Chapter 1265 When Darkness Surfaces

Chapter 1265 When Darkness Surfaces

I could see nothing.

I knew nothing.

Everything came and went, like a blur, washing over me as I remained in the dark.

Within my chrysalis, I held my breath and awaited my rebirth.

Still, I had one lasting thought that endured despite my submersion into power.

'Everyone... I'm coming soon!'


Within the Constellation Realm, the surviving eleven members of the team were surrounded by the 12 Constellations.

Like small entities before massive pillars of power, so was the sight that played out.

At this point, they were mostly done contemplating, or rather deciding, on the path to take on the issue of their target.

However, before anyone could reach a solid conclusion, something happened.

Something... ominous.

"W-what is this?!"

The first to detect anything was Aquarius.

Her eyes would have widened if she had any, but her voice depicted the precipice of shock.

Not long after she sensed the ominous occurrence, the other Constellations began to realize what was happening as well.

"T-this is... no... already?!"

The mortals were surprised by their actions, but not for long.




A blaring alarm rang from Ana's watch, causing her to swiftly take note of its cause.

The moment she looked at it, her eyes widened as she loosened her jaw in shock.

"Is this what I think it is?" She gasped, her brows creasing in worry.

"What's the matter? What's going on?" Kuzon asked, his face resonating with the worry that Ana was experiencing.

Serah and the others also had similar reactions.

The fact that the Constellations had been able to sense something that made them so stunned, and Ana was also able to detect something that drove her to worry, meant that it was a serious event.

But what was it?!

"You were right, Kuzon. We need to act fast." Ana murmured, her eyes still fixated on her watch.

Before she could utter the reason why she thought so, Aquarius decided to speak.

"Legris has appeared in reality once more, and this time he seems to be within a cluster of power. Power I have never once experienced gathered in any place but one."

Silence greeted Aquarius' words, until Serah interrupted with her words.


For a moment, it seemed the Constellation would not answer, but after a brief moment of decorum, he responded.

"The Root."

Surprises filled everyone's faces instantly. How could Legris appear in a cluster of power that rivaled the Root itself?!

"He also seems to have allies with him. He's currently within the cluster of power... like a cocoon." Aquarius added.

No matter how anyone sliced it, the situation was already looking grim.

"It's his endgame. I was wondering why he attacked alone, but isn't there a possibility he was using his allies to absorb energy undetected while he distracted all of us?"

Lemi's words resonated with everyone, and it was at this point that they realized just how much they had been played.

"That means he's in the final phase of his plan, right? We have to stop him or else—!"

"Calm yourself, Edward. We need to know what we're dealing with first. We need a proper strategy too, or else it's just going to go like last time." Serah swiftly interrupted.

Everyone within the blank realm recognized how skilled Legris was at strategizing. There was no way he didn't foresee their interference with his endgame.

"I really don't want him to achieve whatever goal he has if it involves power comparable to the Root."

Kuzon's words resonated with those who heard him, and they all nodded in agreement.

"In the end, what we have to do hasn't changed. We need your help, Constellations. Is it possible for you to get rid of Legris before he completes whatever process he is undergoing?" Kuzon asked, now turning to Aquarius.

She shook her head gently.

"No. We cannot do anything. I have already tried, but the 'nothingness' he has shrouded himself with makes him immune to our interference."

Once more, everyone was reminded of the limitations that encumbered the Constellations.

"If you can't interfere with him, how can we hope to stop him?" Aloe asked, her face depicting a tad more worry than the others in the room.

At this moment, the Constellations were their strongest Allies. If they couldn't do anything... then who could?

"Martial Arts seem to work on Legris for some reason, right? Perhaps it's the same in this situation." Lemi swiftly spoke up, gathering more and more from what she had listened to thus far.

"Why else would he put guards to protect him if he wasn't vulnerable? If we employ our most powerful Martial Artists to strike him directly while the rest of us deal with the guards, we might stand a chance."

Her suggestion made a lot of sense, and it caused most to bob their heads in approval.

Eyes fell on Edward, and partially Kuzon. Serah also sighed, raising her hand to show she was interested in joining.

If three of them would go on the straight offensive to Legris and whatever he shrouded himself with, then they stood a chance against the full manifestations of his plans.

"How many guards did he employ?" Lemi asked Aquarius.nOvε.lb.In

"I am unsure. His powers are affecting my ability to properly detect their numbers."

The moment Aquarius said this, Lemi clicked her tongue in annoyance.

'Useless...' Her thoughts trailed.

"What was that?" Aquarius asked, her tone instantly showing how she had most likely heard what the Half Elf had said deep within her mind.

"A-ah... nothing! I apologize!" Lemi swiftly yelled, laughing awkwardly.


With Aquarius thankfully overlooking Lemi's blunder, the latter clutched her chest and sighed in relief.

"We are still yet to discuss or undertake the most important element we require for this plan to work." Kuzon declared, staring at the Constellations that surrounded the eleven.

"Kuzon's right." Serah stepped forward, her brows furrowed in sheer seriousness.

"You all need to choose your Hosts now."





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