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I pulled out my wand and started chanting.

“Under the law of the Goddess, I exercise my power, O light, become a guiding stag.”

The crest of the Tornx royal family was drawn on the floor of the hall as if it had appeared along with the chant, and the figure of a stag of light appeared in the centre of it.

I don’t really get it, but this is a way to disguise the fact that I’m a chantless magician.

In the first place, I had no intention of hiding the fact that I don’t chant, so I didn’t intend to pull off a farce like this, but Percival and His Royal Highness the Crown Prince both suggested that I should at least pretend to chant.    

I’ve been proudly using chantless magic in front of people, so why now? That’s what I thought. This time it was an official occasion, and royal families, ambassadors, and aristocrats from various countries gathered together. I was told that if I proudly performed chantless magic while people of a certain rank and power were paying attention to me, the troubles I hated the most would come to me.

Certainly, there are very few magic users who can perform without chanting. Even in my previous life, I’ve never met a chantless magician. There are probably many people who would like to welcome a rare magician. That many people with power would be coming, I would like to decline1This part is a bit hard to translate, I tried (そこそこ権力を握っている連中が揃ってやってくるなんて、ご遠慮願いたい).

As such, today I am a magician who reluctantly needs to chant.

Even so, when I bring out a beautiful golden stag, there is a sigh of admiration in the hall.

It was Percival who gave me the idea to make the stag appear at the start.

The story begins with the stag, the symbol of the country, leading the people.

In history books, it was written that a stag led the first King of Tornx to this land. Stags are prized in Tornx as beasts of glory and prosperity. It’s ideal for appearing at celebrations.

The stag of light leapt up and spiralled up to the high ceiling. Many small birds flapped their wings in pursuit of the stag, and flowers danced in the air. The stag, accompanied by birds, drew a trail of light over the heads of the people gathered in the large hall, while the flowers bloomed.

Eventually, the stag ran up to the highest point in the hall and as soon as it ran through the rainbow ring, a rain of light poured down and countless colourful fireworks burst into the sky. It’s an image of blessed rain enriching the earth. Everyone looked up at the ceiling and cheered.

The fireworks, which had bloomed in full glory, gradually dwindled in number until only a faint glow remained, and soon there was a hush in the hall. I waved my wand and, as if drawn by the magical power overflowing from the tip of my wand, the remnants of the fireworks formed a band and gathered around the crest of the beginning. The shards of light that had gathered swirled to form the shape of a stag once more.

The shining stag bowed its head in reverence to King Tornx, and this time it turned into numerous lapis lazuli-coloured butterflies and flew back into the hall. The butterflies that decorate the story’s conclusion flew to the people present, and then disappeared as if being absorbed into a single blue rose.

The flower language of blue roses is the blessing of the goddess. It is like the goddess is blessing the Tornx royal family and their invited guests.

When I confirmed that all of the blue rose had disappeared, I twirled my wand around before putting it back in its holder, knelt down and bowed my head.

“……Wonderful……truly wonderful! What beautiful magic!”

King Tornx’s voice and applause echoed through the silent hall.

As if to follow suit, waves of applause spread and the hall was filled with reverberations. It seems like King Tornx liked my magic performance.

“Melchior-dono, this is truly a wonderful gift! This spectacle tonight will remain in my heart for the rest of my life! I never knew that magic could be used like this. To think that magic has developed to this extent in the Kingdom of Solmontana……no, it’s truly magnificent!”

Should I say as expected? Even in the era of Crown Prince Melchior, it seems like our country will be safe.

Besides, if it’s so highly praised in Tornx, it will naturally become a topic of conversation in other countries as well. I’m sure it will be enough to give Gabriel-san some support. It seems like it will have a considerable impact on the school’s magic performance.

Despite receiving a lot of stares, I finished my work and returned to being Aurora’s escort with a clean face. When I met Percival’s gaze, he gave me a slight nod.

Afterwards, various people seemed to want to talk to me, but the star of the evening was King Tornx. As expected, there was no one rude enough to talk to a mere magician over the main character.


“Ah, I’m tired!”

I took off my robe, threw it on the sofa, and jumped onto the bed enthusiastically.

I’ve been on my toes all day, so I’m really tired. After all, if I’m careless, it won’t just be a matter of my appearance. I’m really glad everything ended without incident.

The person I was worried about didn’t do anything either.

After my performance, King Tornx personally complimented me and asked me a lot of questions. I didn’t know how much I could say, so I was at a loss for a response, but His Highness the Crown Prince and Aurora responded, so I was able to just smile vaguely.

“Sapphiras, do you want to soak in hot water?”

Percival called out to me, but I don’t want to move anymore. Today, with the ceremony and the evening party, I’ve just been standing still and my legs feel like sticks. It would’ve been better to be moving around.

“Hmm, it’s too much trouble, so I don’t want to. I’ll get up tomorrow and take a hot water bath…….”

I just want to sleep like this today. I can change my clothes tomorrow. Ah, but will it wrinkle? I should at least take off my jacket……but I probably won’t be wearing it again after this, so that’s fine.

I was quickly lulled into sleep as I felt Percival changing his clothes.


When I woke up the next morning, I had somehow changed into my night clothes. Moreover, I was properly sleeping in my bed.

When on earth did that happen?

“Sapphiras, are you awake?”


“I’ve filled the bathtub with hot water. You should take a bath and wash off your sweat. Also, I received a message from Aurora-jyou asking us to have breakfast with her. Is that okay?”

“Yes, I’m okay……”

I can’t keep Aurora waiting, can I? I crawled out of my bed and headed to the bathroom, took off my night clothes and soaked in the warm water. As I did so, my fuzzy head became clearer.

Perhaps Percival had helped me change into my night clothes? Maybe Percival prepared the hot water too.

Come to think of it, Percival was completely dressed. I’m amazed that he gets up so early in the morning, no matter where he is.

I need to be a little stronger too. Maybe I’m a little too spoiled by Percival. I was easily swayed by the easy route, but if I’m not careful, he might run out of patience with me before we can really go on an adventure.

In the first place, I’m a man who can do anything if he tries, so I have to take care of myself.

“Yoshi! From now on, let’s do better!”

I made that decision and left the bathroom, but Percival, who was waiting for me, naturally led me to a chair and carefully wiped my head.


melon: When I saw stag of light, I couldn’t help thinking of Harry Potter’s Patronus Maybe author is a Harry Potter fan.