Zhang Chen heard a sneer on the corner of his mouth and said, "that's good."

With that, he grabbed Chen Junsheng's arm directly.


Chen Junsheng's heart tightened.


Before he had any reaction, he felt a great force coming!


Chen Junsheng's pupils suddenly contracted!

Soon, the body flew directly to one side without control!


A dull voice sounded.

Chen Junsheng fell down beside young master Chen!


There was a cry of surprise from all around.

Instinctive retreat!

Young master Chen was also startled and jumped up quickly.

Want to move back!


When his feet landed, he stepped on Chen Junsheng's hand!


Chen Junsheng uttered an exclamation in an instant!

No one's moving!

Young master Chen quickly moved aside and said with a very embarrassed smile: "sorry, I didn't notice..."


Chen Junsheng twitched fiercely at the corners of his mouth.


The whole body hurts, and he has no mind to care about him now!

Writhing in pain!

A touch of pure light flashed again in the beautiful eyes of big waves!


Zhang Chen's skill is pretty good!

Soon, the big wave's eyes twinkled with bursts of surprised light.

Very curious.

Zhang Chen clapped his hands and said coldly, "OK, our bet... Who of you two will realize it?"


Young master Chen twitched fiercely at the corners of his mouth.

Chen Junsheng's face was even more gloomy, as if he could squeeze out water!

For a long time, the angry struggle got up!


I opened my mouth and didn't know what to say!

None of the women nearby spoke.

And one by one did not dare to look at Chen Junsheng.

After all

It was handsome just now.

Now... I don't know why, the instinctive rejection in my heart.

Not because of the head shape.


Chen Junsheng without hair is more like... That kind of pure little white face

Plus the words of the big wave just now

In their hearts, Chen Junsheng completely lost contact with men!

For a long time, Chen Junsheng was very dissatisfied and said, "young master Chen, you bet, or... You solve it."

Then he looked aside.

After all... He has no money, and he didn't bet

The key is not to walk away!

Young master Chen frowned and said coldly, "what do you mean? Didn't you have to compete just now?"

"Now blame me?"

"No, we have to be one and half today!"

Zhang Chen raised her eyebrows.

This little white face... Dare to talk to young master Chen like that?

Chen Junsheng's eyes narrowed slightly and whispered, "you asked me to help. Why should I pay?"


Young master Chen snorted coldly and shouted, "I don't care. You have to compete. Let you take the money. That half has taken good care of you!"

The people around were stunned.

Two people just quarreled with each other, smearing and flying!

Zhang Chen hugged her shoulder.

Wait quietly.

In my mind, I quickly think about the next countermeasures.

After all

The big wave has caught up. This time, we must carry out the plan.

Soon, a smile slowly appeared at the corners of Zhang Chen's mouth.

Big wave was not interested in paying attention to that side, and his line of sight always looked at Zhang Chen curiously.

Look up and down

In a pair of beautiful eyes, it's even more brilliant!

Zhang Chen naturally didn't care.

For a long time, the quarrel over there stopped.

They were panting heavily.


Chen Junsheng said with gnashing teeth; "I can take the money, but... I don't have any money now. Please help me pad it first."


Young master Chen frowned.

For a long time, he said coldly, "when will you give it to me?"

Chen Junsheng powder fist clenched!

After pondering for a moment, he was very dissatisfied and said, "don't worry, I won't owe you money. My girlfriend will give me pocket money after her 80th birthday in two days."

"I'll give it back to you right away!"

After that, he was still angry!

But he finished

Everyone around has opened their eyes!

Look numb!

Girlfriend... 80th birthday?

This... Grass!

All the women's eyes showed the light of disgust!

It's disgusting!

Young master Chen also twitched fiercely at the corners of his mouth.

It's... Honest!

The pure light in Zhang Chen's eyes flashed.

Good chance!

Soon, he stood up and said playfully, "a big man, you can't move bricks. Can you live by picking up some waste?"


"You really insulted the word man."

Big waves smell words, and the essence in your eyes is even more beautiful!

Chen Junsheng stopped breathing.

Until now

He realized that he had slipped his tongue and subconsciously covered his mouth!

The next moment

The red face seems to be able to squeeze blood!

Turn around quickly and leave in a panic!

This time, Zhang Chen didn't stop him.

After all, the two of them have agreed.

Master Chen gnashed his teeth.

Finally, I can only say coldly, "OK, I'll buy it!"


Qingqing heard the speech, and a flash of pure light flashed in her eyes!

Extra surprise!

Without hesitation, young master Chen walked into the shop in great anger!

Qingqing, follow quickly!

She is very happy to let young master Chen pay for it!

The jealous light in the eyes of the other two salesmen was about to burst out.

Zhang Chen ignored it.

Soon, he threw his wig on the ground and whispered, "thank you very much. If it weren't for you... I'm afraid I'd really have to pay."

Still very cold.

The pure light in the big wave eyes decreased a little, and said with a charming smile: "even if it's not me, I believe that any woman with a little eyesight... Will you still win?"

With that, his face was full of appreciation.

Zhang Chen's mouth slowly outlined a radian and whispered, "thank you for your compliment."

The big wave raised its head slightly and whispered; "All alone, why don't we... Hang out together?"


Zhang Chen was pleasantly surprised!

I was still thinking about how to say it. Unexpectedly, big wave took the initiative to speak!

Soon, Zhang Chen smiled slowly and said, "my pleasure."

With that, he walked forward.

Go ahead.

The big waves slowly drew a smile from the corners of his mouth.

Keep up silently.

Qingqing in the shop just saw this scene.

Catch up quickly!


When she came out, Zhang Chen had gone far.

Qingqing sipped her mouth.

Looking carefully, I seem to want to remember Zhang Chen's figure.

Zhang Chen didn't notice.

Soon, they had made half a circle.

The big wave said with interest; "Your clothes are good. Why don't you... Let me put them on for you? How about it?"


Zhang Chen was stunned.

Soon, he said with a smile, "no problem."

The big wave slowly showed a smile at the corners of his mouth.

Soon, he walked into one of the high-end men's clothing stores again.

Zhang Chen followed silently.


How to find opportunities?