Since Wu Linlin and Wu Youyou both said so, then Wang Chunfeng will not be polite.

Everyone moved their things, took a break, and then began to eat.

After dinner, Wu Linlin, Wu Youyou, Zhang Shaoning, and Wen Zeyang went to grandma's house with some things, and then to uncle's house, and made an appointment to have dinner together.

The next day, the siblings got together for dinner.

On the third day, I went to my uncle's house for dinner.

On the fourth day, I went to my aunt's house for dinner.

On the fifth day, which was the seventh day of the lunar new year, they were ready to go back.

When they went back, Wang Chunfeng and Wu Weihua didn't give up, but they had no choice but to let them go back.

After the first month, in February, Fang Shihua and his wife brought Zhang Shaoning to the door to propose marriage, and then they quickly picked a good day in February and got engaged.

Like Wu Youyou, get engaged first and not get married for now.

After getting engaged, they are famous and important, they are completely different, living together openly and aboveboard.

When they were in the Imperial City, Wu Linlin and Zhang Shaoning also took care of Wu Meimei, Grandma Wu and the others from time to time.

After half a year, Wen Zeyang's project was stabilized, and Wen Zeyang returned to the Imperial City. From now on, he will mainly live and work in the Imperial City. He will only come back for a month or two to have a look at the project, or come back when there is something important. deal with it.

Therefore, the separated life of Wen Zeyang and Wu Youyou is over.

Time passed quickly, and Wu Youyou graduated.

Originally, Wu Youyou was going to work at Wen Nannan's for two years after graduation before planning to get married and have children, but unexpectedly, she became pregnant.

Anyway, she was engaged, and also graduated, got pregnant, and got married. In the end, Zhang Shaoning became jealous and wanted to get married, but Wu Linlin insisted that she didn't want to, and she had to wait until she graduated.

After Wu Youyou got married, she still went out to work, because she liked her job, and didn't stop working until she was about to give birth.

The child was born in spring, a very beautiful season. A boy was born, and the whole family was overjoyed. He married Wen Zihao, who was married by Wen Zeyang.

After giving birth, Wu Youyou took a break for about three months and went out to work again. She likes this job and loves this job, so she insists on going out to work.

Since Wu Youyou has to work, she must live with her mother-in-law.

Wu Youyou leaves early and returns late, and spends more time with the children when she's not busy, basically her mother-in-law is taking care of her.

Wu Youyou was thinking that she would only have one child for the time being, and wait until she had some success in her career. As a result, in the second year, she became pregnant again and gave birth to another boy.

Everyone was happy for them, but Wu Youyou wanted a daughter and had already given birth to two, so naturally she didn't want to have another daughter.

"Sister, you are trying to have a third child. I think my brother-in-law likes my daughter very much. I hope you can give her a little lover." Wu Linlin said with a smile when she was at Wu Youyou's house one day.

"He wants a daughter, let him find another woman to have a baby, it is impossible for me to have another in my life." Wu Youyou said firmly.

As a result, in the third year, another son was born.

"Oh my god, why are you giving birth to a son?" Wu Youyou actually wanted a daughter herself, but she just couldn't have a daughter and broke down. Within two months after Wu Youyou gave birth to a son, Wu Linlin also gave birth to a daughter. In the end, everyone was overjoyed. After all, Wu Linlin and Zhang Shaoning were still young, and they had money, so they gave birth to ten or eight children. Neither

It's a problem, and I will definitely have a son.

The main reason is that everyone saw that Wu Youyou and Wen Zeyang wanted their daughter so badly that they couldn't have a daughter. As a result, Wu Linlin gave birth to her first child, so everyone felt good. "Wen Zeyang, let me tell you, it is absolutely impossible for me to have another child. If you deliberately make me pregnant again, I will make you a widow, believe it or not?" Wu Youyou could feel how much Wen Zeyang envied Zhang Shaoning and his first child was born

a daughter.

