Snowbun11-14 minutes 08.05.2023

It was evening and the moon hung high. The courtyard ground was white, dewy and silent. Before she knew it, ten days had passed. Everything in the village was as usual. Seeing that tomorrow would be the Mid-Autumn Festival, the entire village was preparing for the festivities and everyone was busy all day. At night, they were so tired that they went to bed early.

According to her plans, Lei Lei slipped out of her room quietly.

The village was built on a mountain and there was a hot spring in the corner behind the village.

The pool was not large, but it was steaming hot. The spring water gushed up from the ground, flowing away through a long canal which kept the pool water constantly clean and fresh. The bottom of the pool was covered by many uniformly sized pebbles and it was obviously done by someone on purpose. Lei Lei did not care too much. This place was originally very well hidden and blocked from sight by a few tall rocks. Now that it was evening, she was not worried about people coming to visit.

She hung up the lantern, then took off her clothes. Lei Lei carefully slid along the sloped stone surface into the water. Instantly, her entire body felt relaxed.

It turned out that she had gotten used to living like this these days. The only downside was that the weather was getting colder and taking a bath was becoming more and more inconvenient. Luckily, she had wandered about and accidentally discovered this great place.

This body should have reached adulthood and had a well-developed physique. Her skin was smooth and soft, as pale as snow. Soaking in the warm spring water, it developed an attractive pink lustre. Lei Lei marvelled at herself for a long time. Her feeling of comfort grew stronger and stronger and she began to feel drowsy.

However, at this moment, she heard the sound of approaching footsteps.

Alerted, Lei Lei opened her eyes but before she could react any further, she heard someone draw in their breath sharply, “Who’s there?!”

The tone was unpleasant and her originally dazed mind suddenly cleared and she subconsciously straightened up. She saw the young master standing at the shore of the pool with a calm expression.

Lei Lei was both embarrassed and surprised, “It’s so late, why are you here?”

The young master did not reply. In the past half a month, his good manners were constantly challenged. Unfortunately, most of the time it was not easy to simply lose his temper with her. His long-term repression made his anger surge to its peak at this moment, because this woman was always pushing him to his limit, either intentionally or unintentionally.

Lei Lei quickly understood and nodded repeatedly, “Right away, I’ll give way to you right away.”

The young master gritted his teeth, “You, get up!”

Hey, his reaction was still so calm after seeing a girl bathing. Were the men so open minded here, or was this scene too lacking in shock and allure? Lei Lei looked down at her body then looked up at him again. She blinked awkwardly, “That… wouldn’t be good?”

The young master took no notice, “You’re still not getting up?!”

Lei Lei suddenly felt defeated and helplessly said, “Alright, alright, I’ll get up. Can you first…”

Seeing her dawdling, the young master finally could not help raising his voice, “Get up!”

Lei Lei was speechless.

It turned out that the young master was slightly obsessed with cleanliness. At this moment, seeing his personal private bath being occupied by someone else, how could he not be annoyed? He did not consider the gravity of his order at all.

Lei Lei was also a little annoyed. There was no sign up there to clearly state who could use it so how could she know it was his? Forget about coming here out of nowhere to peep at her, but he was actually forcing her to get out of the water in front of him? Hmph, if you really want me to get up, then so be it. Either way, this body isn’t mine, but I’m afraid you can’t take it big brother!

Thinking of “Xiao Bai” blushing, she simply lifted her face maliciously. She raised an eyebrow at him, “Alright, alright, I’ll get up, I’ll get up!”

After saying this, she really stood up slowly up from the water.

Her jade neck.

Scented shoulders.


With the beauty coming out of the bath, a spring-like scenery gradually unfolded in front of his eyes. The young master finally realised something was wrong. Sure enough, his handsome face started to turn red again as he hastily averted his gaze. He had difficulty maintaining his composure, “No… You… Get down!”

Lei Lei felt quite cheerful and asked deliberately, “No need to get up?”


The young master really did not know what to do. In his impression, this kind of behaviour could only be carried out by a witch of the Qian Yue Cave. Facing them, he did not need to show mercy and usually killed them all with a single strike. However, this woman was not malicious at all and he really could not figure it out. How could a decent girl be so thick-skinned? Actually flirting with a man!

Lei Lei also knew that she could not go overboard with her playing, so she sank back down into the water with a splash, “Alright, alright, you go out and wait first, I’ll get up and give way to you!”

As if he needed her reminder. The young master had already turned sideways to leave when he unthinkingly glanced out of the corner of his eye and immediately froze in place. His expression was surprised at first, then he looked at her in deep thought.

