Inside the Xin Gu mansion, Tao Xinqiang repeatedly asked Qingfang, what is the origin of this Mo Qiqi, and why an unmarried woman came to see a married man.

Qingfang’s face was covered with sweat and she couldn’t speak clearly. Tao Xinqiang got angry, so she let the word out that the master was not there and there were no outsiders.

She puffed her cheeks and thought about it for a while, and added another sentence. Telling Qingfang that even a person from the the family had to set an appointment in order to meet with Gu Sicheng, so the girl who came outside the door uninvited looking for him, must send a post first before she could even take a step inside the Xingu Mansion.

Qingfang took some servants and maids to reject the guest. She came out with a powerful momentum which caused Mo Qi Qi to feel a bit uneasy. She tactfully rejected Mo Qi Qi’s attempts, while secretly throwing hidden daggers in between her words. The whole situation made Mo Qiqi felt a little aggrieved.

Both women were scrutinizing each other secretly, but they both pretended to be calm. Although they felt extremely unreconciled inside their hearts.

Mo Qiqi initially wanted to mention about her new foster relative status, but she was frightened by Qingfang’s momentum. So she swallowed back her words, thinking that she’d complain about Qingfang to Brother Xi. In the end, she left behind her new year’s gift for her new brother and sister-in-law. She also urged Qingfang to stop being ignorant. She then left the mansion in a sullen mood.


Gu Ningxi took advantage of the fact that he’s alone with his wife. He silently reached out and scratched the lady’s armpits. He was very proud of his actions and gave her a smug smile. He then hugged the beautiful woman. She was ticklish so she can’t help but laugh a bit. Her teeth were like pearl and jade-white. Her body was fragrant and he couldn’t help but hold her tighter.

After getting out of the carriage, Tao Xinhe blamed her husband for messing up her hair in a low voice, Gu Ningxi casually sent her to buy paints, while she took the lady’s hand and walked a few more steps into the Yanchun Pavilion, following her master not far or near them.

The store clerk recognized the person accurately, and had already shouted loudly: “Thanks to Gu Sicheng’s patronage, please come inside.”

Tao Xinhe felt slightly uneasy, and took the initiative to approach Gu Ningxi, and whispered to her husband on tiptoe: “You don’t need to buy me anything, the expenses are high during the New Year’s Eve, so we should leave room for it.”

Gu Ningxi ignored it at all, and directly said to the vague-faced person at the reception: “Show me the new jewelry and let my wife choose it carefully.”

Then he turned his head, wrapped Tao Xinhe’s broken hair from the sideburns around his fingers, rolled it, let it go, and rolled it again, having a lot of fun, and said: “Looking at the pair of pressed hair for my husband, the lady wore it for half a day. I think it is I don’t like it very much, so I decided to come to the store today to choose the lady herself.”

How could Tao Xinhe say that when she saw the hair, she remembered that her husband bought it after seeing Mo Qiqi, and wondered if Mo Qiqi had any ideas about it, so she vented her anger.

She politely asked the attendants in the private room to go out to get some tea, and seized the opportunity to start another topic to persuade Gu Ningxi to live within her means.

Gu Ningxi sighed in his heart, how lucky he is to have such a virtuous wife.

He finally explained the matter of accepting Hong’s relatives to ask for a painting, and concluded, “I don’t know how to grow bamboo. The money in and out of the house was handled by my mother before, and then I troubled my wife. I don’t know the importance of A Duwu. Only recently If you wake up, you can only mend the situation, and I hope the lady will give you more advice.”

Only then did Tao Xinhe realize that her husband’s pockets were bulging, and she couldn’t help being surprised: “Didn’t you always disdain these mundane things? You just said that selling paintings is no different from merchants, and has a dirty name.”

Gu Ningxi recalled the past, went to the old Gu mansion to visit her grandmother a few days ago, and when he heard the elders criticize the lady, including changing her clothes and looking poor, he wanted to complain for He Niang.

The lady didn’t change her clothes because of herself, so how could he be ungrateful?

By chance, he got a chance to earn money in the Tao Mansion that afternoon, and he took it without thinking, wanting to repay his lady for not changing his clothes and making incense for him.

Ginger cloth, let the lady use the best. Agarwood, use the purest. From hair to neck to ears to hands, let the lady use her favorite jewelry. This is the compromise that Gu Ningxi can think of.

Speaking of ginger yellow, Gu Ningxi gave up her image of a gentleman, and finally revealed the peep from more than three years ago.

When Gu Ningxi’s mother was critically ill, he heard from his second aunt that Miss Tao’s reputation for being capable and agile, and he felt that it was in line with his mother’s expectations, so on a certain holiday day, he wandered around the corner of the entrance of Tao’s mansion with a servant who had inquired about the situation in advance. , waiting to see her.

