Elder brother, you have been brilliant all your life but your future wife is actually Young Miss Hua! Lei Lei had a weird expression on her face. Seeing the young master’s eyebrows slightly wrinkled, he seemed to be dissatisfied. She was about to laugh when she suddenly caught sight of Butler Zhao and the others who had serious faces. At once, she could not laugh anymore and was puzzled.

The discussions were continuing over there.

Someone asked, “The Hua family in Ye Tan City is thousands of li away. How do they have any relationship with Bai Sheng Shan Village?”

The man said, “This you wouldn’t know. When the Old Master Xiao Yuan was young, he helped the Hua family greatly. In his gratitude, the Hua family’s old master betrothed his five year old granddaughter to the young master of the Xiao family.”

Everyone understood, “So that’s how it was.”

The man continued, “The Xiao family has a sole heir. Five years ago, Old Master Xiao Yuan passed away. He once told Young Master Xiao to get married three years later, but it was just that Young Master Xiao devoted himself to practising sword skills and delayed it another two years. It was not until four months ago that he married Young Miss Hua.”

What he said made Lei Lei lose all interest. After all her efforts, this good grass had already been eaten by someone.

Everyone praised, “It’s a good marriage.”

Unexpectedly, the man sighed, “It was a good marriage, but little did they know it would turn out to be a disaster.”

Everyone was surprised, “Why?”

The man said, “Just as the auspicious moment approached, the matter of the longevity fruit came out and the disputes between the three sects continued. Young Master Xiao naturally followed Leader He around and was busy mediating. The Hua family was also reasonable. Seeing that Young Master Xiao was too busy to attend to anything else, and because it was not good to miss the auspicious date, they had Young Master Hua personally send his younger sister over. Unexpectedly, on the wedding night, the Xi Sha sect and Nan Hai sect fought again. Leader He was at the wedding banquet at that time. Hearing about this matter, he rushed over immediately. Young Master Xiao always took the affairs of the martial arts world as his own responsibility, so fearing that the two sects would fight and harm innocents, he had to follow even if he had not met his newly married wife yet.”

Everyone praised, “Young Master Xiao’s actions are really admirable!”

Someone laughed, “Young couples will eventually meet anyway so what’s the hurry? As the saying goes, absence makes the heart grow fonder. The two of them were newlyweds who parted ways. Who knows, after it was over, the young might have already made up for the night in the bridal chamber together, don’t you think so?”

Some laughed and some scolded.

There was something sexual in his words which induced people’s enthusiasm for conversation. Lei Lei looked back at the young master. It turned out that he had thrown his wife into the bridal chamber on his wedding night then ran to uphold justice himself.

The young master was completely still, but being looked at by Lei Lei, his handsome face flushed again and he coughed slightly.

So handsome, so handsome, but what a pity he was taken!

Just as Lei Lei was feeling regret, the man suddenly clapped his hands, “There was no after. The disaster happened on the wedding night. Young Master Xiao was not present and there was a fire in Bai Sheng Shan Village. The newlywed wife along with the bridal chamber burned to charcoal!”

Everyone was stunned.

“How could such a thing happen?!”

“How could the people in Bai Sheng Shan Village be so negligent?!”

Amidst the sighing, Lei Lei had returned to her senses and finally understood why Butler Zhao and the others had dark expressions. She could not help but sigh in her heart that Young Miss Hua was so unlucky. Look, she could not enjoy having such an outstanding husband even once, and passed away just like that!

The man waved his hand to quieten everyone and put on a mysterious appearance, “Coincidentally, this old man has a nephew of a distant cousin working in Bai Sheng Shan Village and heard that the fire was actually very strange.”

Everyone hurriedly pricked up their ears.

The man said, “The newlywed bride had a dowry maid. That night in the bridal chamber, she was the one who accompanied and waited on her but after the fire, only the bride’s body was found. The dowry maid could not be found!”

Everyone was amazed.

Someone asked, “Since she was burned by the fire, how could the corpse be recognised as the bride’s?”

The man shook his head, “There are things you don’t know. The bride has worn a golden longevity lock since she was a child. Young Master Hua recognised his younger sister’s body based on this.” He lowered his voice, “I heard that there were deep knife gashes on the corpse. Although it was completely beyond recognition, there was no soot in the mouth so she must have been set on fire after being killed.”

Immediately, someone said, “Could it be that the dowry maid hamed her master?”

The man clapped his hands, “How would this old man know? Now that the maid has disappeared, no one can say.”

“Why not go to her hometown and search?”

“Young Master Hua said that the maid came to them a year ago. They didn’t know her background but seeing that she was lonely and pitiful, they took her in. She also did her best usually, so who could think that such a thing could happen? Even they couldn’t believe it.”

Everyone sighed deeply.

“It’s impossible to know someone’s true nature by their face alone.”

“Must be a spy from the demonic cult!”

Some people were worried, “How can Old Master Hua be willing to leave the matter as it is after his daughter met with mishap at the Bai Sheng Shan Village?”

The man nodded, “Of course, Old Master Hua is grieving. Unfortunately, it turned out that it was someone from his own family who was wrong so he could not do much. On the contrary, Young Master Xiao was aware that he could not evade this responsibility. Although he had never seen Young Miss Hua, she was still his legally married wife. So two months ago, he set out to find the whereabouts of the dowry maid.” He paused deliberately, “Young Master Xiao abhors evil as if it’s his personal enemy. A few days ago, weren’t there a few people from the demonic cult who were executed at the bottom of Tong Ren Mountain? It was Young Master Xiao who had passed by and taken the initiative to clean them up.”

Everyone praised.

Having successfully aroused everyone’s interest, the man spoke slowly, “The dowry maid must be questioned about this matter. Only then can we know the details. We shouldn’t make wild guesses.”

Everyone nodded.

Lei Lei was also surprised. Murder was no joke, there must have been some benefit for a dowry maid to kill her master. If it was to provoke the relationship between the two families, it was clearly not done cleanly enough.

Suddenly, there was the sound of knocking on wood.

The man brought everyone’s attention back, “This matter had already spread out, it was just that you didn’t know. Next, there’s something this old man wants to talk about. Hehe, it’s even more mysterious than this!”

Everyone asked hurriedly, “What is it?”

“It’s a strange thing that happened in Guyan Village nearby.” The man turned mysterious, “After midnight last night, Lu Xiu Cai from Guyan Village went out to visit friends. It was a little late when he was on his way back when he was haunted by a female ghost in white clothing!”

Guyan Village? Female ghost in white clothing? Lei Lei lowered her head immediately. Why was this scene so familiar?