Chapter 120: Some Things Cannot Be Locked Away

Name:Sorcerer's Handbook Author:Ting Ri
Chapter 120: Some Things Cannot Be Locked Away

I cant believe this is actually happening!

Seeing her feet leave the small boat and soar into the white mist, Sonya was so excited that goosebumps covered her entire body. It was like the first time she saw Dahlias show on the light screen she was blown away by the miraculous sight.

Dont get too excited. We need to work together, or else any mistake could make us fall, Ashe warned.

At this point, Sonya was actually very confident: Didnt you say theres a bond between us? If a bond really exists, cooperation like this should be nothing.

She glanced at Ashe, gripping his right hand tightly with her left, as if doing so would connect their hearts. Their silver wings flapped at the same frequency, like two birds flying side by side, supporting each other.

We finally found so many clues about the golden fish, finally deduced the truth about them, finally discovered the right way to fly

Ashe coughed solemnly: I was the one who deduced the truth and discovered the flying method. Of course, Swordswoman, you also made huge contributions

Yes, yes, youre so amazing, Observer, Sonya smiled radiantly. I declare that your standing in my heart tonight can be compared to Dahlia!

Just for tonight? Also, who is Dahlia?

Shes my most admired idol! You should be content with just one night! Compared to your previous standing in my heart, at least this time Im comparing you to another person.

Im very curious what exactly I was compared to before

The two laughed foolishly for a while before Ashe stopped smiling and looked up at the gray sky seriously. Are you ready?

Yes, Sonya nodded heavily.

Observer, lets fly, Ashe said.

With a flap of their silver wings, they shot into the white mist, circling upwards. The Sea of Knowledge grew farther and farther, and Ashes Virtual World Map also began to turn chaotic. The higher layers of mist grew thinner and thinner, until they could even faintly see the end a stretch of golden light!

How did the sorcerers in the past find companions to fly with? Sonya suddenly asked. Could other sorcerers form teams to explore the virtual world too?

Maybe, but I guess theres an even more unbelievable possibility, Ashe replied.

Ashe looked at Sonya and smiled. Swordswoman, you are my wings.

Sonya stared blankly at him. In the increasingly blinding golden light, the black fog concealing the Observers appearance dissipated swiftly, revealing a finely chiseled smiling face and a pair of bright eyes.

After knowing him for many days, Sonya finally saw his face.

In that moment, the lingering dissatisfaction, resentment, worry, and more in her heart all dispersed like smoke. She had never felt this way before in her life happier than the first time wearing new clothes, more excited than the first time seeing Cailleach, sweeter than the first taste of ice creamIt was as ifthe emptiness in her heart that shed never noticed was being silently filled.

Finally, she grasped Ashes hand tightly and softly hmmd, saying softly:

Youre also my golden fish.

Ashe chuckled. What a weird metaphor, it makes me feel like Im your stepping stone.

Sonya argued weakly, Thats not what I meant

Just kidding, I understand what you mean. So nextlets go witness the real golden fish!

When they flew past the outermost layer of mist, what appeared before their eyes was a golden ocean occupying the entire sky, as clear as a mirror and as vast as the sea.

With the flapping of their silver wings, the golden sea seemed stimulated, stirring up surges of waves. The churning golden waters reflected the individual feathers of the silver wings, suddenly appearing as layered, distinct scales!

In the blink of an eye, the endless golden sea transformed into the belly of a golden fish!

So this isthe truth of the golden fish! Sonya murmured softly.

Ashe was also deeply shocked by this spectacle, but he didnt linger. With a satisfied smile, he led the Swordswoman flying into the golden ocean!

The next second, the world inverted!


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