Chapter 28: Previous Life

“Host, host, you have to hold on ah.”

“Hey, you were finally reborn once, and I even gave you the blessing of the male lead, whether it was a mistake or not, you just want to die again like this? At least save some face for this system.”

“It’s really hopeless. I’ll let you remember your previous life, so once you figure it out you should seek to survive.”

She doesn’t know where the buzzing sound came from, it kept reverberating inside Mo Qiqi’s head, what “System?”, What “Host?” made her confused.

She was physically and mentally traumatized, especially when Gu Ningran angrily kicked her on the bottom of her ribs and the upper edge of her abdomen without any effort. Her bones and internal organs were severely shaken. In addition, she was in deep pain and fainted on the ground. She simply did not want to wake up and did not want to look at this world again.

However, the sunrise always comes out as scheduled. The first ray of sunlight on the seventh day of the first month, reluctantly managed to find a gap between the dark clouds. It was shining on Mo Qiqi’s eyelids, which seemed to remind her and soothe her.

What followed was that she, who was in a coma, seemed to have a long and painful dream, and saw another possibility of her life. According to the “system”, it was her previous life.

The divergence between Mo Qiqi’s past life and this life is because she took the exam for her brother.

In her previous life, she was not so persistent and did not appear at the Gong Yuan, but stayed by her brother’s side instead. She was listening to his lamentations about missing the entrance exam, and naturally she did not get to meet Gu Ningxi.

Without this nobleman’s care, her brother Mo Qi lacked the silver and medicine, and was depressed, and in early October of the second year of Yongsheng, the day the Jinshi examinations results were released, he passed away unwillingly.

Mo Qiqi became a complete orphan girl. She left her hometown and had no one to rely on, not knowing what to do with her life.

By coincidence, she passed by Gu Ningran, the editor of the Hanlin Academy, in a white mourning dress, who instantly took a liking to this timid, delicate little white flower. He immediately turned around and followed Mo Qiqi into the small courtyard she rented with her brother.

Gu Ningran acted like a dog, he seemed to be serious, and acted like an upright official inquiring about her feelings, and he immediately understood her current situation based on a few words he heard from Mo Qiqi’s mouth.

He weighed a couple of things, and pretended to save the unfortunate girl and help Mo Qiqi send her brother off, and took her as his fifth concubine along the way. He brought her back to the old Gu Mansion in mid-October.

However, Gu Ningran was excited with the freshness for a while, and soon after he grew tired of it, he left Mo Qiqi, who is uninteresting and often sobs because she misses her brother, behind, and brings in a sixth concubine.

Gu Ningran’s wife hates her husband’s philandering and regards the women in her backyard as a thorn in her side. Mo Qiqi does not have the support of her mother’s family, and when she first arrived at the former prime minister’s residence from the city and the mountains, she was already at a disadvantage. She was treated as the softest persimmon by Gu Ningran’s wife, who treated her badly. However, she was still able to handle it well.

The occasional bright light in her bleak concubine life is that Lady Tao, the wife of Gu Sicheng. They do not live in the old Gu residence, but would often come to visit the elders with her husband or alone. When she saw her being punished by Gu Ningran’s wife and had her kneel, while locked up in the woodshed, and being slapped. She could not bear the sight and said a few words of justice.

For the sake of appearance and saving face, the mistress would always back down and be gentle with her for a day or two.

One day in the cold winter months of the fourth year of Yongsheng. She was too sleepy from the night before because she was working all night to make underwear for her mistress. So the next morning when she was serving her breakfast, she made a mistake and accidentally put the green onions that she did not like to eat into her plate.

The lady immediately threw a fit, and ordered her to kneel down to the thin ice spot under the eaves and use her knees to move one step at a time to warm up all the ice before she was allowed to get up.

Mo Qiqi couldn’t bear it anymore. For more than two years, she had complained to Gu Ningran, begged for mercy from the mistress, and even took the opportunity to run to Old Lady Gu and kneel down long enough to beg for anything as long as she was let out of the house, but everything was in vain.

She felt that life was hopeless, so she stood up and rushed to the pillar in the room, wanting to make a clean break.

Then a gentle and friendly female voice suddenly sounded in her ears, “Sister-in-law Ran, I am here again to disturb you, grandmother has not yet risen, third aunt asked me to come and get warm, mainly to greet sister-in-law.” It was the charitable person Lady Tao!

Mo Qiqi’s afterglow saw that Tao Xinhe was walking with a big belly, and Gu Ningxi, who never had anyone else in his eyes, carefully supported the pregnant woman and gently reminded her to pay attention to the threshold. The couple came from outside and was walking shoulder-to-shoulder, creating a warm and romantic atmosphere in the cold weather.