Gu Ningxi remembered that the servant said that Miss Tao had come out, and he stared at it. That day, Tao Xinhe was wearing a ginger-yellow dress and braided braids of an unmarried girl. In his heart.

He was hesitating whether to introduce himself out of the blue, so he listened to Tao Xinhe’s articulate instructions to the housekeeper who chased him out of the house, how to deal with the servants who colluded with merchants to enrich their own pockets.

In order to prove it, Gu Ningxi quickly recounted a few things Tao Xinhe said at that time. It was these words that made him feel that the ginger-yellow figure was “responsible for Guo Yi”, with a clear and well-organized mind, which he admired very much.

In order to avoid the abrupt beauty and appearing like a disciple, Gu Ningxi didn’t show up and went directly to propose marriage. This is probably the greatest respect a man has for a woman he likes.

Following Gu Ningxi’s words, Tao Xinhe recalled the scene more than three years ago, and couldn’t remember anyone in the dark at all. She couldn’t help but blame her husband for not being an upright gentleman. To the lips.

At this time, Liu Guang, who was guarding the door, announced loudly that the clerk took the jewelry album and asked to enter the room. The two quickly separated. Cough twice to calm down the restlessness.

Tao Xinhe flipped through the beautiful albums and thought, it turned out that her husband’s first impression of her was ginger yellow clothes before marriage, so he praised her when he saw her wearing similar clothes after marriage.

Therefore, their husband and wife are not completely blind marriages. For some reason, this somewhat soothed her heart.

She fell in love with a whole set of figures in the pavilion made of pure sapphire, and thought about colliding with ginger yellow to match the village appearance, so she turned this page with some reluctance.

Tao Xinhe bit her lip and tilted her head for a moment, then decided to speak out her concession and not to swallow her voice again: “Husband, I like this set of clean lake blue jewelry, but in order to match the turmeric clothes, I decided to buy a set of duck down yellow which is the next best thing.” Nuanyu. In case you completely anger me one day, I will stop wearing turmeric, so that you can’t recognize or find me, you have to remember.”

Gu Ningxi’s heart skipped a beat and tightened again and again, she only felt that the words were ominous, and she kept making promises.

Regardless of Tao Xinhe’s objection, he spent a lot of money to buy both sets of blue and soft yellow jewelry. Then pointing to the reason that the sun was rising three poles, he coaxed the lady to have a happy lunch together outside.

Both husband and wife feel that getting along half a day is far better than the past few months, seeing each other softer and more pleasing to the eye. Gu Ningxi was thinking that she might be able to make dolls with her tonight.

Back in the mansion, Tao Xinhe’s mouth was still smiling, she heard her younger sister and the maidservant talking to each other, explaining the matter of Mo Qiqi’s visit to the door thoroughly, and her heart suddenly became upset.

Rubbing her forehead, she resisted the urge to grind her teeth. While asking Gu Ningxi to come over, she took the bamboo basket left by Mo Qiqi, waiting to open it with her husband to see the New Year’s gift from his righteous sister.


In the small courtyard of Mo’s family, Mo Qi could not persuade his younger sister who insisted on going to the brother-in-law’s house, she was worried, so she could only lean against the gate of the courtyard with the support of neighbors and wait for Mo Qiqi to come back.

But he didn’t expect to see his younger sister appearing at the entrance of the alley so soon, rubbing his eyes from a distance. Mo Qi took a step forward and was about to say hello, but he inhaled the cold wind and coughed earth-shatteringly.

Mo Qiqi rushed forward in three steps and two steps, first helping his brother to tighten the cotton cloak, and then blaming Mo Qi for going out in winter.

The neighbor laughed and teased the situation, and Mo Qi didn’t feel comfortable asking, what happened to his sister’s eyes that were as red as rabbits, and tears still hanging down her cheeks.

Mo Qiqi didn’t stop for a moment, thanked his neighbors for sending him out of the hospital, forced his brother back to the house, tidied up the courtyard by himself, and didn’t give his brother a chance to ask questions.

But she was not thinking about the immediate affairs, she was thinking about some needles and threads to be sent to Gu’s residence. The scarf made of light taro purple clear smoked satin, and the dark sauce yellow swastika pattern brocade wipe forehead were given to Mrs. Gu, the Yi sister-in-law. The fabric cost her all the odds and ends, so it should be considered affordable.

I don’t know if Brother Yi saw the scarf, could he understand it? It secretly echoed the length, color, embroidery, and stitches of his eggplant purple scarf. It was a pair. It was originally woven by Mo Qiqi for himself. Please sister-in-law’s favor, in case there is a chance that sisters will be compatible in the future?

There are also black cloth homely square-toed flat-toed shoes that I collected his footprints on the dust, stitch by stitch. Brother Xi, has he tried it on his feet, do you like it?