Chapter 1877 A Simple Problem

Name:Stealing Spree Author:Dyrem
Chapter 1877 A Simple Problem

Juri stared at us, her discerning eyes probably trying to gauge what we were currently thinking. Her eyes also fell to the dumbfounded Setsuna-nee. If someone could understand her close to certainty, it’s probably Juri considering they’re together most of the time.

As a quirky smile bloomed on her lips, she nodded and stood up as she replied to Satsuki.

“You’re not wrong. I wholly agree on that front. While it is an amusing sight, it truly is pretty tiring to see Setsu and Ruki clash every time. Let’s go. I’ll bring you somewhere else.”

Yep. Even this girl was now handing this situation over to me. She knew I could accomplish anything as long as I put my mind to it. If I have to guess, she also understood the root cause of why Setsuna-nee became this antagonistic with me again. Whatever progress we made during the scouting trip had been flushed down the drain because of my insistence to keep her in that room a few days ago.

Juri and Satsuki then started walking out of this mini-garden, only leaving us a long, meaningful glance, and encouraging us to do our best.

“Eh? Wait. Satsu-chan? Juri? Hey, shameless guy. Say something!”

As she watched their departing backs, Setsuna-nee tried to call out to them, reaching her hand out. However, even if she sounded desperate, she remained in her seat

She’s annoying but not an idiot. She knew that if she attempted to chase them, it would only be futile. Worse, Satsuki could just take me back to our hill without finalizing their plan to bring us here later.

And maybe thinking I might be able to change their minds if I said anything, she turned to me for help.

Will I do it?

Of course not.

Why will I? The same as Satsuki, I can say that I’m also exhausted from this woman acting annoying all the time. As much as I wanted to get along with her, she was becoming too much to handle.

Besides, knowing that I am partly responsible for this, I better resolve this not that they’ve given me the chance rather than let it fester and become more of a problem in the future.

“What should I say? Beg them to stay with us?” I answered before shaking my head. Better to hit her like this than patronize her, “Setsuna-nee, don’t you think Satsuki is correct? It’s exhausting. Isn’t it the same for you?”

Her mouth opened and closed. She had her answer at the tip of her tongue but she just wouldn’t say it.

She’s just as stubborn as her little sister.

“If I’m making you uncomfortable, say it to my face directly. I’ll adjust to that and try to accommodate you as much as possible. The same goes if you just hate my guts or audaciousness. I won’t be offended.”

I may know how shameless I can be but its impact on different girls is definitely going to depend on how they take it. Most of my girls are already used to it, while those who don’t know me personally or are not close enough to me will find it amusing most of the time.N♡vεlB¡n: Unleashing Imagination, One Read at a Time.

For this woman, it must have been different. I mean, restraining her like that before is probably not in the category of shameless in her book. It’s just me forcing her to stay in the room. I took away her freedom to leave on her own. That’s why she returned to being against me.

I expected that so I stopped before the distance between us became zero.

And as her eyes widened in both shock and confusion on why I closed in on her, I continued, “Tell me how can I make it up to you, Setsuna-nee-san. I acknowledge my fault so... I think it’s only fair for you to demand something from me. For the sake of reconciliation... I guess?”

“... You. Are you hearing yourself now? That doesn’t sound normal. Demand you for something for reconciliation? How ridiculous...” It took her a while to recover from her confusion but as soon as my words registered in her head, Setsuna-nee rolled her eyes, dismissing what I was offering.

“Then what? Should I apologize again?”

“No. You idiot! Learn some basic decency. You don’t have to do anything. Just wait until I say you’re forgiven.”

“Wait, huh? Is it like a sickness that can wear off?”

“Of course! It won’t go away just because you apologized to me... I’m still annoyed that I have to point this out to you. You’re a clueless idiot, Onoda-kun.”

“Yeah. Maybe I am... If I do it again next time, tell it to me straight, Setsuna-nee. To prevent this from happening again.”

“I will.” She nodded and closed her mouth. Then, with her eyes still focused on me, she started shaking her head again, “Satsu-

chan kept praising you. Did she even know you’re this much of an idiot?”

“Yes. She probably knew. At this point, she knows me better than I know myself.”

“Tsk.” Whether clicking her tongue was her agreeing to me or not, I don’t know.

But at least with this, we managed to resolve our differences, right? Ah. Wait. She still hasn't forgiven me so... this is just like a patchwork. I still have to wait until she warmed up to me again.

“Setsuna-nee, why don’t you smile a bit more? A frown doesn’t suit you.”

“You don’t have to tell me that. Can’t I express my annoyance to you?”

“Well, you can. But how’s that going to help?”

“It relieves my stress.”

“Oh. Fair point. I’ll shut my mouth then.” I shrugged and slid back to my previous spot.

Seeing that, Setsuna-nee also eventually clambered up to sit properly. And unlike earlier, she moved a little closer to my side. I guess that’s progress?