Chapter 1027 Hate Cannot Drive Out Hate, Only Love Can Do That

Chapter 1027 Hate Cannot Drive Out Hate, Only Love Can Do That

After the Founder and the Sovereign of the Divine Army finished their talks with the Steward of the Crystal Palace, they returned to their headquarters to prepare the compensation they were going to give the Half-Elf in order to stop his rampage.

Herewith then told Aur about Lux's current state, which made the latter ask her Aunt for permission to go with Hereswith.

"Aunt, please let me see Lux," Aur pleaded. "I want to help him."

Lady Augustina looked at Aur with a complicated look on her face.

A minute later, a sigh escaped her lips before she nodded her head.

The Steward of the Crystal Palace then shifted her attention to Hereswith and held her gaze.

"Can you ensure Aur's safety?" Lady Augustina asked.

"I promise to protect Aur with my life," Herewith replied.

Lady Augustina nodded. She understood that even if she said no, Aur would still insist on going with Hereswith.

"Very well," Lady Augustina said before resting her hand on Aur's shoulder. "You may go, but make sure to do things in moderation, okay?"

Aur blinked once then twice because she didn't understand what her Aunt was talking about.

Lady Augustina only smiled after seeing the confusion on Aur's face.

The Steward of the Crystal Palace and Hereswith gave each other a knowing glance, fully knowing that Aur was no longer a chaste maiden.

After getting her Aunt's permission, Aurelia went to look for her mother to tell her where she was going.

The Dragon Queen of the Crystal Palace, Queen Evangeline, nodded in understanding.

"Take care of yourself," Queen Evangeline said softly as she hugged her daughter. "Also, make sure to not do anything suspicious in front of others. You have to remember that in the eyes of your people and the rest of the world, you are the Dragon Prince. Do I make myself clear?"

Aur nodded. "Yes, Mother. I will be careful."

"I know you will. Come back as soon as you can."

"Understood, Mother, and thank you."

After saying goodbye to her mother, Aur went with Hereswith to Lux's Guild Headquarters.

There, she met the rest of Lux's women, which surprised her very much.

"I'm sure that you girls are excited to meet my handsome, kind, caring, loving, and drop-dead gorgeous Grand Disciple," Hereswith said with a smile. "Since that is the case, let's not waste any more time and meet up with him."

Hereswith then waved her hand, and all the ladies were encapsulated in a dome of purple light.

She then made a slashing gesture in front of her with her hand, creating a crack in space that looked very ominous.

"Don't worry ladies." Hereswith winked at the girls. "Although traveling inside the dimensional space is dangerous, you will be safe as long as I'm around."

Without another word, she opened the palm of her hand, and the dome that protected the girls shrank.

The dome which was now as big as a baseball ball, flew into Hereswith's hands.

"Let's go." Hereswith took a step forward to enter the crack in space and disappeared from the territory of the Crystal Palace.


Meanwhile in the Torsten Kingdom...

The members of the Royal Family of the Torsten Kingdom all knelt in front of Lux and swore their allegiance.

The Half-Elf, currently seated on the Oracle's back, simply glanced at his newly pledged servants with an indifferent look on his face.

Asmodeus, who had handled everything from start to finish, raised his hand and gave his orders.

"From now on, you are under the rule of my Master," Asmodeus stated. "You are to root out all the corrupt officials of your Kingdom, as well as the rotten Nobles, who made things difficult for your people.

"Also, you are to create new laws that will ensure that the common folk will not be oppressed by the Nobles of your kingdom. If I hear any reports that you are doing a sloppy job, I will come back and give you all a lesson you will never forget. Do I make myself clear?"

"""Yes, Master!"""

"Good, now attend to your duties," Asmodeus ordered.

The members of the Royal Family gave Lux a respectful bow before hurrying back to the Royal Palace.

Suddenly, a crack of space appeared a few meters away from the Half-Elf, which made Diablo, Asmodeus, and the rest of Lux's Named Creatures gather in front of his Master in order to defend him.

On the other hand, Lux remained calm and quietly stared at the crack of space in front of him.

A few seconds later, an extremely beautiful Elf stepped out of the crack, making Lux's subordinates lower their guard.

"Hello, everyone," Hereswith said with a smile. "Missed me?"

Lux's Grandmaster casually walked towards her Grand Disciple in order to take a better look at him.

Diablo, Asmodeus, and the others parted to let the beautiful Elf through because they knew that Hereswith wouldn't do anything to harm their Master.

"Greetings Grandmaster," Lux said as he tried to stand up, but Hereswith was faster and placed her hand on Lux's shoulder, preventing him from standing.

