Chapter 435 435 - Become More Powerful

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Instantly, Sam slashes his sword toward the lightning lizard. As you know that previously he already got attacked by the lightning, those lightning lizards attacked him previously after he killed those Monsters. 

Those lightning lizards also look like the tyrannosaurus but they are smaller and they are Yellow. They could control The lightning element. 

But as you know that Sam already became powerful and wasting no time he already got away from that place. Not only that he also already attacks toward Those Monsters. This time he already uses 90% of his power to attack those Monsters and those Monsters were unable to react on time and got killed by that. 

Those lightning lizards were only early special grade Monsters. Because of this, it did not take him that much time to kill them. 

After killing all those monsters he did not stop there and was still roaming around the forest. You wanted to fight many more monsters to get an understanding of his power. As you know that he just recently became this much powerful, and still did not have the full understanding. 

While roaming around the forest he also meets many Warriors who are fighting Monsters. But as you know Sam did not want to disturb them so he just left that place and found some Monster who did not get attacked by any Warriors. 

So like that, he was walking around and sometime later he already found some Stone Elephants. In front of him, you can see 5 of those Monsters. The most dangerous thing is that those monsters have very terrifying defenses and you won't be able to kill them that easily. 

The most dangerous thing was that those Monsters already released the power of a peak special-grade monster. 

Sam at this time could feel that those Monsters are more powerful than him and because of this instantly became very alert. But fortunately, he did not want to waste any more time and already uses the concealment technique. 

Those Monsters who were already approaching him became confused because that human suddenly Vanished from that place and it really made them very confused. They were already using their full observation power to look for that human but unfortunately, they did not find anything. 

Sam is already in front of those Monsters and wasting no time he already attracts them. You already bring out his updated slayer and attack those monsters. He uses the supreme sword technique to attack those Monsters. 


He did not attack all the monsters at the same time because most likely he wouldn't be able to kill them like this. He attacked one Monster and that Monster already got seriously injured by that attack. But at the same time, you can also see how terrifying their defense was. 

Most likely he would be enough to kill that tyrannosaurus but this time you can see that the stone elephant only has deep wounds on his body. Right now blood was coming out from that elephant and that elephant was crying in pain. 

But, Sam did not stop there and he began to attack that elephant continuously. In any case, he wants to kill that Monster and shift his focus to those other Monsters. 

All of this happened in under 1 second and even those other elephants were not able to react. They could only hear the painful roar of their comrade and because of this they instantly became very alert and began to observe their surroundings. 

Unfortunately, they did not find anything but at the same time, they suddenly saw their partner already drop dead on the ground. This instantly made them very alert at the same time they started roaring angrily. They begin to look around to search for the enemy who attacked their comrade but unfortunately, they did not find anything. 


Finally 1 hour later, 

Sam came back to his hiding place. He already killed all those Monsters and also took the loot and the dead body. As you can see right now he is already getting used to his new strength. 

Actually, he wanted to eat something before going back to the forest to kill those Monsters. Actually, like this, he wanted to get used to that new power as quickly as he could. Because only after that he will be able to increase his power once again. 

So wasting more time, sometime later he went back to the danger zone and then began to kill those Monsters once again. He did not attack those monsters that were targeted by some other Warriors. 

Using his full Stealth technique he was killing those Monsters. 


1 month later,

"Name: Sam Kainer

Race: Human 

Health: (23000/23000)

Spiritual energy: (23000/23000)

Strength: 2300 + 300 - 2600

Agility: 2300 + 300 - 2600

Physique: 2300 + 300 - 2600 

Intelligent(mental power): 2300 + 300 - 2600

Spirit: 2300 + 300 - 2600

Status points:- 477,500 - 1500 - 476,000

[System remark:- System upgrade due to a new world. Not only that host's health and Spiritual energy will also fix based on the new status.]

Grade: (Special) (peak) / (intermediate A-grade)

Potential: Legendary (+)

Upgrade point: 20k


Special technique:

Supreme upgrade

Fusion technique 

Absorb technique:

Original Dragon Devour (grade S)

Combat techniques:

Balor boxing ( grade B) (+)

Supreme sword technique (B-grade)(+)

Supreme archery technique (B-grade). (+)

Conceal technique:

Superior Concealment technique (B-grade) (+)

Movement technique:

Light walk (grade B)(+)

Spiritual techniques:

Flame control (B-grade)(+)

Origin Spiritual energy control (B-grade)(+)

Sonic blast technique: (C-grade) (+)

Strength buff technique: (C-grade)(+)

Mind control technique: (C-grade) (+)

Telekinesis: (B-grade)(+)

Berserker (B-grade)(+)

Light control (Grade B) (+)

Passive techniques:

Energy recovery: (B-grade) (+)

Mind protection: (B-grade) (+)

Spirit Eye: (B-grade) (+)

The power of the moon. (Grade: B)(+)

Regeneration (Grade B) (+)

[ Remark: Finally became someone who has the strength to protect and also fight the Monsters, but still you have a long way to go.] " 

So in just one month as you can see he already made 20k update points and not only that he already increased his power once again. He became an intermediate A-grade warrior. 

'Sigh, I will need some time to become a peak A-grade warrior.'

Sam thought that when he looked at his status screen. Well even though he wanted to use all those status points as quickly as he can but unfortunately, he was unable to do that. It is very frustrating for him so he just sighed. 

But at the same time as you can see he already became once again powerful and because of this he once again needed to get used to that power. But one thing was clear: he did not want to leave the danger zone until he did not become an Elite grade warrior. 

Only after that he will go back to the Oni Kingdom and will also try to search for a way to go back to his world. 

