Chapter 406 Finale

The crown prince showed a gloomy look in his eyes, and the dead duck's mouth was stiff.

"No, the son never thought about dealing with his mother-in-law."

Qiao Mai flashed up to him, strangled his neck, poured a whole bottle of medicine into his mouth, and poured it all down with a cup of tea.

The emperor was very distressed, but he knew that the more he stopped, the worse it would be. It seemed that this medicine was not fatal, so his son took it after taking it.

After eating, people will be honest, and they will no longer have any thoughts in the future.

Sure enough, after the prince finished eating, he looked terrified. He originally wanted to use internal force to open the acupuncture points, but after eating the bottle of medicine, all internal force disappeared.

His body was like a collapse, his whole body was so weak that he didn't need Qiao Mai to relieve his acupoints, and he collapsed on the ground.

The queen wanted to go up to help him, but was too frightened by Qiao Mai's eyes to move.

The emperor's distressed eyes were red, but who told his son not to live up to expectations, and actually wanted to deal with his mother-in-law.

This is really something my uncle can bear, but my aunt can't bear it. My mother-in-law didn't kill him, it was already for his sake.

"Thank you for your kindness"

"The clan mansion is banned, and they are not allowed to come out for a lifetime"

"Then, what about the crown prince?"

"Give it to Tianyi, he is already ten years old, and he will be able to take your place in a few years. My grandson will only be the emperor in the future, no one else can think about it."

The Emperor sighed and shouted into the air.

"Where is the Golden Dragon Guard?"

"Your Majesty, please command" several men with glittering golden veils flashed out.

"Take him away, seal the clan mansion, and never come out"

"Your Majesty, how do you tell the courtiers?"

"Just make his crimes public."

"Yes, Your Majesty"

Prince lost his martial arts, only to be slaughtered, he stared at Qiao Mai, "I don't accept it, I don't accept it"

The old emperor quickly waved, "Take him away quickly."

I am afraid that if it is too late, the prince will be killed by Qiao Mai.

People were taken away, and Linger recovered from the shock, "He, how did he treat my mother like this, he is really a white-eyed wolf."

Qiao Mai took her hand and said comfortingly, "You are also a widow. Instead of putting a bomb around you, it is better to solve it early. It is good for you and the child."

"Mother, it is Linger who is sorry for you and put you in danger"

"It didn't happen that nothing happened, don't worry, there is no one in this world who can deal with my mother, you are still young, do you want to guard Tianyi like this, or leave another house?"

"No, mother, if my daughter doesn't get married, it's fine to watch Tianyi"

Qiao Mai looked at Tianyi who was hiding aside with red eye circles, she waved to him, and Tianyi came over obediently.

"Can you blame grandma?"

Tianyi shook his head, "No, it's not Grandma's fault, it's Daddy who did something wrong first, he wanted to harm you, and you are kind enough to save his life?"

"Hey, grandma also wants to have the best of both worlds, but that prince father of yours got into a dead end and didn't say anything about breaking his promise. He also wanted to harm me. He did this not only for myself, but also for you. He has become possessed."

"Grandma, what is obsession?"

"Demon, a paranoid disease."

Tianyi wiped his tears lightly, "Grandma, I knew Daddy was like this since I was very young."

"Son, do you want to be a prince?"

"I think, I want to be a good prince and contribute to the people and the country"

"Grandma won this opportunity for you, you should take it well?"

"Yes, Grandma!"

Qiao Mai got up, "You all go back, I think everyone is not in a good mood today, so let's all be quiet."

Yuan Jiaqi took her hand, and the two went back to the dormitory.

The next day, the news of the candlestick bombing that caused a sensation in the capital spread.

"Have you heard? The crown prince has been abolished?"

"Ah, what's going on?"

"He actually wanted to deal with Concubine Fu, and used a drug to make her lose her martial arts. Unexpectedly, he was discovered and caught on the spot before the drug was administered."

