Chapter 448: Alien visitor, Death Star.

【Sign-in starts from farming in the countryside】【】

, the sign-in starts from rural farming

"It seems that Gaia is really deceiving me!"

Under the gazebo in the courtyard, Lin Chen read the last page of the book on the stone table, and then muttered to himself.

He used the corpses of the mutant creatures in the universe, and exchanged three books from Yang Sihai's hands that recorded information about the earth and stars in the ancient times.

The paper used to make these books is made of a special material, and Lin Chen doesn't know what kind of material it is. Anyway, after so many years, these papers are still not damaged in the slightest.

The years have not left any traces on these papers, and they are still as bright as new.

Lin Chen once tried to tear these papers with force, but he found that even if he used 80% of his strength, he still couldn't do anything to the papers.

This is terrifying.

Not to mention the information recorded in these three books, but the paper used in these three books is priceless.

When the three books were in hand, Lin Chen read them all in no time.

Now he wants to know the secrets about the earth star urgently.

Although each of these three books is more than 200 pages thick, the things recorded are limited. To be precise, there is not a lot of useful information for Lin Chen.

What is recorded in the book is more about the local customs of the earth star in ancient times, as well as some special landforms.

However, although there is not a lot of useful information, within this limited information, Lin Chen still got some information he wanted.

That is, Gaia did not tell him the truth before.


It can't be said that what Gaia said to him before is false, at least 10% of it is true.

Nine false and one true!

In ancient times, the Earth Star was indeed the center of the universe, and the Earth Star was indeed a huge teleportation array, connecting unknown existences.

Also, in the ancient times, the advanced civilizations of the entire universe indeed launched a protracted war around the earth star, and this war affected the entire universe.

It was that battle that not only tore apart the huge earth star, but also made the civilization of the entire universe go backwards for hundreds of millions of years, and also silenced the entire universe for hundreds of millions of years.

As for the cosmic civilization that participated in the war, the good thing is that the vitality is severely damaged, and the strength of the entire civilization is absolutely irresistible.

Almost the entire civilization was wiped out.

From these three books, Lin Chen also knew one thing, that is, there used to be a very powerful civilization on Earth, and this civilization was not damaged much even in the ancient war.

But the strange thing is that this extremely powerful civilization disappeared as a whole after the Earth Star was smashed and not long after the war ended. As for where it went, no civilization in the entire universe knew.

As for the so-called prehistoric civilizations on Earth, they are simply the vassal civilizations of that powerful civilization.

The so-called prehistoric civilization of the Earth Star was in front of that civilization, and it was as weak as an ant. Among all the civilizations that vassalized it, there was no sense of existence at all.

If it weren't for the ancient war that affected the entire universe, many vassal civilizations were wiped out, and the so-called prehistoric civilization of Earth Star would not exist at all.

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【Sign-in starts from farming in the countryside】【】

Since the so-called prehistoric civilization on Earth came from this way, many of the inheritance Lin Chen got in the spacecraft of Shennong civilization should be fake.

After reading these three books, Lin Chen began to doubt the truth about the destruction of the prehistoric civilization on Earth.

So is the destroyed prehistoric civilization really like what he saw in the Gaia spaceship?

Is there any hidden secret in this?

Or to be bolder, these civilizations were simply destroyed by Gaia, but Gaia tampered with the truth.

It's not impossible.

Why did Gaia lie to him? This is not Lin Chen's most concerned issue at present. Now he is most concerned about the foreign visitors recorded in one of the books.

What does the foreign visitor refer to, this is what Lin Chen wants to know.

Originally, when he was inexplicably teleported to the Galaxy Alliance, Lin Chen was thinking about whether he had arrived in another universe. However, when he returned again, he discovered that the area where the Galaxy Alliance was located and Earth Star belonged to the same universe. cosmic.

This result made him, who had been full of hope in his heart, couldn't help but feel a bit of loss.

If the Galaxy Alliance and Earth Star did not belong to the same universe, then he would have the hope of returning to the original Earth.

When he saw the foreign visitor, the thought that had been suppressed rose up again.

Exotic definitely doesn't refer to different places in the same universe, otherwise the book wouldn't say exotic.

Because it is a civilization that is not in the same galaxy as Earthstar, what is recorded in the book is that this civilization came to that star field or galaxy.

Only this one is exotic, which is very telling.

But where exactly this exotic land is, there is no record in the book.

It's just that the foreign visitors are extremely powerful, and in the war that affected the entire universe, they killed countless powerhouses of advanced civilizations.

