me to go back and talk about cooperation.

Fang Yang really wanted to slap Jia Youming in the face, but the other party had tried to do it in an unscrupulous manner, he had no choice but to accept it.

"Hmph, fight with me. If you don't accept, I'll fire you in a few minutes. If you accept it, I want to see how you will return to Sequoia High Tech. " Jia Youming sneered in his heart.

Jia Youming's move was too ruthless, it could be said that the arrow pierced the heart, but he still underestimated Fang Yang, and did not understand what kind of person Fang Yang was.

"Sequoia High Tech, right? No problem, but this contract is not easy to negotiate, it will take three or four days." Fang Yang took the contract, and his speed surprised Jia Youming.

This brat was really shameless? Would he really dare to return to the Sequoia High Tech?

"I'll give you five days. If there's nothing else, you can leave." Jia Youming couldn't wrap his head around it.

Fang Yang did not speak, he only glanced at Jia Youming, and then took the information to turn around and leave.

After a minute, a sound came out from Jia Youming's house, followed by a face full of panic as he rushed out.

Wei Lin hurriedly walked in, and when he saw the scene before him, he was immediately dumbfounded. Jia Youming's computer released a black smoke. He had accidentally knocked over the cup and the water had directly flowed into the receptacle, causing an electric flame.

The dry powder fire extinguisher pounced towards the entire office, causing dust and smoke to fill the entire place. Jia Youming's hair was half burnt, his entire face was black.

He looked at the messy office and was so angry that he could not speak. Accompanied by Wei Lin, he went to the hospital.

"Fang Yang, why did Jia Youming call you?" After Jia Youming was hit, everyone secretly felt good about it. Li Anqi, who was sitting near Fang Yang, came over and asked.

Fang Yang shrugged helplessly and told his about the Sequoia High Tech. After Li Anqi heard this, he was enraged, and immediately went to the general manager's office to complain to Chu Bingqing.

"Don't go, I can solve this. Oh right, where did Xueqing go? " Fang Yang pulled Li Anqi and asked.

"You don't know? Oh, yes. You're not in the office. The fuerdai, who had been chasing after her, came today, and she went downstairs to negotiate with him. "