Chapter 21: Ancestral Hall

The reason is very simple.

When Prime Minister Gu was alive, the order of the men who offered sacrifices to their ancestors during the New Year was based on the Main Houses first and then concubines. The descendants were arranged as Gu Ningxi’s father and third Uncle Gu first, followed closely by Gu Ningxi, then Gu Ningran, followed by  Second Uncle Gu and the rest of  the ‘Ning’ character generation.

Now that it’s been the third year of Yongsheng, and Prime Minister Gu had already passed away for more than a year. Gu Ningran doesn’t want to follow the annoying Gu Ningxi’s shadow any more, so he discussed to change the rule earlier with his father.

So, a dozen or so men from the Gu family walked to the ancestral hall. When Gu Ningxi was about to follow Third Uncle Gu and lift his legs into the hall, he was stopped by the father and son on both sides. They asked him to change his location.

Gu Ningran had been educated in the Hanlin Academy, and he brought out the idea of ​​order by seniority, requiring that the children from the main wife be arranged first, so that his father would not be overwhelmed by the second uncle, and then the Ning generation would be lined up according to age, and he would naturally become the first grandson, and the first person in his generation.

Gu Ningran’s proposition had no effect on the other people behind. They didn’t want to get involved. Still, they didn’t want to miss the excitement, so they all kept silent, and was just waiting for Gu Ningxi to respond.

After a sneer, Gu Ningxi stood quietly on the spot. He raised his head and focused on the brackets at the top of the eaves, with his hands clasped behind his back, his figure was tall and straight but full of disdain. He was like a nobleman watching a boring monkey show.

The father and son stood alternately for a long while, but they couldn’t wait for Gu Ningxi, the highest ranking member of the entire Gu family, to soften his attitude.

The cold spring is expected to come, but the spring did not come into the gate of the shady ancestral hall. Many people secretly felt that they are wearing less clothes, and they shrink their shoulders and sleeves.

However, Uncle Gu’s brow was sweating from nervousness, and finally felt guilty. So he argued back:

“Ningran’s statement is naturally reasonable, if Ningxi is not willing, then forget it. Worshiping the ancestors is the most important thing.”

Gu Ningxi finally looked at the elder, raised his hand to prevent them from ambiguously passing, and talked to them carefully.


Tao Xinhe knelt in front of everyone, although Aunt Gu stuffed a cushion under her knees, but she still didn’t thank her.

After hearing the whole story, she raised her head to face Old Mrs. Gu, and said sonorously:

“Just as what my husband said, if they haven’t changed their father’s rules for three years, it can be called filial piety. The third uncle really made a fool of himself. That man, just want to change the rules, did he want to prove that he was not filial in front of everyone? Doesn’t he think of tarnishing his reputation? Isn’t he afraid of affecting his big cousin who has an official career?”

“What nonsense are you talking about? How dare you make arrangements for the elders? Shut your mouth!” Old Mrs. Gu pointed her fingers tremblingly. She was feeling breathless for a moment.

After Tao Xinhe briefly kowtowed, she stood up neatly,

“Forgive this granddaughter-in-law for not following your orders, and leaving immediately after this, I’m doing this for filial piety. When grandmother finally calms down, granddaughter-in-law will come and serve her properly.”

Then, Tao Xinhe, who was dressed in a new ginger-yellow clothes, turned around and left, leaving Old Mrs. Gu’s trembling voice behind her head.

Second Aunt Gu shook her daughter’s hand vigorously, and called “Niece-in-Law!” and chased after her. The other female relatives in the room surrounded Old Mrs. Gu to comfort her, but Gu Runing hid in the corner to watch the spectacle.


What Gu Ningxi said to Third Uncle Gu was exactly the same exact reason as Tao Xinhe used to block the women’s relatives. So when the two sides talked about it later, they  felt bitterly after learning this fact, thinking that their husband and wife were in collusion, but this was in the later story.

Gu Ningxi responded to the eldest cousin coldly:

“Don’t you always feel that the Imperial Academy is inferior? Your biological father has a reputation of being unfilial, and you still expect to be promoted?”

Gu Ningran was speechless, unable to get off his anger again. He gritted his teeth, and veins burst out of his forehead. His face that was half similar to Gu Ningxi’s distorted into an extremely ferocious appearance.

On the other hand, Gu Ningxi, who seemed to be unperturbed, had that fox eyes under his clear brow. His red lips and white teeth are so romantic, and the opening and closing of his mouth were full of precise words, both in momentum and morality.

He won this argument.