Seeing him suddenly become bold, Lei Lei was baffled.

For a long while, the young master stared straight at her, his expression becoming more and more complicated.

His line of sight seemed to stop below her neck… Lei Lei was vigilant and coughed immediately, then covered her chest and sank deeper into the water. No way, had “Xiao Bai” really turned into a pervert?

Since the spring-like scenery disappeared, the young master regained his composure and also understood that his behaviour just now was too disrespectful. His face reddened and he wanted to explain, “Actually… I wasn’t…”

Playing was playing, but no matter how good Lei Lei’s mentality was to be able to force herself through a scenario, he had been staring at her for so long that she could not help but feel her heartbeat quicken. She looked at him innocently — did he think this was a good time to explain?

Realising that he was only making matters worse, the young master did not say anything else and turned around to leave.

The sound of his footsteps disappeared.

He was gone? Lei Lei probed, “Hey, Xiao Bai?”

After a while, a sentence floated over from behind a rock, “Are you still not getting up?”

A beautiful woman bathing was accidentally seen by a man. This plot was really cliche and it was becoming more and more of a landmine! Understanding this, Lei Lei quickly went ashore and put on her clothes. She picked up the lamp and walked around the rock. She saw the young master standing silently under the moonlight, maintaining a straight and upright posture out of habit, standing very dignified. He was aloof as though in a painting, slightly lonely but never dispirited.

This was what it meant to stand upright like a pine tree, this temperament! Maintaining his bearing at any time and any place, how much training did it take for a person to reach this state? No wonder he had developed a rigid temperament.

Lei Lei was unable to learn poise like that all her life so she was secretly envious. She went over and pushed him hard.

The young master really did not move at all. He looked at her suspiciously.

Lei Lei pushed again.

The young master could not help but ask, “What are you doing?”

Lei Lei gave up trying and suppressed a laugh, “Your posture is too perfect, I was trying to see if I could push you down.” She deliberately emphasised the words “push you down”.

Under the lamplight, his face which had finally returned to normal reddened yet again. The young master left without saying a word.

Lei Lei became addicted to teasing him and she cheerfully chased after him, “Hey, aren’t you going in to take a bath?”


“Xiao Bai, Xiao Bai?”


He was obviously a shy young man, what was he pretending to be sophisticated for? When Lei Lei came with the strong intention to tease him, practically ordering him, “Come, give me a smile,” the young master simply turned a deaf ear as was his specialty and dully walked straight onward. Xiao’s Xiao Phoenix Crying Blade was renowned all over the world and it was not unusual for him to meet a girl who worshipped him, but who dared to make fun of him like this?!

Finally, he stopped in his tracks, “We’ve arrived.”

Only then did Lei Lei realise she was standing outside the door to her room. She was filled with regret, “So fast!”

The young master’s mouth twitched.

With a handsome man beside her, Lei Lei did not feel sleepy at all and scrambled for something to say, “The Mid-Autumn Festival is here, the moon is really round…” It suddenly occurred to her that talking about the moon and stars to this person was foolish, so she stopped immediately. Disappointedly, she said, “Then, I’ll head to bed first.”

She turned to enter the door.

The young master suddenly called after her, “You.”

Lei Lei already had a foot through the door. Hearing the handsome man call, she immediately retracted her foot, “What is it?”

The young master hesitated for a long while, then said, “Why would you…” He paused.

Lei Lei was surprised, “Would I what?”

The young master did not answer and looked at her for a while. Suddenly, he asked, “Have you really lost your memory?”

Hey, could it be that “Xiao Bai” had already begun to suspect that she was making up lies to survive? Lei Lei was on guard and showed a sincere expression that even she could not believe of herself, “It’s true, I really didn’t lie to you. I don’t even know who I am. Lei Lei is just a name I casually thought of. As soon as I find out my identity, I’ll leave right away.”

There was even more hesitation on his handsome face. The young master quickly looked away, “No need, you can stay here in peace.” He paused, “Don’t go out alone at night.”

After he said this, he stopped looking at her and left.

It was rare for “Xiao Bai” to express concern. Lei Lei felt pleased with herself. She watched his figure disappear and was about to go back into her room to rest. Unexpectedly, she felt a sudden chill at the back of her head and immediately afterwards, her vision began to blur.

She did not know how many hands were holding onto her. There was a man’s voice in her ear, “Quickly!”

Her consciousness slowly faded away. Before she passed out completely, the last thought in Lei Lei’s mind was this — My god, I just casually made up a story about being hunted down, but now I’m really being targeted!