The Nine-Apertures Exquisite Physique is also one of the highest physiques in the universe.

It is not easy for people with this kind of physique to comprehend the various avenues of the universe. Give them enough time, and people with this kind of physique will become the supreme transcendent powerhouse.

But the premise is that there is no fall in the process of growing up.

A genius who has not grown up is a useless talent!

Wu Xiaoqi and Wu Mur are both peerless geniuses of the Wuzhi tribe, and there is also a competitive relationship between them.

After all, a tribe's resources are limited, if more is spent on one person, the other will have much less.

This kind of situation, no matter who it happens to, is definitely not willing.

The two of them are both peerless geniuses, and they are both arrogant and arrogant people. Neither of them will accept the other, and both of them are willing to admit that they are worse than the other.

Behind Wu Mur is a grandpa who has transcended the realm, and behind Wu Xiaoqi there is also an ancestor who has transcended the realm as a backer.

The competition between the younger generation, the older generation will not intervene.

And they are all from the same tribe, as long as their lives are not harmed, the old guys in the tribe are also happy to see the geniuses of the younger generation compete with each other.

After all, the flowers in the greenhouse cannot withstand the wind and rain, and only those who stand out in the cruel competition can become the mainstay of the tribe.

"Hey, Wu Xiaoqi, you and I will **** this nine-death reincarnation flower according to our own abilities. Whoever snatches it will be his. What if the other person can't do it again?"

Seeing Wu Xiaoqi coming, Wu Mur proposed to her.

Although Wu Mur is arrogant, but it is also divided, in front of Wu Xiaoqi, he can't be arrogant.

No matter how you look at it, Wu Xiaoqi is no worse than him.

He has his own guardian, and Wu Xiaoqi also has his own guardian.

What's more, in this dangerous ruin, if the two of them fight each other, wouldn't it be cheaper for others.

The two fought each other based on their abilities, and the loser had nothing to say.

Umr dared to say that, he had already prepared for it.

Before he came, his grandfather had calculated by his own ability that there might be a great opportunity in the ruins, so he gave Umur the hole card and asked him to use it at a critical moment.

The hole card given by the transcendent Xeon is absolutely extraordinary, and it is not a disadvantage if it is used on Nine Dead Samsara Flower.

Because once Umur gets the Nine-Death Reincarnation Flower, he can grow into a transcendent superpower in at most a thousand years, and then their family will have two superpowers from one family.

At that time, their family's right to speak in the tribe will be even more important, and they will be able to take up more resources to train the younger generations in the family, so that their family will become stronger and stronger.

Even one day in the future, it is not impossible for their family to become the ruling family of the entire Wuzhi tribe.

The Wu clan is very large. Although everyone has the surname Wu, they are divided into different families, and there is also a competitive relationship between each family.

Now, it is the Council of Elders that rules the Wuzhi tribe, and the elders in the Council of Elders are all powerful people who have transcended the borders. Umur's grandfather is a member of the Council of Elders.

The ancestor behind Wu Xiaoqi was also a member of the tribal council of elders, and his ranking was even higher than that of Umur's grandfather.

In terms of power and status, Wu Mur's grandfather is not as good as Wu Xiaoqi's backer ancestor, and the same is true for strength.

This is why Wumur became so polite after meeting Wu Xiaoqi.

He is arrogant and true, but he is not a fool.

Umur is very clear about who he can be arrogant in front of and who he can't be arrogant in front of.

On the surface, he is very kind to Wu Xiaoqi, but in his heart, he has already secretly vowed that one day in the future, he will surpass Wu Xiaoqi, and even surpass Wu Xiaoqi's backing ancestor.

At that time, he will definitely take revenge on Wu Xiaoqi, and crush her under his crotch.

But on the surface, Umur had disguised himself very well, and he still had to do what he should.

Umur had also discovered Wu Kuoda a long time ago, but he didn't pay attention to Wu Kuoda and others at all.

So what if Wu Kuoda has a late-stage cultivation of the fifth level of the Immortal Realm, although he is two big realms higher than Wu Mur, but if there is a real fight, it is not certain who will kill who.

The Chaos Divine Body can fight at higher levels, and it is normal operation to go to two higher levels.

Moreover, as a Chaos Divine Body, Umur also has his own cards and tricks. Once it explodes, the power will far exceed the level of the Immortal Realm, at least half a step beyond the Realm.

So far, all warriors who have seen Umur use his tricks and hole cards have all died.

"Okay, you and I are on our own."

Regarding Wu Mur's proposal, Wu Xiaoqi agreed after a little thought.

Because Wu Xiaoqi knew very well that the geniuses of the Wuzhi tribe who came to this ruins were more than the two of them. Facing a treasure like the Nine Deaths Reincarnation Flower, let alone warriors like them who have not reached the transcendence, even It is impossible for the transcendent Xeon to ignore it.

