Fortunately, Le Lei was someone who drifted along with things. She quickly put aside her worries. She found that her hands had been blown cold by the wind and had almost frozen. She quickly lifted them and rubbed them together, “Xiao Bai, are you cold?”

The young master shook his head.

Lei Lei immediately took his hand to warm herself up, and it really was extremely warm.

The young master wanted to withdraw it hurriedly.

Lei Lei said pitifully, “Xiao Bai, I’m cold.”

The young master was speechless. Looking around and seeing that everyone was busy thinking about poetry and not paying them any attention, he did not say anything.

Lei Lei tilted her head, “That one too.”

The young master stretched out his left hand.

Covering her small hands with his larger ones, the warmth kept coming. Lei Lei immediately dismissed the idea of going back into the room and continued to stay out in the cold, “The moonlight is beautiful tonight. Should have thought of this topic long ago!”

The young master was silent for a moment and nodded, “I’ve never known the moonlight was so beautiful.”

“You haven’t noticed it before?” She was suspicious.

“Everytime there’s a moon, my father would make me practise martial arts until the night watch.”

A happy childhood was spent practising martial arts. Lei Lei was startled and then felt sympathy, poor child, being a victim of education. No wonder he was mature at such a young age, “Did you look forward to days without the moon?”

The young master was embarrassed as he looked at the great river outside the building, “The ancestors of the Xiao family have done many great things in the world of martial arts to pacify the whole country and destroy the Xing Yue sect. If I don’t study diligently and train hard, I would be ashamed to shoulder this heavy responsibility.”

Lei Lei looked at him silently.

Someone nearby said, “The incense has almost burned out, do you have anything Brother Zhao?”

Someone else replied, “I have, but it’s not good.”

“I only have two sentences.”


Lei Lei came back to her senses and chuckled. You all can think about it slowly. I will recite a few poems by myself and scare you to death.

She was regretful, “Why didn’t Qin Liu Feng come?!”

The young master was silent.

Seeing that he did not seem to be interested much, Lei Lei understood and whispered, “Do you not have inspiration? Don’t worry, I have many and can lend one to you.”

Lend one? The young master looked at her and the corner of his mouth raised slightly, “No need.” He hesitated, “I have, it’s just not necessarily good.”

So fast, “Xiao Bai” was really quick-witted, adept with both literary and military affairs! Lei Lei was joyful, “Alright, alright, it’s good you have one, you did well!” Her shoulders hunched up, “Let’s go in, it’s so cold!”

The incense had burnt out and people came in from outside one after another, looking dignified or self-satisfied. Only Lei Lei was confident with an indifferent expression and gracefully pulled the young master to sit down.

Leng Zui walked to the middle, “The incense has burned out. I think everyone has come up with a clever poem.”

There was a lot of discussion among everyone.

Leng Zui looked at Old Mr Cai, “Everyone has, so what do you think?”

Old Mr Cai nodded, “Although I am not good at writing, when it comes to commentary, I believe I can still talk…”

Someone interrupted, “Old Master is too modest, who would dare to be dissatisfied with your comments?”

Everyone agreed.

Old Mr Cai smiled wordlessly.

“Since it’s like this, then let’s begin.” Leng Zui walked to the table and picked up a brush. Then she looked at the elegantly dressed young man on the left, “How about we start with Brother Zhao?”

The young gentleman named Zhao said a few humble words, then sure enough, he got up and recited a poem.

The poem was very raw and Lei Lei was confused listening to it. Although she had stolen many famous poems as preparation, she could not fake her actual level for these things. So she did not know what it meant and just thought the handsome gentleman’s poem was very interesting, so she followed everyone and clapped her hands in applause.

In a blink of an eye, more than a dozen people had recited a poem. Soon it was Leng Zui’s turn herself.

Everyone laughed, “Today, Miss Leng is the host. You’ll surely have a good poem to show us.”

Leng Zui placed the brush, then said lightly, “I have one, but it’s not so good.”

Everyone said, “How could Miss Leng’s poems be bad? Let us hear.”

Leng Zui did not refuse, “I don’t have a poem, but I have a song called “Prelude to Water Melody”, it should be right to break the ice.”

The talented woman was about to recite lyrics! Lei Lei pricked up her ears and became excited. She saw Leng Zui walk slowly to the window and hold the window lattice with her left hand. After a moment of contemplation, she recited slowly, “When will the moon appear, I ask as I raise my wine to the heavens…”

There was a “boom” in her head and Lei Lei was petrified on the spot.

There was the sound of applause.

Old Mr Cai was excited, “What a good ‘I wish everyone lives long, a thousand miles of love and beauty’!”

Mr Zhao stood up, “I need not wait tonight, I will respect this song!”

“People have joys and sorrows, the moon waxes and wanes, good sentence!”

“It is said that Miss Leng’s poems are full of pride, not inferior to men’s, as expected!”


My goodness, so you had also transmigrated, why not tell me sooner?!

Lei Lei’s blood surged through her body and she almost could not laugh. You are really amazing, miss talented woman, plagiarising this song and daring to obtain the title of “talented woman” through plagiarised poems? When we have time, we must deepen our friendship!

She could not help but praise a fellow transmigrater. Lei Lei clapped and shouted, “Good! Good words! Good words!”

Leng Zui lifted the brush and wrote it down, then smiled and said, “That’s it, now it’s Brother Wang’s turn.”