It’s a good thing that Gu Ningxi is a young, and high-ranking official. Not long ago he was promoted to the Fourth Rank of the Ministry of Rites. He was said to be the most favored grandson of Prime Minister Gu. Her husband cursed him countless times behind his back. He couldn’t accept that this cousin was better than him.

For women, Gu Ningxi is a rare man. It is said that he had face-blindness, and regarded every woman as if they were air. He had only had his eyes on Lady Tao. The new Gu Mansion is clean, and there were no concubines that went through his door. Even though it took them five years after their wedding for Lady Tao to get pregnant. He was still willing to wait, and content with his wife.

Mo Qiqi had always kept a respectful distance from Gu Ningxi, while secretly admiring his face. But Lady Tao’s gentle face had been deeply engraved in her heart.

At this time, her consciousness is lax, the corner of her forehead was painful. The eyes of the couple, Gu Ningxi and lady Tao, seemed to have passed through a layer of golden light, like the Goddess of Mercy and the great warrior saving her from her suffering.

The last memory she had was her vaguely hearing Lady Tao’s frightened voice that changed its tone, “You forced Concubine Mo to Death? Husband, quickly pick up the woman on the ground, let’s find a doctor to save her life!”

Gu Ningxi complied, and Mo Qiqi felt the man’s clean and strong embrace, with a slight sunken water aroma, like the one on Lady Tao’s body. This place is like a harbor without any storms, which can allow her to immerse herself for a hundred years.

When she was on the verge of death, Mo Qiqi only hated that she didn’t meet Gu Ningxi back then. If she were to be his concubine, and the mistress was a kind person like Lady Tao, her life would be so much easier.

She really wanted to live by the couple’s side. Just be a little cat and dog like existence, quietly serving the master and mistress, rely on their kindness, to get the basic decency and respect.

Unfortunately, she can no longer do that. This life has been a mess and a joke for her. The woman who was just twenty years old is going to return to hell. Mo Qiqi who had tears in the corners of her eyes, fell into Gu Ningxi’s arms, and breathed her last breath.

“The host finally remembers her previous life, how does it feel?” It was the voice called “System” again.

Mo Qiqi instantly understood the identity of the lecher she met last night. It was Gu Ningran, the chief culprit who caused her to commit suicide in her previous life!

Her eyelids trembled, her breathing became erratic. She was not reconciled…not reconciled to die of anger because of Gu Ningran again in this life!

There is also her elder brother, who had survived past the second year of Yongsheng in this life, and is waiting for her to take care of him.

And Brother Xi, the way he looked at her was about the same as the way he looked at Lady Tao in his previous life, no, it seemed to be more focused and more affectionate! She can’t live up to this opportunity!

The voice in her head was still flat and calm, but it made Mo Qiqi feel a little smug, “At first I thought the binding was wrong, but it turned out not to be. You had a deep obsession in your previous life before you died, so you tied everyone in your next life. You have my powerful system to accompany you and fulfill your wish. It is against fate to have a relationship with the male lead. However I will give you a unique face to be recognized by the male lead. The host must take good care of it.”

Then, carefully The broken female voice chattered over the system voice, “Miss Mo is actually quite miserable, look at this body it was full of red and purple bruises.”

“More than that, look at her waist, there is a big bruise mark, as if she has been kicked. ”

“Oh, she’s still unconscious, and when she wakes up, I don’t know how she will deal with the loss of her body.”

“Don’t talk about it, quickly pour this bowl of medicinal soup for Miss Mo. Help her back up, and I will help her.”

“Come on, look at the swollen cheeks, it will hurt when you open her mouth.”

Immediately afterwards, the jaw was gently opened, but the wound on the face was still being pulled, and the pain immediately pulled Mo Qiqi’s soul back to her body.

The extremely bitter and incomparable warm medicinal juice slid down the throat into her stomach and intestines. It was like lighting up something. Mo Qiqi coughed and woke up.

When she opened her eyes, she saw two maids surrounding her, with compassionate expressions and gentle movements, one of them looked familiar, as if she was a maid named Qingfang from the Gu family. She had met her once when she was giving the New Year’s gift.

With a sound of “Ah”, Mo Qiqi returned to the human world, and fell into Qingfang’s arms, and cried bitterly.

Gu Ningxi heard the maid hurriedly come to report, “Miss Mo drank the medicine and woke up.” As if he was pardoned, he quickly staggered to ask the details of his righteous sister, and asked Mo Qi, who was staring at him on the bed and waiting for an answer, to listen with a calm mind.

