Suho looked puzzled as he read the sudden message.


Beru was also confused.


A name tag appeared on the head of the wolf cub who had appeared unexpectedly and was licking seaweed soup.

[?? Lv.1]

Fang Wolf

The system then sent a message at precisely the right time.


[You can give your pet a name.]

[Please name your pet.]

“Do they want me to give my pet a name?”

Beru’s expression was solemn when Suho looked at him.

[Hmmm? This feature didn’t exist back in the day.]

“What didn’t exist? Pets?”

[Yes. There was no such feature available when the king was leveling up.]

Beru explained that the leveling system Suho had inherited had previously been used by the Shadow Monarch, Sung Jinwoo.

Of course, it had been improved somewhat since then, but only to remove the “evil” that had become embedded in the system.



At the time, the system’s goal was to force a human named Sung Jinwoo to grow and use him as the previous Shadow Monarch’s vessel.

Sung Jinwoo’s soul was supposed to be completely destroyed once that purpose was completed.

[However, Sung Jinwoo eventually defied the system’s purpose and became the Shadow Monarch himself. He became a great being who no longer needed to level up.]

And the one who inherited that system was Suho.

“But why is there a pet system now when there wasn’t one before?”

[Hmm, maybe it was there all along, not just now.]

Beru stroked his chin and squinted his eyes.

[The leveling-up system was created by a shaman from the Eternal Rest Realm who desired eternal immortality.]

“A shaman from the Realm of Eternal Rest?”

[Yes. Only he knows what features are available in the system.]

Long ago, the shaman of Eternal Rest wished to escape the fate of finite creatures and become an eternal being.

As a result, he made a deal with Rulers and devised the Level Up system.

[However, the system’s purpose at the time was only to complete the Shadow Monarch’s container, so things like pets were unnecessary. They could all be slaughtered and turned into Shadow soldiers. However, the current lord’s system serves a completely different purpose than it did at the time.]

Suho looked puzzled.

“Is the system’s goal not to make me the Shadow Monarch?”

[Yes. Because Lord So cannot become the Shadow Monarch.]

Ber stated unequivocally.

[In this world, there is only one Shadow Monarch.]

In other words, Suho would only be able to become a lord if the position of lord became vacant following the death of Seong Jin-woo.

However, Seong Jin-woo is the Monarch who rules over death.

It was impossible for him to die indefinitely.

[He is, after all, the only true immortal.]

“I understand that my father is amazing.”

Suho was intrigued.

“Then what is the purpose of my system?”

Ber gave a faint smile and looked into Suho’s eyes in response to that question.

The existence of Sung Su-ho, who was born from the marriage of the Shadow Monarch and a normal human, was unprecedented in all dimensions.

So even the system’s designer couldn’t predict what kind of existence Suho would have in the future.

Whether he would live as a lord with only the Shadow Monarch’s abilities as he does now.

Or… Would he, like Sung Jin-woo a long time ago, forge his own path beyond his natural fate?

[The system exists solely to guide the Lord down whatever path he chooses. If a new function has been added, it must be beneficial to Lord So.]

Beru could already see Suho’s face, a man who had walked alone on a lonely and difficult path, fighting everything in the world.

He was the only one who survived the constant struggle in a place closer to death than anyone else.

In the end, he even won death through his own strength.

His noble sacrifice laid the foundation for the current Earth.

However, the gods of the foreign world were threatening that peace once more.

Level: 16

Job: None

Title: Wolf Slayer

HP: 2,350/2,350

MP: 235/235


Strength: 35

Health: 25

Agility: 25

Intelligence: 25

Perception: 25

(Unallocated ability points: 0)


Passive Skills: Steadfast Lv.2, Dual Wield Lv.1

Active Skills: Authority of Dominance Lv.1, Shadow Extraction Lv.1, Storm Slash Lv.1

Suho understood why his job was still listed as “None” after hearing what Ver had to say; he knew there would never be any mention of “Shadow Monarch” in that space. Instead, Suho paid more attention to his other statistics.

“This is where I’m at right now.”

In comparison to when he was being pursued by the Mist Bundle at Level 1, his statistics had skyrocketed. He also possessed more useful abilities than ever before.


“I’m still weak.”

Suho was never overconfident in his own abilities. It wasn’t humility, but rather a fact. Several times during his adolescence, he had reached Level 99 in his dreams. When he reflected on those times, he realized that his current strength was extremely low. He might not have been able to proclaim himself so confidently against Broky if it hadn’t been for the timely appearance of the title “Wolf Slayer” in this battle.

During the battle, Suho tested out the new skills he had learned:

[Skill: Dual Wield Lv.1]

[Passive skill.]

[No mana required.]

Allows for more proficient dual-wielding use.

When using two weapons, the damage is increased by 33%.