Once the two of them waste too much time, or the two of them fight each other and cause mutual damage, it will only benefit other people in the tribe in the end.

Neither of them wanted to see this situation.

What's more, it's not just people from their tribe who come here, people from other overlord tribes also come here.

Especially the Shi clan, which is hostile to their Wuzhi tribe, also sent a lot of geniuses here.

The Shi's tribe sent people here to **** the treasure of the Wuzhi tribe that was about to be born in the ruins.

Supreme treasure is the root of every dominant tribe in this world, and it is also one of their trump cards.

A treasure whose power is equivalent to that of an Xeon in the mid-term of Transcendence.

And the treasure that will be released by the Wuzhi tribe is one of the eight most powerful treasures of the Wuzhi tribe, and its power is equivalent to that of the most powerful person who has transcended the realm.

Such a powerful treasure, how could the hostile tribes of the Wuzhi tribe watch the people of the Wuzhi tribe get it.

Not to mention the hostile tribes of the Wuzhi tribe, even those tribes that have a good relationship with the Wuzhi tribe, they don't want the Wuzhi tribe to get this treasure that is about to be born.

Because if the strength of the Wuzhi tribe is too strong, these tribes should be in danger.

At that time, the Wuzhi tribe will definitely unify these tribes.

It is rumored that in the ignorant and barbaric era of this world, these current overlord-level tribes actually came from the same tribe, but whether this news is true or not is no longer known, because the time is too long.

"Do you do it first or I do it first." Umr said again.

"You first!"

Wu Xiaoqi chose to let Umur make the first move.

The reason for doing this is her own considerations. He wants to see Umur's hole cards and specific strength, and at the same time, he wants to use Umr to test the true power of Nine Dead Samsara Flower.

The efficacy of the Nine Deaths Reincarnation Flower is so heaven-defying, and correspondingly, its strength is definitely not weak, otherwise, it would have been robbed and swallowed by people or other creatures long ago.

"it is good!"

Seeing that Wu Xiaoqi asked her to make the first move, Wu Mur didn't have much to say, but simply agreed.

Wu Mur also knew the reason why Wu Xiaoqi did this.

But he didn't care.

How could it be possible to test out his hole cards.

Unless it is a critical moment of life and death as a last resort, his hole cards and tricks will not be exposed.

This time is also an opportunity to show other hole cards to confuse the public and confuse others.

Lin Chen still hid aside and watched quietly.

He could hear the conversation between Wu Xiaoqi and Wu Mur clearly, and he had a guess in his mind.

At the same time, he also wanted to see how strong Umur was, and what the power of Nine Dead Samsara Flower was.


Taking a step forward, Umur was completely different from before. A powerful aura burst out from his body and shot straight into the sky.

The powerful force caused the space around his body to ripple like water waves.

Where these ripples passed, those bones that had not been eroded by the years were all turned into bone powder in the ripples of space.

In this way, Umur walked towards the nine-death reincarnation flower step by step.

With every step he took, the aura on his body became stronger.

When he came to those vines, Umur's aura also reached its peak.

The space around him began to crack inch by inch, and the cracked space began to cut towards the vines.

stop! stop! stop! …

The vines of Nine Deaths Reincarnation Flower are not vegetarian either. Facing the cut space fragments, these vines instantly seemed to come alive, and the thick and long vines began to wave quickly.

These waving vines whipped towards the pieces of space fragments.

Crack, crack, crack...

The vines whipping against the space debris actually made a sound like metal knocking.

The space fragments carrying powerful destructive power were all annihilated silently under the whipping of the vines.

After careful observation, it turned out that the vines of Nine Deaths Reincarnation Flower smashed and absorbed these space fragments.


Lin Chen not only gasped when he discovered this situation.

You must know that the vines are only the first line of defense of the nine-death reincarnation flower, and there are two more behind it.

Generally, the first path is also the weakest, and the power behind it will become stronger and stronger.

The vines are so powerful, how powerful should the two behind be.

Especially the body attack of Nine Dead Samsara Flower as the finale, how terrifying should it be.

Lin Chen couldn't imagine. UU reading www.

Just when Lin Chen was shocked, Umur moved again.

The blockage of space debris has long been expected by him.

If the Nine Deaths Reincarnation Flower was so weak, it would have been picked long ago, so it would be his turn?


A big knife as thin as cicada's wings appeared in Umur's hand.

This big knife, as thin as a cicada's wings, was only two meters long at first, but after Umr took it out, it became 10,000 meters in size in the blink of an eye.

As the knife became bigger and bigger, the vibration of the big knife itself became more and more intense, and the sound it made became louder and louder!

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