"Yes yes yes... I will definitely not let you have another child, no, no." Wen Zeyang's guarantee in the direction of having a child is completely useless.

Two years later, Wu Youyou became pregnant again, Wu Youyou ran away from home angrily, and went to Grandma Wu's house.

Wen Zeyang took his three sons to coax Wu Youyou back: "My wife... Even if you don't see it for my sake, you still have to see it for the sake of our three sons, don't you?

Wu Youyou looked at these three sons looking at herself pitifully, especially the second son, who was only two years old, with those poor little eyes, how could she bear it?

"The three of them stay, you can get out." Wu Youyou said angrily. "Honey, it's God's will, it's really God's will, this is God holding the child's hand, it's our child, I promise, if this child is still a son, I don't want it anymore, maybe in this life no daughter, i

They will never give birth again, shall I go for a ligation? "Wen Zeyang looked at Wu Youyou as if swearing.

Wu Youyou glared at him, thinking that for the sake of pampering her to heaven, and for the sake of looking after the child, she forgave him in the end, and went back with him to raise the baby with peace of mind.

"Be more aggressive and have a daughter." Wu Youyou sighed.

In fact, Wu Youyou is also under a lot of pressure. It is a lot of pressure for people not to have a son. As a result, it is a lot of pressure for Wu Youyou to not have a daughter.

Look, Wu Linlin has already given birth to two daughters. Zhang Shaoning has always said that two daughters are enough, don't have any more, he doesn't care if he has a son, sons and daughters are their treasures, and they both hurt equally.

It was Wu Linlin who wanted to give birth to a son for him. She felt that a big family must have a son. Besides, the two elder sisters also needed the care and protection of the younger brother.

Therefore, Wu Linlin also had three children.

Wu Linlin was due to give birth in two months, and as a result, Wu Youyou became pregnant. "Okay, don't think about it anymore, wife, let's just let the daughter be the daughter, we don't want to." Wen Zeyang coaxed Wu Youyou and said: "Don't be pressured, at worst you will have four sons, whoever is as rich as our family, four sons a son they don't even want

There is, isn't it? "

What else could Wu Youyou say, she just glared at Wen Zeyang.

Two months passed quickly, Wu Linlin mobilized, and she got her wish and gave birth to a son.

Wu Youyou was also happy for Wu Linlin, she gave birth to a son.

Now I'm just waiting for my stomach, I hope I can live up to it, and give birth to a daughter as I wish. The days went by very quickly, and finally it was time to give birth. Everyone was no longer nervous, and it didn't seem to matter anymore. They were all thinking, anyway, they had already given birth to three sons, and it would be okay to have another son , so what if you don't have a daughter

How about it.

As a result, this time, Wu Youyou fought hard and gave birth to a daughter.

"Daughter, daughter... I finally have a daughter." Wen Zeyang was extremely excited.

"Let me tell you, you can't ignore your son just because you have a daughter, you must have the same pain." Wu Youyou lay on the hospital bed and said to Wen Zeyang very seriously.

Wen Zeyang said with a smile: "Don't worry, don't worry, I know, I will treat everyone equally."

"Mom, Dad...we also want to see my sister." Three little heads came in.

"Come in, come in, look at your sister, she is so beautiful, you have to remember, you must protect your sister well, you know?" Wen Zeyang was happy, and brought his three sons in, all his little heads squeezed in to see just now born sister.

"Wow, my sister is so beautiful." The eldest brother boasted.

"My sister is so cute." The second brother boasted.

"I like my sister, my sister is Bao, the best sister in the world." The third brother boasted.

"That's necessary, and it doesn't matter whose sister or daughter it is." Wen Zeyang proudly hugged his precious daughter and said.

Wu Youyou looked at the happy faces of these four men, and felt that no matter how much suffering she suffered, it was worth it. Finally, she had sons and daughters, happiness...

In the future, they will walk a happy life.

I believe this little princess of the Wen family will be pampered in the future. ——————————End of the book———————————