Ye Hao pushed the door open…

Ye Hao: “!!!”

What big feet!

Instinctively dodging, Ye Hao’s heart trembled. Is it starting off like this? Is this welcome ceremony a bit too lively?


Only a scream was heard as Tang San was kicked away by the sudden kick. Then, quickly changing his posture, he punched the person’s toe.


It was the voice of a girl, a little loli. A pair of adorable bunny ears naturally stood upright on her head. She wore a pink dress, with delicate and smooth skin, and a charming smile on her pretty face.

However, that smile…

It always felt like this little loli wasn’t that simple.

Ye Hao felt relieved. Thankfully, he dodged in time; otherwise, he would have been the one flying. Looking at the little loli with a pair of bunny ears in front of him, this girl should be Xiao Wu, the Soft Bone Rabbit of the Hunderd Thousand Years.

She was both violent and unreasonable, quite a match for Tang San.

”Who are you? Why did you ambush me?”

Tang San questioned.

”I’m the leader of Dorm 7, I’m called Xiao Wu, the dancing Wu. Are you new here?”

Xiao Wu said arrogantly, hands on her hips, showing no intention of backing down.

”I’m Tang San, with the Blue Silver Grass martial soul. I’m a new work-study student here. And why did you ambush me?”

Tang San continued questioning.

”Because that’s the rule of Dorm 7.”

”Rule? What rule?”

”Whoever has the bigger fist is the leader. Just like you and me, I also went through a test, but I took care of those few people.”

After saying that, Xiao Wu couldn’t help but look at the purple-faced Wang Sheng and the others with a triumphant expression.

Tang San smiled bitterly and shook his head. So that’s how it is. A real man doesn’t fight with a woman. If she wants to be the leader, let her be.

Picking up his backpack from the ground, Tang San instinctively looked for Ye Hao’s whereabouts. To his surprise, Ye Hao had already entered Dorm 7 and occupied an empty bed. Ye Hao chose to lie down, legs crossed, humming a song with a very comfortable look on his face.

Tang San: Why do all the unlucky things happen to me?

Following Tang San’s gaze, Xiao Wu naturally saw Ye Hao who was already lying down. Instantly, she became furious.

How dare he not even say hello to Sister Xiao Wu, and he even had the audacity to dodge her kick!

Clearly, he doesn’t take Sister Xiao Wu seriously.

She was originally in a good mood, but she didn’t expect this guy named Tang San in front of her to be so stubborn. He had some skill with his hands and feet.

One must choose the soft persimmon to squeeze. Xiao Wu was full of momentum, and even Tang San standing outside the door couldn’t help but feel sympathy for Ye Hao. This little loli was really violent!

Ye Hao, who was lying down, slowly opened one eye and casually glanced at Xiao Wu, a helpless smile appearing on his lips.

”You…you are…”

In an instant, Xiao Wu became incoherent, her mind involuntarily recalling that deeply painful past and the face she despised.

”I won’t let you off!”

As soon as she finished speaking, Xiao Wu leaped into the air, spinning 360 degrees, her slender legs becoming the most deadly weapon, directly aimed at Ye Hao.

Ye Hao’s heart tightened. Did he do something to provoke this rabbit?

In a moment of urgency, Ye Hao abruptly stood up, slapped his palm on the bed, and smoothly landed on the ground, looking at the bed that had been split in two by Xiao Wu’s kick, and the unreserved killing intent in her eyes.

Ye Hao realized that this matter seemed to be not as simple as he had imagined.

Then, a yellow soul ring appeared under Xiao Wu’s feet, and a layer of obvious white fur appeared on her delicate body, not much different from a rabbit. Was her martial soul activated?

”A hundred…hundred-year soul ring?”

”Leader, mighty!”

There weren’t many work-study students in Dorm 7 with soul rings. Due to their family backgrounds, they couldn’t afford to hire people to protect them and go into the forest to hunt for the soul beasts they needed, like the wealthy children from powerful families.

Hunting soul beasts carried extremely high risks and a high probability of death. The profession of a soul master was accompanied by risks, but as is often the case, the greater the sacrifice, the greater the rewards.

Tang San was astonished as he looked at the yellow hundred-year soul ring under Xiao Wu’s feet, suddenly realizing what it meant. This was a soul ring. Since he had transmigrated to this world six years ago, it was the first time he had seen one.

At the same time, Tang San naturally noticed Xiao Wu’s decisive attack, as if she had some deep-seated grudge against Ye Hao. He chose to observe from the sidelines, ready to intervene if Ye Hao couldn’t hold on or if there was danger.

Observing for a moment, first…

Ye Hao’s body had already been modified by the system, and his physical abilities were far beyond ordinary people. Although he had no experience in combat, dealing with a young girl, the problem was that the girl in front of him was not just an ordinary “young girl,” but a ten thousand-year soul beast.

Although he didn’t know why Xiao Wu was attacking him, Ye Hao wouldn’t just sit back and wait for death. After all, he had finally transmigrated to the Douluo Continent and hadn’t even had a chance to settle in. He didn’t want to log off hastily.

”Death Spider Emperor, possess.”

Ye Hao whispered, and in an instant, his upper body was enveloped in a layer of black armor. Even his face was the same, with blood-red eyes. Below the eyes, four small eyes had grown out, and eight sharp spider legs emerged from his back, emitting a dark radiance and appearing extremely sharp.

At this moment, Ye Hao’s appearance was completely that of a poisonous spider. Thick green fur grew under his feet, and a nauseating slime constantly dripped, quickly corroding the ground, fortunately, they were on the ground floor.

Ye Hao sensed the changes in his body, the Death Spider Emperor had possessed him, bringing with it tremendous power.

Seeing this scene, the onlookers couldn’t help but step back. It was the first time in their lives that they had witnessed such a terrifying scene. Some couldn’t help but run to the corner and vomit, their faces turning purple.

Tang San, witnessing this scene, couldn’t help but inhale a cold breath, despite his experience in two lifetimes. Such a powerful martial soul, was his Blue Silver Grass really a waste martial soul?

If we talk about reactions, the biggest reaction came from Xiao Wu. Without any hesitation, she leaped into the air, and her first soul ring lit up in an instant.

”First soul skill, Waist Bow.”

Soft Bone Rabbit, the key lies in the word “soft.” Xiao Wu’s body was extremely flexible, as if boneless.

Just as she was about to strike behind Ye Hao, he suddenly turned around and grabbed her slender leg. The face covered in black armor emitted a red light, and the eight sharp spider legs pierced fiercely into the ground, firmly locking Xiao Wu’s throat to the ground.

”Tell me, why did you attack me?”

Ye Hao’s voice was low and he stared at Xiao Wu with his several eyes on his face.

Xiao Wu, undaunted, said fiercely, “What’s your relationship with that woman? Are you her son?”

Upon hearing this, Ye Hao was stunned. Which woman? What son?