Everyone judged and understood the situation. They gathered around to smooth things over. Second Uncle Gu reprimanded the third uncle and his son lightly as the eldest with a trembling voice.

Everyone observed the situation, then surrounded Gu Ningxi and walked over the high threshold. They stood in their original positions according to the old practice. Finally, everyone lost their minds, and The ancestor worship ceremony was completed.

Gu Ningran stared at his cousin’s wide and flat back, wishing that needles would grow out of his eyes. It was this kind of resentment that made him similar to a snake in the dark, wanting to grab onto Gu Ningxi who was being arrogant in front of him. He wanted to bite him, and ruin his woman, although that’s another story.

After offering sacrifices to the ancestors, it’s time for the whole family banquet. Gu Ningxi came out of the ancestral hall and walked out faster. He wanted to look for his lady earlier, but he didn’t want her to be bothered with the earlier’s entanglement.

When he first stepped into the flower hall where the female relatives are gathered, he saw a lady with familiar clothing sitting under his grandmother. They seemed to be telling a joke? He can hear his grandma’s laughter coming from afar.

When did the relationship between grandmother and my wife get so good?


Tao Xinhe came out of the flower hall, not foolishly suffering from the bitter cold. She wanted to find a vacant room to sit for a while, then a middle-aged servant woman who claimed to be Liu Guang’s aunt took the initiative to come forward. She came thanking Mrs. Xi for taking care of her niece, and at the same time she wanted to assist her to the guest room where the charcoal basin has been lit, and serve her tea and water.

Second Aunt Gu followed behind her, but Tao Xinhe comforted her, saying that as long as her husband is still a fifth-rank official, grandma won’t be angry for long.

Sure enough, the news of what happened to the ancestral hall was sent back to Second Aunt and Tao Xinhe respectively, and Old Mrs. Gu sent someone to invite her good granddaughter-in-law back.

As long as the other party can bear not to lift the table during a conversation, Tao Xinhe naturally has all kinds of skills to make them happy.

First praise grandma for her good complexion and moist skin, and say that she is full of blessings and have many children, and then tell a few jokes about Gu Ningxi because he is blind and cannot recognize people. Although it is not painful or funny, it subtly satisfies the old woman’s thoughts.

So when Gu Ningxi entered the door, he saw a happy and harmonious group, and even heard her grandmother say:

“He Niang’s words are really sweet, why don’t you stay with me in the mansion, and don’t leave.”

Gu Ningxi became serious:

“Grandmother, everything is going well in the worship ceremony. He Niang still has to handle the affairs of our household. I’m afraid she won’t be able to get away. After a few days, our husband and wife will come to serve you together.”

All the female relatives teased him that he couldn’t even go without his wife, the air was full of joy, which made Gu Ningran, who came in with a drooping face, feel even angrier.

Gu Ningran took a peek at Tao Xinhe, she had an ordinary appearance, her eyebrows were not too picky, her eyes were not big enough, her lips were not fleshy enough, her skin was still smooth, but her figure was attractive. He was captivated.

Tao Xinhe sensed Gu Ningran’s scrutiny. At first, she thought that he still thought she was ordinary in appearance, and wants to use it to mock her husband’s lame eyes, but then she was sensitive to malicious gazes so when she looked at his way and saw his gaze were a bit lewd and eyes were focused on her body, her hair finally stood on end.

She resisted the urge to blind Gu Ningran’s eyes, then turned her back, and secretly clenched her fists.

Gu Ningxi felt that the lady suddenly tensed up, thinking that she was annoyed with all the teasing. He repeatedly begged for forgiveness to her aunt, sister-in-law, younger siblings, and cousins, but he couldn’t tell who was who. So he made the whole room burst into laughter.

Gu Ningran’s ears was suddenly pinched by his wife, and the two quarreled in front of her grandmother.

His wife was about to say shameless words about peeking at his sister-in-law, and he somehow became aroused. She swept her eyes on the hands of Gu Ningxi and his wife, and quickly swallowed it back. She found a different reason to scold Gu Ningran angrily, but got a slap in the face instead, which made Old Mrs. Gu faint with anger.

Naturally, the luncheon was cancelled, the crowd dispersed, and the old Gu’s mansion was in disarray.

Second Aunt Gu took Gu Runing, and some others, then followed Gu Ningxi and Tao Xinhe to the Xingu Mansion to celebrate the new year instead.

It was still lively and festive occasion afterall.



The people from the Gu Mansion are just crazy! Lol How can they be this messy? Also, that Gu Ningran was a bit creepy, hopefully nothing bad happens.