Chapter 899 - C.899: Is It Not Just Foolish?

C.899: Is It Not Just Foolish?

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“It was me. I didn’t care about using sneak attacks, I just wanted to win against you. Then, I could pursue Ximeng again,” Tong Yue said with a bitter smile.

“Are you stupid?” Yuanen Fengyu couldn’t help but say.

“When people get obsessed, aren’t they just stupid?” Tong Yue didn’t argue further. “If you want to beat me again, go ahead. I even want to beat myself up.”

His emotions were truly complicated now. When he found out that the person he had silently loved for so many years had never been with anyone else, and even had his child, his emotions were beyond words.

Ecstasy triumphed over everything, followed by an unparalleled sense of intense self-blame. He truly regretted it; if he could have been more proactive, and less self-deprecating, maybe happiness would have arrived earlier.

The twists of fate, the whims of destiny. This was why he and Yuanen Fengyu, Tang Ximeng, all suffered such blows and pains. Especially him and Tang Ximengalmost twenty years of inner torment, clearly right next to each other, but unable to recognize one another, unable to be together. It was a pain beyond measure.

Yuanen Fengyu’s eyes changed. In the past, he really wanted to kill the guy in front of him! This guy he used to hate so much.

But times had changed. He now had his own happy family. Although he had suffered before, the pain was short-lived, just a few years. But for Tang Ximeng and Tong Yue, it had been almost twenty years of suffering.

What was there to hate now? What to blame?

With a long sigh, Yuanen Fengyu took a few steps forward, pulled up Yuanen Huihui, and turned to leave.

Looking at Tang Yuge standing there, Yuanen Huihui’s eyes glazed over. After struggling for a moment, he said, “Dad, I’m not going. I want to stay with my sister.”

Yuanen Fengyu frowned slightly. “This is their family matter. Yuge is not really your sister.”

“No, she is my sister,” Yuanen Huihui said firmly and stubbornly, then suddenly broke free from his father’s hand and ran back to Tang Yuge.

Yuanen Fengyu looked at his son, then at Tang Yuge, sighed, and walked away. Tong Yue had returned, but he didn’t want to stay any longer nor recall everything from the past. He had already apologized; everything had been clarified today.

Yuanen Huihui came to Tang Yuge, held her hand, and whispered, “Sister, don’t be sad anymore. You still have me.”

Tang Yuge turned her head to look at him, at the brother’ who was now half a head taller than her, someone she had envied, admired, and resented. Her eyes welled up with tears again, and suddenly, she burst into tears, embracing Yuanen Huihui tightly, burying her head in his shoulder, and crying loudly.

Yuanen Huihui quickly embraced her, gently patting her back. He knew that letting her cry was the best choice at this moment; her emotions needed to be released.

Tong Yue took a few steps forward, looking at Tang Yuge in Yuanen Huihui’s arms with a complicated expression. He opened his mouth as if to speak but hesitated. Then, he turned his head towards the main house, gritted his teeth, and walked in with determined steps.

“Get out! Get out of here!” Tang Ximeng’s hysterical cries echoed.

“No, I’m not leaving. Even if you beat me to death this time, I won’t leave,” Tong Yue declared.

Inside the room, Tang Ximeng’s loud cries joined the commotion.

How complex were Yuanen Huihui’s feelings at this moment? His sister had become a stranger with no blood relation. From childhood to adulthood, he and Tang Yuge had various entanglements. When they were young, everyone longed for a caring older sister, but his sister was always cold and distant. Yet, whenever someone bullied him, she was the one to drive them away.

As they grew up and entered Shrek Academy together, Yuanen Huihui already knew about the issues between his father and Tang Yuge’s mother. However, back then, Yuanen Fengyu would never admit that Tang Yuge wasn’t his biological daughter. For the sake of face or Tang Ximeng’s reputation, he kept quiet. Only he, his parents, and Tang Ximeng knew the truth.

In the academy, he and Tang Yuge studied, practiced, fought, and matured together. They became essential members of the team, with Tang Yuge being the strongest.

Yuanen Huihui once had a big wishto surpass Tang Yuge. He had been working towards this goal, but until now, he hadn’t achieved it.

Their relationship gradually improved with age. Although they never spoke about it, they both understood that the grudges of the previous generation shouldn’t burden them. After all, they were siblings; blood was thicker than water.

Encouraged by Tang Yuge, Yuanen Huihui made a gender choice. At that time, he felt grateful to have a sister.

But who would have thought that just when their relationship had completely mended, and they were truly getting along like siblings, the experience in the Seven Saint Abyss revealed they weren’t real siblings. This sudden revelation left them both feeling unprepared.

Tang Yuge was greatly affected, and Yuanen Huihui wasn’t unaffected either.


The four of them sat around a small wooden table. Tang Yuge sat there with vacant eyes, and Yuanen Huihui sat beside her, head bowed.

Tang Ximeng’s gaze was also vacant. Tong Yue occasionally glanced at them with an extremely complicated expression.

“Go, these many years, Yuge and I have relied on each other and gotten used to it,” Tang Ximeng said woodenly.

Tang Yuge subconsciously trembled, looking up at her mother and then at the familiar stranger beside her.

Tong Yue sighed softly, “I know you won’t easily forgive me. I don’t know how to resolve your pain of almost twenty years. But I won’t leave. You only have two choices now: let me stay, or kill me.”

“You!” Tang Ximeng’s initially blank expression instantly gained a hint of anger. “Why are you so stubborn?”

Tong Yue remained silent, but his gaze was unusually persistent. Unless he died, he wouldn’t leave this time, no matter what.

He was well aware that if he left, he could never come back.

“Sis, we should return to the academy,” Yuanen Huihui pulled Tang Yuge beside him.

Tang Yuge glanced at him, stood up, and walked out.

Watching Tang Yuge leave, Tang Ximeng raised her hand as if to stop her but ultimately refrained. Did she not feel regret towards her daughter? But at this moment, it was better for her daughter to leave first. Let her and Tong Yue handle their matters.

Tang Yuge walked ahead, with Yuanen Huihui following by her side. On the way back, Yuanen Huihui wanted to speak to her several times but didn’t know what to say.

Silently, the two returned to Shrek Academy.

Yuanen Huihui escorted her to the dormitory door. Opening the door, Tang Yuge paused for a moment, then turned slowly and looked at Yuanen Huihui.

Yuanen Huihui also looked up at her.

“Thank you for today,” Tang Yuge said softly.

Yuanen Huihui smiled bitterly, “Sis, let’s not talk about thanks between us. I never expected things to be so complicated.”

Tang Yuge gave a bitter smile, “I really didn’t want to know. Don’t call me sister from now on; I’m not your sister.”

“No, in my heart, you’ve always been my sister,” Yuanen Huihui quickly responded.

Tang Yuge sighed, “Thinking back now, it’s ridiculous. Our mutual hostility had no meaning at all. Go back and rest. We still have assessments to continue in a few days.”