He is not good at communicating with people, just now Mo Qi entrusted Mo Qiqi to him, begging him to take her as a concubine, although Gu Ningxi felt it was wrong, but he did not know how to say the words of refusal.

When he heard that Mo Qiqi wanted to come to visit her brother, Gu Ningxi felt even more relieved, because the girl’s family was there, and because he wouldn’t want to ruin her reputation, Mo Qi would never bring up such extravagant requests again.

Mo Qiqi, whose body was exhausted and who was half-sitting leaning against Qingfang, gasped for breath, and her muscles and bones were stretched. Her chest and abdomen aches when she moved a little.

Looking at the dilapidated courtyard she was in shock, she told herself over and over again that she was not in the old Gu’s mansion now, but in the small courtyard of the Mo family where she and her brother lived together.

Hearing Qingfang’s complaints and caring words, She asked her if she remembered what happened last night, but Mo Qiqi didn’t answer, she closed her eyes and raised her hand to rub her forehead.

Qingfang thought she didn’t want to mention the sad things, so she sighed softly, and then talked about her master.

Hearing that Brother Xi was here, Mo Qiqi’s eyes lit up suddenly, and with Qingfang’s support. She struggled to move her legs, endured the unspeakable pain, and walked across the soft dirt road feeling like a knife point was showering with every movement. Cold sweat was hanging all over her face, then she moved towards Mo Qi’s room.

“Brother Xi, Big brother!” Mo Qiqi shed her tears before saying a word. She choked up and called out to her two closest people in this world, then rushed over with the last two steps. She knelt down in front of Mo Qi’s bed, and cried loudly on his quilt.

Mo Qi couldn’t hold it anymore, and after asking Gu Ningxi what to say, he slid down and laid down. His skinny hand gently brushed the top of his sister’s hair, but his eyes stared straight at Gu Ningxi, who was far away from the siblings, and made a mouthful, “Brother Gu!”

Gu Ningxi couldn’t understand the other person’s mouth, but was shocked by the woman’s appearance that he had just glanced at clearly.

Contrary to the delicate and lively image in his impression, Mo Qiqi’s eyes were swollen like rotten peaches, shrunk into two thin slits, half of her face was swollen like steamed buns, red and purple, and there was a bruise on her upper lips.

“Qi… Qiniang, are you okay?” Although Gu Ningxi heard the maids talk about the situation, it was the first time he saw such a clear dilapidation with his own eyes. He wanted to calm down.

Mo Qiqi raised her head, with tears in her eyes, looking at Gu Ningxi who had given her the last reason to be attached to this world in her previous life. She subconsciously bit her lip but suffered the pain, and instantly had an idea.

“Brother Xi, I’m not good, not at all. You all know what happened to me, right?”

Mo Qiqi held Mo Qi’s hand, put it under the quilt, and tucked the corner of the quilt for his brother. She stood up slowly, and approached Gu Ningxi halfway, raised her head hard, and met his gaze.

Gu Ningxi helped her, and quickly let go as if she had been scalded, Liu Guang silently came over to hold Mo Qiqi.

All the masters and servants in the house, no one made a sound for a while, it was so quiet that even a drop of a needle could be heard.

Gu Ningxi turned his eyes away and looked at the gray sky outside the window, which didn’t look like noon. After considering his words, he slowly said, “It’s really unfortunate to be taken by a thief, I also feel the same way. After Qiniang’s health is better, you can check if there is any loss of belongings. If Qiniang is willing, I can contact Jing Zhaoyin, and ask the government to track down the thief and capture him, and then discuss a remedy.”

“This evil man is brother Xi’s enemy, he said so himself when he insulted me last night. Brother Xi, what are you going to do to compensate me?” Mo Qiqi’s words followed closely.

Gu Ningxi was stunned for a moment. The servants looked at each other.

“Gu Sicheng, it turns out that you brought disaster on my sister!” Mo Qi roared emotionally and fainted again.

Gu Ningxi had no choice but to look back at Mo Qiqi again, he had to give the innocent woman an explanation.

The author has something to say:

In Mo Qiqi’s previous life, the author borrowed from Xiangling’s life in “A Dream of Red Mansions“, but this author said that Mo Qiqi’s wish to live beside the hero and heroine at the end of her previous life was the reason why she wanted to survive. This thinking drove her to become a concubine.

Her thinking was definitely wrong. From Tao Xinhe’s point of view, it is like “The Farmer and The Snake”. The author just hopes that the follow-up text can be written. Mo Qiqi’s own logic is self-consistent, and it is only limited to herself.

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