The scholar named Wang stood up, “With Miss Leng’s good words, I have no face to compose and just managed to scrape together four lines with seven characters each, please excuse me.” After saying this, he recited, “Alone on the river tower I ponder quietly, the moonlight is like the water and the water like the sky…”

Was this not a poem by Zhao Gu? Brother, you were also transmigrated! Lei Lei was excited and clapped her hands, “Good poetry! Good poetry!”

Then came a young nobleman named Yan, “The moon sets, crows cry, and the frost fills the sky…”

How many people did that traversing group send over? Lei Lei froze for a moment, then continued clapping. At the same time, she began to worry. Fellow transmigraters, don’t memorise all the good poems, at least leave one for me. Surely when the time comes, she would not really have to use the one that transmigrating girls had to memorise, the “Moonlight in front of the bed” that was popular among elementary school students!

It should not be a big problem, because the next one was the young master.

“The moon shines on the sea, from far away you share this moment with me,” having whispered out these two lines, the young master stopped and smiled slightly at Lei Lei.

Lei Lei opened her mouth wide enough to fit an egg.

She could not tell if others had transmigrated or not, but she knew “Xiao Bai” the best and it was absolutely impossible for him to have transmigrated!

She had been set up!

A light flashed in her mind and Lei Lei finally remembered a key person — Mr Shu of the R&D department! As expected of a landmine genre! Designing this damned plot, maybe all the poems by these talented men and women were all designed by that guy!

The young master finished reciting and as usual, he was praised a lot.

Old Mr Cai nodded in satisfaction.

The young master looked at Lei Lei.

Lei Lei clapped her hands feebly and forced out an awkward smile, practically crying as she said, “Good poem! Good poem!”

“Xiao Bai”, oh “Xiao Bai”, although your poem is considered normal, but if you used this one, then what would I recite? I only remembered a few and the remaining one, “A jug of wine among flowers”, did not conform to the required format, and “Spring flower, autumn moon” was a sensitive topic that did not fit the situation. Was this not forcing her to recite “Moonlight before the bed”?!

Leng Zui frowned, “Miss Lei, it’s your turn.”

Shock! I’ll shock you all to death! Lei Lei was ready to risk everything. She stood up and was about to speak —

“Brother Qin!”

“Brother Qin, why did you come so late?!”


Qin Liu Feng, who had arrived late, was wearing a light jade coloured robe and looked more and more elegant. He first straightened his clothing and saluted Old Mr Cai. Then he cupped his fists and smiled at the crowd, “Unfortunately, there was an accident with the carriage on the way here. Having disturbed everyone’s mood, forgive me, forgive me!”

Someone laughed, “Brother Qin, if you really want to make amends, then how about composing a good poem now to broaden our minds.”

Everyone nodded, “That’s reasonable. With Miss Leng’s good words preceding, Brother Qin must not do this perfunctorily.”

Qin Liu Feng looked at Leng Zui and pursed his lips, “How could I break your rules?”

Rushing here after having an accident, it could be seen that he had already given her face. Leng Zui’s expression was much better and she looked at Lei Lei awkwardly, “This…”

Everyone looked at Lei Lei.

Even if Lei Lei was impervious to the obvious, she knew what to do. Besides, it did not matter whether she recited “Moonlight before the bed” earlier or later. So she cupped her hands and did them a favour at little cost to herself, “It’s alright, Brother Qin please go first.”

Qin Liu Feng also noticed her and raised his eyebrows, “So it turned out to be Miss Lei Lei.”

His mood when he arrived had already dissipated. Lei Lei wished this person would disappear immediately. She feigned a smile, “No problem, no problem.”

Qin Liu Feng looked at the crowd, “I wonder what poems you composed?”

Everyone hurriedly guided him to read the topic of the poems.

Qin Liu Feng read the topic, then looked at everyone’s works in turn. Seeing Leng Zui’s “Prelude to Water Melody”, he paused in silence for a while. Suddenly, he smiled, “So it turns out, it’s about the moonlight. Coincidentally, the moonlight was fine last night and I came out with one. Although it’s not my current work, it’s passable to bring it out to be presented.”

Everyone laughed, “Don’t say that, come on, tell us and let us appreciate it!”

Qin Liu Feng put his hands behind his back and looked out the window. He smiled, “Moonlight in front of the bed…”

Brother, what do you mean by this?! Lei Lei’s gaze froze at his words. By the time she returned to her senses, there was only applause left at the scene.

“Good poem!”

“Brother Qin is so talented, you have my admiration!”

Old Mr Cai was excited and stood up, “Young Master Qin’s poem and Miss Leng’s words can be regarded as the double masterpiece of tonight’s poetry meet. This old man has nothing to say!”

Everyone agreed in succession.

Qin Liu Feng smiled, “Old Master has overpraised me.”

Leng Zui’s pretty face reddened, “Old Master has spoken too early. There are still many people left who have yet to take their turns. Let us continue.”

All eyes fell onto a certain someone.

Lei Lei returned to her senses. She leaned to the side and fell onto the young master, pretending to have fainted.

On a certain day in a certain month in 2008.

Next to the computer, Mr Shu looked at the screen and snapped his fingers, “OK!” He burst out in smug laughter simultaneously with the four beauties beside him.

“Entering the landmine genre, but this little sheep still wanted to escape the plot setting!”

“If you don’t follow the plot, then this is the end!”