"Just stay seated," Hereswith commented. "I like what I'm seeing."

A faint smile appeared on Lux's face as he nodded his head.

Hereswith then looked down on the Oracle, whose head was nearly touching the floor.

The Half-Elf could tell that his Master truly liked what she was seeing, which made him a little happy in his heart.

A minute later, Hereswith lovingly pulled Lux's head toward her chest and patted his head affectionately.

"You've done well, Lux," Hereswith said softly. "You showed them who's boss."

The beautiful Elf noticed that although Lux looked fine overall from a distance, he looked quite haggard from up close.

Dark circles could be seen under his eyes, and his complexion wasn't as good as usual.

It was quite evident that he hadn't had a good rest since they had last seen each other.

The Half-Elf didn't resist his Grandmaster's care and allowed himself to bask in her warmth and kindness.

Suddenly, both of them heard voices of discontent coming from somewhere nearby.

Hereswith, who had completely forgotten that she hadn't come to meet her Grand Disciple alone, glanced at the floating orb beside her.

Lux also looked in the direction where the voices were coming from.

His eyes then widened in shock when he saw Iris, Cai, Aina, Valerie, Aur, Ali, Ari, and Aurora inside the purple orb.

"Sorry, I almost forgot about them." Hereswith stuck out her tongue before lightly ruffling Lux's head. "I know that you are feeling lonely, so I brought your girl friends with me."

The beautiful Elf said the words "girl friends" in a meaningful way, making Lux feel grateful in his heart.

A moment later, Hereswith released the girls from the purple dome, allowing them to approach the Half-Elf, who had changed considerably since the last time they saw him.

Without even waiting for anyone's approval, Aina sat on Lux's lap and gave him a hug.

The Dwarf rested her head on Lux's shoulder, making everyone look at her in surprise.

Iris and Cai also moved forward, but since someone had already claimed Lux's lap, they decided to sit by his left and right side, hugging him as well.

Valerie, Aur, Aurora, Ali, and Ari, wanted to do the same, but since they were out in the open, they held themselves back.

Valerie was the Dragon Princess of Karhsvar Draconis, while Aur was the Dragon Prince of the Crystal Palace.

Although they didn't think that people would raise their eyebrows if they hugged Lux, they didn't want any rumors circulating that might come and bite them in the future.

Hereswith, who understood what they were thinking, started barking orders.

"All of you, return to your respective kingdoms," Hereswith ordered the Supremes, and the Saints, who had followed Lux's army. "We will call for you when we need your services, so for now, scram!"

The Supremes and the Saints glanced at Lux, who was currently being hugged by three beautiful ladies.

Although they knew that Hereswith was the Half-Elf's Grandmaster, their Master was Lux, not her.

"My Grandmaster's orders are my orders," Lux said in a firm manner. "Treat her as you treat me. This is my order."

"""Yes, Master!""" n/)OVeLBIn

The Beast King glanced at Hereswith with a complicated look on his face before flying towards the Royal Palace of the Torsten Kingdom.

Each Royal Family had their own private Teleportation Gate that directly connected them to cities within the sphere of the Divine Army of Light.

Because of this, it wouldn't take long for Dilan to return to the Beast Empire.

He had already been away for two months, and he was missing his family members.

In just a span of a few minutes, Lux's mighty army dispersed, leaving only the Half-Elf, his Undead Servants, and the members of his Covenant behind.

Taking the lead, Hereswith led Lux's forces away from the Torsten Kingdom.

They needed to find a quiet place so that Lux could spend time with his lovers, who were very eager to help him improve his condition.

Perhaps finding the warmth in the arms of his loved ones comfortable, the Half-Elf allowed himself to fall into a dreamless sleep.

Hereswith watched this scene with a smile on her face.

The beautiful Elf secretly gave herself a pat on the back because her hunch was right.

If she met her Grand Disciple alone, the Half-Elf would have never lowered his guard the way he did just now.

Lux respected Hereswith because she was his Grandmaster, but respect wasn't as effective as love when fixing a broken heart.

High above the heavens of Elysium, Eriol stared at the candidate that he and Max had chosen to save Solais from destruction.

"Darkness cannot drive out Darkness, only Light can do that. Hate cannot drive out Hate, only Love can do that."

Eriol said softly as he remembered the famous quote that belonged to Lux's world.

For a short period of time, peace would settle in the lands of Elysium as all the Powerful Factions refrained from openly antagonizing each other.

But they knew that this peace wouldn't last long.

The Abyssal Gates were becoming active again, and it was only a matter of time before their hard-won peace crumbled under the Abyssal Lords' overwhelming might.