Chapter 98 - Chapter 98: Opening Up The Situation

Chapter 98: Opening Up The Situation

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Shopkeeper Liu really wanted to hit someone. Her gritted teeth made Xiaoxiao’s inspiration explode. With a flick of her finger, Xiaoxiao created another vivid version of an angry doll. Shopkeeper Liu liked it, but at the same time, she wanted to hit Xiaoxiao even more. She held it in, but she could not hold it in anymore. She grabbed Xiaoxiao’s face.

“You naughty girl!”

Xiaoxiao smiled cheekily and drew another drawing of someone holding a book. However, she schemingly wrote the word “account book” on the book conferment page and forcefully turned the book fragrance into a copper stench. Shopkeeper Liu gritted her teeth, rolled up her sleeves, and tickled Xiaoxiao’s waist, making her beg for mercy repeatedly and laugh until her eyes were filled with tears.

After teasing her enough, Xiaoxiao’s waist was grabbed by two “demonic claws” as she obediently drew a doll that was doing needlework. “Here, here, here. I’ll give it to you. Pick whichever one you like.”

Shopkeeper Liu snorted proudly and pushed the last piece in front of Xiaoxiao. “Give this to your mother. Embroider a screen that can be placed in the cloth shop as a facade model. Remember to embroider me prettier.”

Xiaoxiao did not dare to act rashly after being tickled. She pouted and went to take the other few pieces. She actually felt that those pieces were more in line with Shopkeeper Liu’s temperament. Unexpectedly, the latter quickly pulled the blueprints into her arms. “They’re all mine!”

Xiaoxiao reached out angrily. “Give me the money!”

Shopkeeper Liu was even louder than her. “How much?”

Xiaoxiao placed her hands on her hips. “10 taels!”

Shopkeeper Liu took out an ingot from her pouch and slapped it on the table. “For you!”

Xiaoxiao pouted. “10 taels for one!”

Shopkeeper Liu widened her eyes and took out two more. Her wallet was much lighter.

Xiaoxiao glared at her waist and pushed another one back to her. “Buy two and get one free!”

Shopkeeper Liu:… You even lower the price yourself?

Shopkeeper Xu was stunned. This was the first time he had seen someone discuss business and price like this. The process was very interesting, but he did not know if he should clap or pretend not to exist. However, he thought that he was not just here to watch the show. He coughed lightly and asked, “If you have the designs for her, what about me?”

He tried his best not to sound anxious. “After the Heavenly Fragrance Restaurant gets the recipe for sour bamboo shoots, they don’t have to buy ready-made ones through your Second Uncle. Their cost is lower, so they will definitely lower my price again. Do you have any other pickled vegetable recipes?”

Speaking of this, Xiaoxiao was still a little sorry. She originally only wanted to use the Heavenly Fragrance Restaurant to cheat the old residence once, but she did not expect the shopkeeper to be even greedier than she thought. Xiaoxiao did not know if others understood, but she could see clearly that those people from the Heavenly Fragrance Restaurant were here for her recipe.

However, even if she knew this, she would still use the recipe to exchange for the peace of her father and the eldest branch without hesitation even if she had to do it again.

However, Shopkeeper Xu was kind, so she wanted to return the favor.

“Shopkeeper Xu, you have to open up the situation. Don’t just think about pickled vegetables. It’s not good for your health to eat too much of those things. I still have a few snack recipes. Do you want them?”

Shopkeeper Xu’s eyes seemed to have been lit up. “Tell me the details.”

Xiaoxiao waved her hand. “How can 1 explain food clearly? I’ll bring you finished products another day. I guarantee that you’ve never heard or seen them before. You won’t be able to stop after taking a bite!”

Halfway through, she turned back and reached out to Shopkeeper Xu. “Can you pay for the materials?”

Shopkeeper Xu was so angry that he laughed. “Don’t you already earn a lot from me? Do you have to calculate this?”

Xiaoxiao snorted. “That’s a separate matter. It’s not easy to make this snack of mine. You two know my family’s conditions.” Then, she glanced at Shopkeeper Liu, who pretended that it had nothing to do with her. Xiaoxiao deliberately lowered her voice, but not to the extent that Shopkeeper Liu could not hear her. “Besides, this snack is made for Sister Liu. I’ve contributed my effort. Why are you unwilling to pay?”

Shopkeeper Xu blushed and quickly placed a piece of silver in Xiaoxiao’s palm.. “Is it enough?”