[This also applies to weapons other than swords]

“Dual weapon…”

Suho had always fought with a weapon in each hand, come to think of it. It began as an axe and has since evolved into a sword. This skill was most likely developed based on his previous fighting style.

“So, if I want to get stronger, I’ll have to keep using dual swords from now on.”

Suho’s attention was drawn to Rakan’s fangs.

Having experienced it this time, Rakan’s fangs’ attack power was quite satisfactory. Once caught, the necks of the beasts in Gwanaksan flew around.

He needed another sword, similar to Rakan’s fangs, to balance his hands.

“I need to make some money because hunter weapons are exorbitantly priced.”

Suho’s gaze dropped.

“And then there’s this little guy…”


The puppy wolf had already consumed all of the seaweed soup and was bloated. However, it remained helpless on the floor, unable to crawl.

“I need to raise him a lot more in order to use him to his full potential.”

[Please give your pet a name.]

Suho had been urged by the system message for quite some time.

Suho made his decision without hesitation.

“Grey, because his fur is grey.”

[Would you like to give him the name “Grey”? ]


The question mark above the puppy wolf’s head vanished as soon as Suho finished speaking, and a new name was engraved.

[Grey Lv.1]

Fang Wolf


Grey, Suho’s official pet, lifted its head with unfocused eyes and sniffed its nose. It appeared to be smelling Suho’s scent.

Suho poked its nose with his finger and inquired about Rakan’s fangs.

“I just have one question.”


“How do I raise this kid so that he can be useful?”

-Is there anything special about raising a pet? It all comes down to eating well, sleeping well, and playing well.

“Aside from those obvious things, he’s the Fang Lord’s heir, so is there any special method or something?”

-Eating is extremely important. Broki was probably afraid of this child’s growth and kept starving him, which is why he became so weak.

Rakan’s rage flared up again as his fangs remembered what Broki had done. If the Fang Clan child had grown normally, he would not have been captured by someone like Broki.

“So feed it and feed it again; if you allow it to rest well and play freely, it will grow into a much stronger predator than Broky.”

“Really? What should I feed it?”

“Of course, raw meat, especially if it’s self-hunted; our clan’s children hunt from the moment they are born.”

“Hunting games, huh?”

It was a daunting task.

Asking a baby who couldn’t even walk on its own to go hunting was ridiculous.

[Oh dear. They are even worse than ants. However, our ants leave the caterpillar alone during its growth period.]

Beru’s words gave Suho a good idea.

Who raised Suho, who was a newborn at the time?

“From now on, Beru, take care of this little one for me.”


“Yes, you are the best nanny I know.”

[Hehehe. I’m honored to receive such a compliment from you, my lord.]

Beru squirmed awkwardly.

“Shall we then go?”

[What? Where are you suddenly going?]

Beru was baffled.

Suho grabbed Gray, the wolf cub’s tail, and inserted the Shadow Dungeon key into his own shadow.

[Would you like to go into the Shadow Dungeon? ]

“Where is it? It’s right here.”


[Entering the Shadow Dungeon.]


Suho, who had entered the Shadow Dungeon, placed Beru on Grey’s back.

“You two are a team from now on.”


Grey, no matter how small he was, was twice the size of Beru.

Of course, even if they were combined, they could only be held in one hand.

-Is this place…?

Rakan’s fangs, who had been following along for some reason, had an odd feeling when he saw the Shadow Dungeon.

-The world of the Shadow Monarch?

[This is the world that the Young Lord has inherited. Of course, because it was neglected for so long, wild beasts have taken refuge here.]

Beru’s eyes widened as she realized why Suho had brought them here.

Unfriendly stares from all over the dungeon were directed at them.

[They’re wild goblins. They appear to be the ideal opponent for training your pet.]

Beru chuckled and smacked Grey on the flank.

“Come on, get up! You’re the Fang Lord’s heir! Show these pathetic creatures your wickedness!”


Grey didn’t seem to have much of a fighting spirit.

He crouched even lower as if he had no intention of getting up.

Rakan couldn’t hide his annoyance at the sight.

“Ugh! He’s lost all of his natural fighting instincts as a result of his imprisonment! What are we going to do now?”

“What do you mean?”

“That’s the way it is.”

Suho and Beru, on the other hand, appeared unfazed.

Beru’s special ability was predation.

It could absorb some of the prey’s power and memories.

Suho said, “Get up, young warrior,” knowing Beru was the best nanny.

Beru smacked Grey’s flank again, this time hard.

“Beru used ‘Skill: Cruel Command.”

” ‘Skill: Cruel Command’ increased Grey’s stats by 50%.”

“Due to the side effects of ‘Skill: Cruel Command,’ Grey is cursed with madness.”


Grey’s lack of motivation was instantly transformed into a look of insanity.

Beru laughed evilly as he continued to hit Grey’s flank.

“All right, Grey! Let’s keep that momentum going!”