Among them, there are as many as dozens of strong men who were beheaded by foreign visitors.

These introductions reminded Lin Chen of what Gaia once told him.

It is said that the earth star was smashed by a sword of a peerless swordsman, and the star field where the earth star was located also died because of the sword of this peerless swordsman.

Since then, the center of the entire universe has also shifted.

The area where Earthstar is located is not prosperous either.

So, does the foreign visitor refer to the peerless swordsman who smashed the earth with one sword?

Or, foreigners refer to a group of people, not a single person.

There are no records in these books, just a few simple sentences, saying that the strength of foreign visitors is very powerful.

More detailed information, which is not above.

The feeling of not going up and down is really uncomfortable!

"It seems that if you want to know more about the earth star, you have to go to Gaia. Gaia must know a lot of secrets about the earth star."

Putting away the books on the stone table, Lin Chen sat there thinking quietly.

He wanted to know what secrets the earth star was hiding, and at the same time, he also wanted to know whether the foreign visitors recorded in the book came from the universe where the earth was located.

If so, that means he has a lot of hope of returning to Earth.

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【Sign-in starts from farming in the countryside】【】

Although he usually doesn't show it, returning to Earth is also an indelible obsession in his heart.

"When you're done with your work, go to Antarctica to test Gaia."

The time to find Gaia has been delayed for five years, and Lin Chen doesn't want to delay any more. He also wants to ask clearly about some things in person.


As for what is he doing now?

Of course it was a deal with Yang Sihai.

Yang Sihai told him that now Xia Kingdom continues to use a large number of high-level mutant creatures to make genetic medicines, and the higher the level of mutant creatures, the better.

And the reward is the book that records the information of the earth and stars in the ancient times.

Previously, the mutated creature corpses in Lin Chen's hands had only been exchanged for three ancient books from Yang Sihai's hands. If he wanted more books, he had to exchange more mutated creature corpses.

Lin Chen didn't believe that Yang Sihai only had these three ancient books in his hands. There must be more ancient books about the Earth Stars in the ancient times in Yang Sihai's hands.

Never underestimate the power of a country, the power of a country is beyond your imagination.

It's just that a lot of times, this kind of power is not revealed. Once there is a need, the power that the country erupts is really beyond imagination.

If there are few mutant creatures in the universe, there are many in the ocean.

"If possible, try to exchange more books about the ancient earth stars from Yang Sihai before going to Gaia."


It's a trillion light-years away from the Milky Way, where the Earth star is located.

This place is a star field in the universe that is dark all year round. There is no sun in this star field, and there is no light. Even the stars floating here are completely dead, without the light of any planet.


This area is a forbidden area in the entire universe, and it has also become a death star field by all higher civilizations.

The cultivation base has not reached the realm of half-step detachment. Once you enter this star field by mistake, the result waiting for you is only death.

Even a super-powerful half-step detachment is not absolutely safe in the death star field, and any negligence will die inside.

In the long years since the death star field appeared, there have been no less than 100 half-step transcendental powerhouses who died here.

Therefore, this place has become a forbidden place for all civilizations in the universe, and no spacecraft of any civilization dares to come here.

There is no one here all year only darkness shrouded.

The death star field is very large, with a diameter of more than 10 billion light-years.

If the entire universe is likened to a blank sheet of paper, then the Death Star Field is a black spot on this blank sheet of paper.

Fortunately, the Death Sector is immovable, and it is still in the most remote area of ​​the universe.

So, while it's dangerous, it's fine as long as you don't get in.



On this day, a powerful force suddenly erupted in the central area of ​​the calm Death Star Field.

This force swept across the surrounding area of ​​tens of millions of glossy surfaces, destroying all objects in this area, and this area completely turned into a world of nothingness.

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【Sign-in starts from farming in the countryside】【】

However, the death star field, which was originally full of darkness, has come to light under the intervention of this powerful energy.

A channel with a diameter of more than one million kilometers appeared in the central area of ​​the Death Star Field.

In the passage, a huge spaceship with a length of one million kilometers, a height of 600,000 kilometers, and a width of 300,000 kilometers slowly drove out.

This enormous spaceship was as black as ink.

After the spacecraft exited the channel, the channel with a diameter of more than one million kilometers was quickly closed, and with the closure of the channel, the light illuminating this area also dimmed.

Darkness once again enveloped the vast Death Star Field, and at the same time covered up the huge, pitch-black spaceship.

Happy National Day everyone, and stay safe when traveling!