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PUBLISHED ON 14 January 2023

When Liang ZiTeng woke up, the sun had already risen very high, Yue Du still had a hand on his waist, the soreness on his body and the scattered clothes on the ground all showed what happened yesterday.

But Liang ZiTeng didn’t care about these, the first thing he did after waking up was to look at Yue Du, his lover has lost some weight, he stayed on set for more than three months, the edges and corners of his face were more distinct, his eyes were closed tightly, his expression still showed some exhaustion.

Liang ZiTeng felt distressed and started to kiss Yue Du’s face. Forehead, eyebrows, eyes, nose, chin, — all kissed, at last, he kissed Yue Du’s tightly closed lips. 

He dislikes Yue Du being tired, and also doesn’t want Yue Due to be this tired, furthermore, Yue Du being this exhausted will still receive even more people’s liking. He doesn’t like other people’s liking toward Yue Du, because… Yue Du is his enemy.

Liang ZiTeng hated YueDu, since a long time ago, Yue Du jostled with him for his favorite food, jostled with him for the first place, taking advantage of being a few months older and forcing him to call him gēgē, and Yue Du was even good-looking, liking to sway in front of him every day, making him want to lock up Yue Du. 

It was very warm in the quilt, Yue Du’s body was even warmer. Liang ZiTeng put his head on Yue Du’s chest, waiting for Yue Du to hug him tightly.

The corners of film emperor Liang’s lips curved up, but his heart was still denying it, he didn’t want to get closer to Yue Du, it was just that the sun was too dazzling, he doesn’t like Yue Du, and doesn’t like him even if they are married.

With this thought, Liang ZiTeng fell asleep again in Yue Du’s embrace.

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This time, the one who woke up was Yue Du, the feeling of waking up to find my lover in his embrace couldn’t be better, Yue Du was kissing and touching all kinds of places on Liang ZiTeng’s body, the sleeping Liang ZiTeng is soft and obedient, so cute that it made people want to commit crimes, such a likable Liang ZiTeng, he can hold him and sleep like this for a lifetime.

But he still has to get up, in order to not let Liang ZiTeng be hungry.

Film emperor Yue had to get out of bed softly to cook porridge, humming songs on one side and looking at his mobile phone on the other side, his agent made more than twenty calls, and Liang ZiTeng’s mobile phone was probably not much better.

[So what kind of movie did Yue Du and Liang ZiTeng film, fourteen years already, Moon brothers1 finally reunited??] 

[So there is nobody who is suspecting that the both of them are a couple? I f-, the content of yesterday’s phone call was really exciting.]

[Exactly, who would call out gēgē while fighting, even saying that he’s already asleep, it was already so late, Yue Du and Liang ZiTeng were still together, and even sleeping?]

[The two of them can’t possibly be together, there were absolutely fighting, Liang ZiTeng probably lost the fight]

[Already gave a kiss, if this wasn’t having an affair then what is it?]

[Fighting, it must be fighting, it isn’t since one or two days that they don’t have a good relationship]

[Wuwuwuwuwuw pink turned black, unexpectedly fought with his partner and lost]

[Must be fighting together]



Yue Du watched the news about the two of them, he and Liang ZiTeng were like this, let alone calling him brother, even if Liang ZiTeng called him husband, fans would not believe that they were a couple.

He gave his manager a call, and his manager said that there were only two solutions, make it public or give an explanation.

If it’s an explanation, they don’t lack friends in the entertainment industry, although no one believes they are friends. 

Yue Du scooped out the porridge: “Wait for a moment, I’ll discuss it with him.”

Yue Du went upstairs with the porridge, the quilt was neatly folded, Liang ZiTeng sat in front of the computer wearing a white shirt, his smooth hair was combed back, his brows were slightly frowned, his eyes carrying a hint of chill.

“Go public?” Yue Du put the porridge in front of him.

“Would people believe it if we make it public?” Liang ZiTeng’s voice was cold, he drank a mouthful of porridge, and relaxed his furrowed brows, “Difficult.”

In fact, Yue Du’s cooking skills are very good, in order to feed Liang ZiTeng’s delicate stomach, he has learned to cook since junior high school, but no matter how good his cooking is, Liang ZiTeng will not praise him.

“You have to drink even if it tastes bad, you have nothing else to drink.” Yue Du knew his reaction early on, Liang ZiTeng’s mouth, except for being a bit softer in bed, is hard2 the rest of the time.

“You would dare to go public?” Liang ZiTeng looked at him, a pair of black eyes shining brightly. “What would I not dare to do, do you want to go public?”


Liang ZiTeng’s look was cold: “Not really, your cooking is bad.”

Yue Du scolded him for having a hard mouth in his heart, and kissed him on the cheek: “I don’t even dislike you for being picky about food and being spoiled, but you still criticize me?”

After the porridge was finished, film emperor Liang who was kissed, continued to bicker with Yue Du without expression: “It’s not that I am picky about food, it’s that your cooking is too bad.”

Yue Du knew that he was happy, hugging the person for a long kiss: “Go public.”

“Liang ZiTeng blushed, powerless hands pressed against his chest, pretending to be calm: “As you wish.” Hence, Yue Du posted a Weibo:

[Not filming a movie, it’s fighting, the kind of fighting that happens on a bed. @BreezeEntertainmentLiangZiTeng] The accompanying picture was a marriage certificate, the two people in the photo have their eyes full of smiles.

Liang ZiTeng reposted it with a comment: Scary to be uneducated.

Weibo exploded on that day.