As soon as those words were spoken, the gatekeeper guarding the school gate felt an instant chill from head to toe. He struggled to swallow his saliva, realizing that things had taken a turn for the worse.

It was getting cold…

After understanding the cause and effect of the situation, Su Yuntao furrowed his brows and took a step forward, folding his hands behind his back, assuming a superior posture.

“Are you questioning the authority of the Martial Hall?”

Su Yuntao spoke confidently. The authority of the Martial Hall was not to be trifled with. Moreover, the other party had been so audacious, even uttering disrespectful words.

Under normal circumstances, he would have taken action long ago, but this was, after all, the academy. Recklessly taking action would tarnish the image of the Martial Hall.

Immediately, the gatekeeper was frightened, dropping to his knees and repeatedly kowtowing, pleading for mercy and admitting his wrongs.

“In the future, you don’t need to come to the academy. I will inform the academy leadership,” Su Yuntao waved his hand. He was in a good mood today and didn’t want to dwell on it too much.

Grateful that his life was spared, the gatekeeper quickly ran out without looking back. His speed was so fast that it left others in the dust.

“Alright, Old Jack’s matter has been resolved. The next course of action is beyond our control.”

Old Jack smiled and said, “Thank you, Master Su Yuntao. If it weren’t for you, Little San might not have been able to enroll today.”

“No need to thank me,” Su Yuntao gently shook his head. He then reached into his pocket and took out Ye Hao’s martial soul certificate, handing it to him. He instructed, “This is your martial soul certificate. From now on, you are a student of the Nuoding Junior Soul Master Academy. When you obtain soul rings in the future, don’t forget to come back to the Martial Hall for soul evaluation.”

“By the way, there’s something you need to consider…”

After giving these instructions, Su Yuntao also mentioned that Ma XiuNuo had submitted Ye Hao’s information. He believed that it wouldn’t be long before someone was sent from above.

Ye Hao: !!!

Little did he know that at this moment,

Innate full soul power, the martial soul Blue Silver Grass, something that was so common?

Those people probably couldn’t be bothered to come down. Blue Silver Grass? A waste martial soul. Are they kidding?

As for the matter mentioned by Su Yuntao, it was an invitation for Ye Hao to join the Martial Hall. Although Ye Hao had not fully expressed his attitude at the moment, judging from Ma XiuNuo’s letter, it was highly likely to happen.

Nuoding City was a small city, and its Martial Hall was the smallest branch. It was true that Ye Hao was a genius, and furthermore, there might be some dangers on the way to the main Martial Hall.

For the current situation, the only option was to report Ye Hao’s information and wait for the arrival of the experts from above to take him away separately.

After finishing his instructions, Su Yuntao left. Old Jack also bid farewell to Tang San and left. Nuoding City might be small, but for Old Jack, the old village chief, life was peaceful in the village.

After saying goodbye to Old Jack, Tang San looked at Ye Hao and took the initiative to step forward, extending his hand. He said, “Hello, my name is Tang San. I’m six years old and come from Holy Spirit Village. My martial soul is Blue Silver Grass, but I haven’t obtained any soul rings yet, so I can’t be considered a Soul Master.”

The protagonist took the initiative to strike up a conversation with me? Quite interesting…

With a polite gesture, Ye Hao smiled faintly and said, “My name is Ye Hao, I’m the same age as you, six years old. I’m an orphan, the only one left in the village. My martial soul is Death Spider.”

“Death Spider?” Tang San was puzzled. At this point, Tang San was just a rookie who had recently left the beginner’s village, and his knowledge of martial souls was limited.

“I heard from Uncle Su Yuntao that you also have innate full soul power?”

Tang San was slightly taken aback, “Could it be that you also have it?”

Ye Hao smiled lightly, nodded, and then walked towards the academy with his backpack. Tang San was surprised for a moment. In his memory, innate full soul power was supposed to be very rare, so why…

“Wait for me…”

Tang San caught up and walked alongside Ye Hao.

At that moment, a medium-built, slightly thin man in his thirties or forties, wearing a gloomy black outfit, appeared. He had an ordinary appearance, dead fish-like eyes without any fluctuations, and short black hair that felt as sharp as steel needles.

Coincidentally, the man and Tang San and Ye Hao crossed paths. As they passed each other, the man arrived at the school gate and looked at the empty entrance. Something’s not right, where are the people? Should I go?

Recalling the two people he just saw, he realized something was wrong!

Immediately, the man turned around and ran towards the administrative office.

Just now, while passing by, I unintentionally overheard that there is a new student who has just awakened their martial soul, with innate full soul power, and their martial soul is even Blue Silver Grass.

As everyone knows, Blue Silver Grass is the representative of a standard waste martial soul. The man was convinced that the child must have some hidden secret, and who knows, he might even have another martial soul.

At the administrative office of the Nuoding Junior Soul Master Academy, Ye Hao and Tang San arrived and handed over their martial soul certificates.

Tang San came from a poor background, and although Ye Hao received support from the Martial Hall, he had not officially joined the Martial Hall yet. Therefore, they couldn’t be considered members of the Martial Hall. Su Yuntao personally brought them here, which was already a great help.

The administrative office was the place specifically designated to welcome new students. At this moment, there were three teachers inside: two young ones and one old. The teacher sat behind the desk, looking at the martial soul certificates in their hands.

Rubbing his eyes in disbelief, he looked at Ye Hao and Tang San in front of him multiple times.

“Both of you have innate full soul power?”

The teacher holding their martial soul certificates couldn’t believe it. Was this some kind of joke? Two youths with innate full soul power unexpectedly came to their place.

Although the Nuoding Junior Soul Master Academy could be considered a junior soul master academy, its scale was relatively small compared to other junior soul master academies.

The temple is small and cannot accommodate these “big Buddhas” before them.

Tang San nodded, while Ye Hao rolled his eyes. Looking down on them, huh?

“Blue Silver Grass? Innate full soul power? Hahaha…”

One of the teachers burst into laughter. “Did the Martial Hall make a mistake? How could Blue Silver Grass be innate full soul power?”

Hearing this, Tang San’s gaze gradually dimmed. He clenched his teeth for a moment and then released his tightly clenched left hand.

“Speaking of which, your name is Ye Hao, right?”

Another teacher picked up Ye Hao’s soul master certificate, looked at him, and nodded silently. “Your martial soul is the Death Spider, which is also a rare existence among beast martial souls. Moreover, you have innate full soul power. How about this…”

“How about you become my disciple? I can teach you about martial souls and accompany you to hunt for soul rings. What do you think?”

“Forget it, I appreciate your kindness.”

Ye Hao decisively rejected without hesitation. A toad trying to eat swan meat, how presumptuous. Who am I to teach someone else?

“In that case, let me be your teacher.”

As soon as the words fell, the man who had brushed past them earlier walked in, his stiff face displaying an unpleasant smile.

Ye Hao: Could it be that guy…