Jiange, Frost Snow Peak.

A woman in a palace dress sat in the Frost Snow Pavilion at the peak of the mountain.

A slender sword with cold light swirling around it flew around her body, and the spiritual energy on the sword was surging around her, occasionally emitting a buzzing sword sound.

This woman was the master of Frost Snow Peak, the master of Lu Yuliu, Ling Shuangxue.

“This time, I was saved by that child…”

Rare warmth appeared in her cold and frosty eyes.

In her hand was a piece of blood-colored spirit jade.

“I have absorbed most of the spirit energy of this Blood Spirit Jade. After completely refining it, my cultivation will be restored, and even reach a higher level…” Murmured Ling Shuangxue to herself.

This time, she owed her disciple a huge favor.

She couldn’t help but think back to when she first brought the child up the mountain.

The young girl who had just experienced the pain of losing her loved ones had a firm look in her eyes and vowed to become a swordsman.

However, her aptitude for cultivation was really too poor.

She struggled just to advance to the Qi Refining stage, and couldn’t win a few matches in the small-scale competitions in the peak, the fact that she was the direct disciple of the Frost Snow Peak, but did not have the strength of a direct disciple should have made her looked upon in the sect.

“In just a blink of an eye, she has become the shining star of not only Frost Snow Peak, but also the entire Jiange.”

Ling Shuangxue shook her head gently.

Thinking of the day when her disciple showed her talent in the Jiange Grand Competition, she rarely had a smile on her face.

On that day, Lu Yuliu defeated all the peak disciples and advanced to the Foundation Establishment stage, leaving only one sentence toward the disciple who lost against her: “The one who defeated you is Lu Yuliu, the direct disciple of Frost Snow Peak in Jiange.”

The young girl proved that she was not useless, and her master was not the most short-sighted peak leader in Jiange.

On that day, Ling Shuangxue, who had not had much emotional fluctuations since she started practicing the art of sword, once again felt the existence of tears.

She knew that something must have happened to her disciple.

It must have been an incredible stroke of luck to turn an ordinary girl into a sword prodigy overnight. But as her master, she could only feel happy about it.

That little girl who was once ignorant had grown up and become the pride of the Sword Sect’s. Not only did she no longer need to worry about her, but she also saved her life this time.

She knew that this disciple would be her pride and joy in this lifetime.

“I wonder where Yulian got this Blood Spirit Jade from… It’s such a special item that even the head of the Sword Sect doesn’t have it. She must have paid a high price for it and suffered a lot…”

Her heart, which had been cold for so many years, became warm.

(Perhaps I can get closer to that child in the future.)

Ling Shuangxue knew she was not good at expressing her emotions.

After she started practicing the way of the sword, she gradually reduced the time she spent communicating with others. Over time, she became the icy and indifferent person she was today.

However, changing her personality in a moment was not an easy task.

When her disciple came to comfort her today, she had several opportunities to say more, but in the end, she couldn’t even express her gratitude to her.

Fortunately, she had a better idea.

Her disciple had given her a magical wooden sword that could transmit messages. As long as she infused her spiritual awareness into it, she could communicate with her disciple.

There were some things she couldn’t say face to face, but by using the magical sword, she could try to say them in the message.

Moreover, her disciple had mentioned the sword to her today.

She said that she would use the sword to communicate with her frequently in the coming days and tell her some interesting stories she had heard in the martial world.

She also taught her a simple chess game she had learned in the martial world, which could also be played using the connection between the swords. It was quite fun.

“That child has changed a lot after traveling around the martial world.”

Ling Shuangxue thought back to her little disciple she had seen today.

The young girl now seemed more like a child with the vigor and smile on her face, compared to the stubborn and sharp sword cultivator she was before she fell to her sickness.

When she secretly used her spiritual sense to observe her last night, she saw the child laughing at the short sword, probably remembering the Jianghu stories she had told her.

Ling Shuangxue was pleased. She had been worried that her disciple would become like her, becoming distant and detached from emotions and human connection.

But now, it seemed that she had worried for nothing.

At that moment, Ling Shuangxue took out a wide-bladed short sword from her sleeve. The sword had words engraved on it.

“Master, it’s getting late. Shall Yuliu tell you the Jianghu stories she has heard during this time?” the inscription read.

Ling Shuangxue looked at the words with a hint of a smile on her icy and beautiful face. The child was really concerned about this matter, when she could have spent this time learning more sword techniques.

As a Nascent Soul cultivator with many years of experience in the Jianghu world, how could she be interested in ordinary Jianghu stories?

But Ling Shuangxue didn’t want to dampen her disciple’s enthusiasm and was also hoping to use this opportunity to improve their relationship.

However, she was unsure how to respond as a friendly and approachable master.

After much deliberation, she decided to take it step by step. She replied with just one word: “Hmm.”

But as soon as she sent the reply, she regretted it. She had this rare opportunity to communicate with her disciple without being face-to-face, but she was still acting the same as usual.

Soon, a response came from the other side.

“However, Master, I think it would be boring to tell stories as usual. How about I pretend to be the storyteller and tell you the stories as if I were that person, while you can just listen like a simple audience?”

Upon reading the message, Ling Shuangxue was slightly surprised.

“If I could get into the storyteller’s mindset, perhaps I could behave differently from my usual self…” she thought to herself.

Over time, both parties will get used to this natural change.

Feeling that her idea was feasible, Ling Shuangxue quickly chose to reply.


【If Master feels that the tone and language of the disciple are somewhat strange later, please don’t mind. When telling stories, the disciple will not use the form of “Master” and “disciple”. I hope Master won’t be offended by this.】

【It’s fine.】

Ling Shuangxue felt that this was a good thing.

The more her disciple behaved differently from usual, the less strange her change of attitude would seem.

【In that case, please wait a moment dear guest. Let me make some preparation for a while, and slowly tell the prepared story to this guest~】

The reply was slightly slower this time.

Ling Shuangxue looked at the message, and her face, which rarely showed any expression, showed surprise.

To be honest, she really couldn’t imagine what her obedient disciple would look like when saying such things.

It seemed that her disciple had indeed grown a lot on this journey in the jianghu. (Tn: Jianghu is a location in xianxia, not sure what it mean exactly)

In such a short period of time, he could fully immerse himself in the mindset of a storyteller.

Perhaps these disciples of hers had also told a lot of stories for other people before…

She had really grown up.

Ling Shuangxue felt once again happy for her disciple.