"What? Why is he so stupid?"

"I heard that it is like this, like this, like this."

"God, even though he promised to marry only one wife, one woman, he secretly took in a woman. That woman is another spy, and deserved to die. He did something wrong by himself, and even blamed Princess Fu, If it weren't for the princess, our Ming Dynasty would be in danger."

"That's it, that's it,"

While people were discussing this matter, the imperial palace issued a decree to announce to the world that the emperor appointed the emperor's grandson Li Tianyi as the prince.

This time he made it clear that Prince Furen will be in charge of the government and will take the throne of Zen in five years.

Qiao Mai and his wife stayed in the capital with their children for a few days. The emperor was afraid that his mother-in-law would be angry, so he directly raised their royal ranks. The Yuan family became Prince Fu, and Qiao Mai became Princess Fu.

Ten days later, Qiao Mai left the capital with his husband.

In order to thank Yuan Jiaqi for waiting for her for ten years, she took three years to accompany him to travel around the world and saw the cultural sceneries of various places.

Everywhere, she would fly with him, making him live like a fairy.

Afterwards, she took him back to Tianshui Town and retreated again.

This closure took a long time. Anyway, neither of the couple was idle. Although Yuan Jiaqi withdrew from the court, he was very concerned about the lives of the people.

He tried his best to use what he learned from Qiao Mai to help the people, support them to open up wasteland, and also subsidized them with part of his family's income.

Nowadays, there is not even a shadow of a wasteland in the boundary of the Acropolis.

Yuan Jiaqi said, "Wasteland can't be idle, even if you don't grow food, plant trees, it has its uses. At least the trees can prevent sandstorms, fix the sediment, and when winter comes, you can cut branches for firewood. It is possible to use orange stalks to grow greenhouses and weave things.”

In order to encourage the common people, he also united all the **** bureaus to provide convenient services for the common people.

Transport the vegetables and grain grown by the people to all parts of the country for sale, so that the people will no longer worry about the problem that the things grown cannot be sold.

In short, he tried every means to let the people live a good life.

The old emperor also tried his best to teach Tianyi to make him a good king.

Two years later, the emperor really gave Tianyi the seat of Zen. He took the empress to run around, sometimes staying in the capital, sometimes going to Tianshui Town.

In a flash, it was another ten years, the old emperor was full of hair, and the queen's sideburns also had hoarfrost, and Yuan Jiaqi was no exception.

The three of them often go to the orchard and vegetable field behind. They all like this seemingly peaceful but extraordinary life.

The most fortunate thing is that although their bodies seem to be aging, their spirits are particularly good, especially when they go to the garden behind, they feel fresh.

Gradually, the two old emperors did not return to the capital, and lived in Qi Bailie's death.

Every day I look forward to Qiao Mai coming out early, time is like a torch, once it burns, it will pass quickly.

Another ten years have passed, but Yuan Jiaqi doesn't feel much better, because he can often go to the space to see his wife.

Every time I go there, I see my wife cross-legged, motionless.

"Miss, it's been twenty years, your legs are stiff, are you still out of customs? Husband really miss you?"

At this moment, the space shook, Yuan Jiaqi was kicked out of the space, and Qiao Mai was kicked out at the same time.

The two rolled to the ground and looked at each other.

"My lady, why did we come out?"

Qiao Mai rubbed his nose, "Haha, the space upgrade, we were kicked out,"


"That's right, my old lady's cultivation got what it wanted, and he got a little bigger."

"So that's the case, what is the lady's cultivation level now?"

"Hey, if they're in the world of cultivating immortals, stomping their feet will make their little hearts tremble."

"Haha, cow!"

"It's necessary, but it's a pity that I can't go. Even if my cultivation base has reached the top, I will never retreat again in the future, and I will accompany you to spend this life in an ordinary way."

The Yuan family's eyes were red. He knew that the lady was comforting him, but he was content.

(end of this chapter)