'Sigh, I wanted to know the situation of my world. How are my family and friends? Did those people from other world's people come to our world to do something?'

You have to say that Sam was very sad that he was unable to go back to his home planet where his family was waiting for him. 

He knows that most likely every one of them is very worried about him right now but at the same time he was unable to do anything. But one thing he remembers is that before coming to this new world he already gave the saints something that will increase the survival rate of those Warriors who will be going to get a new world. 

So right now he just hopes that those Warriors already get back to the Eden Blue. Well but at the same time, he knew that becoming sad won't help him. So he just once again cheered up and then already left the hiding place to kill those monsters. 

He just began to kill those monsters without stopping and without wasting time. He wanted to kill as many monsters as he could to gain upgrade points. As you know, he still has many techniques to upgrade. 


Currently, you can say that every Kingdom gets shocked when they hear that the Oni Kingdom Suddenly faces something like this situation. Who could have thought that those Abyss humans will become active once again and also attack their kingdom? 

But at the same time, the duke is a criminal of the Oni Kingdom. Not only that, everyone gets to know that the Duke has some kind of connection with the Abyss world and Abyss humans. Most likely he was waiting for the right time to attack the king. 

But one thing was clear after hearing this news every one of those kingdoms became very alert. When those people hear that those abyss humans became active once again they instantly become alert because those abyss humans could also attack them to sacrifice their life. 

Every one of the royal families already became very alert because as you know that royal blood is very useful in sacrifice. So the moment those royal families hear that those Abyss humans try to attack the Oni princess to sacrifice. Every one of them also became very alert. 


On the other hand,

Everyone in the Oni Kingdom also already knows about the news of the king and almost all the Warriors of the Oni Kingdom. This really makes them very scared and at the same time very much what caused a war like this to happen. They also lost many people in that fight but fortunately in the end they got victory. 

The King personally visited the family members of those people who lost their lives in the world and also told him that from now on the royal family will look over them. 

Not only that, most likely many people after the war became very serious and they began to focus on becoming powerful. They did not want to face a second situation like this and because of this, everyone wanted to become as powerful as they could. 

Right now the old king was talking with his granddaughter and Emma. Right now his granddaughter was talking about Sam who still did not contact them even after 7 months. 

After hearing her complain even the old man just sighed. The old man tells us that previously Sam most likely already decided to push his limit and became as powerful as he can so all this time most likely he was busy with his training. 

"Haha… calm down. I already talked to that Brat. He was still in the danger zone and killing those Monsters. He told me that he will need some more time and only then will he be able to come back. As I told you earlier after the war many people were already pushing their limits to become powerful and most likely Sam was also doing the same thing."

The old king said to his granddaughter. As all of them say, Livia liked Sam. But the thing was that they could also tell Sam was completely a dense guy. Most likely he didn't even know about this and also he did not know that he got attacked because of Livia. 

The son of that traitor duke attacked him because of her. 

But the thing was that even if Sam got to know about this then he just did not care about this. Currently, Sam does not have the time for love or something like that. because he needed to become powerful and also needed go back to his home world. 

Before anything he needs to kill the prime Dragon. After that, he will relax. This is the reason that Sam is pushing himself to his limit. 

At this time the old King did not say anything but he had a question that he wanted to ask Sam. Why did Sam suddenly become very interested in world travel and other worlds? 

This made the old king very curious but he did not ask Sam about this. He also understands that all of them have some kind of secret that they did not want to share with anyone. 


On the other hand, Sam Who just killed the Monsters did not know anything about this. 

'Sigh, it would be a good thing if I found the Dungeon while roaming around this forest.'

As you know that he was now inside the forest of death and killing those Monsters nonstop. But you can say that he also wishes to find a Dungeon where he will get more powerful loot. But unfortunately in Terraria finding the dungeon was a very hard matter. Because of this until now he did not find anything about those Dungeons. 

Currently, he was fighting those peak A-grade monsters. At first, you fight them without using the concealment technique but then he begins to use that technique while fighting those Monsters. But the thing was that every one of those Monsters is very powerful and most likely they have the same power level as him. 

Fortunately using the origin spiritual energy he was able to increase the power of his attack and like this, he already killed many of those Monsters. 

At this time he doesn't know why but he suddenly begins to feel a very powerful aura approaching him. At first, he thought that it was most likely a powerful Warrior who was approaching his direction. But he doesn't know why at the same time he began to have a bad feeling. 

He became very serious and then began to look in that direction from where he was feeling that. Sometime later, he already felt that the aura came very close to his location. 

But at the same time, he did not fear anything as you know he was already in stealth mode. He was just curious to look in that direction. 

Sometime later he already saw that it was really Warrior who came to that place. But the thing was that the moment you saw that person you will feel that something was different about that person. Because of this Sam already uses the Spiritual vision technique to look at that person. Only then did he understand why he was feeling like that. 

'Why did an Abyss human come to this place?' 

Sam thought that. Right now he can see that person was observing the dead bodies of those Monsters and most likely trying to search for the culprit who killed those Monsters. After sometime later not finding the enemy that person begins to approach those that body. 

After coming in front of the dead body for the last time that person observes his surroundings carefully and after becoming sure that no one is near that place he begins to do his work. 

Westing no time he began to eat the meat of those Monsters. Just looking at this scene Sam almost vomits. Who could have thought that an Abyss human would eat the meat of the Monsters like this? Also, Sam doesn't think that you can eat the needs of the Monsters. Those Monster

s contain the poison and if you eat them like that it will really harm your body. Because of this, Sam was very interested to know why that person was eating the meat of those Monsters like this. 

To be continued__________