To meet Rosaline and his daughter Abigail, whom he had not seen since she announced that she had a child.

It was nothing more than infiltrating an enemy's house disguised as an attendant.

The Count, who saw his precious granddaughter, set up a security guard so strictly that he had to be checked several times while going to the room where Rosalyn and the child were.

Fortunately, Duonia was a close friend of Rosalyn who had already visited the mansion several times, so rather than suspecting the person herself, she inspected the contents of the gift box he was holding.

“Duonia! How long has it been? I'm so glad to see you.”

As he passed through the strict boundary and moved to Rosalyn's residence, he was greeted by a very welcoming voice.

No, because Rosalyn didn't even know that Albert had arrived, it was Duonia that she welcomed, not him.

It was still incomparably beautiful to see her getting up from the soft sofa and welcoming her friend, with a more drawn-out look than he remembered

For some reason, the neatness that stimulates the protective instinct was added, making it seem more beautiful than before.

“I want to see the baby, and I want to see Rosalyn. We also prepared a surprise gift.”

“I'll see you at Abigail's christening soon anyway, but you can't stand it? Duonia, too.”

Rosalind joked about Duonia's impatient nature. She didn't seem to have the slightest idea that her surprise would be Albert.

Duonia sat down on a soft chair, and soon the nanny came into the room with the little baby wrapped in a soft blanket.

“Oh my god… The baby looks just like Rosalyn. So pretty.”

When Rosalyn received the baby from the nanny and held it in her arms, Duonia admired Abigail.

It was sincerity, not word of mouth. Because she was such a cute baby she wanted to make a fuss and scream if possible.

“I… Rosalyn, I want to give you a surprise gif, can you send them away for a while?”

Duonia, who was preoccupied with seeing Abigail, spoke cautiously as if she had remembered her true gift.

It was a gift in a box. There was no need to bite around because there were only hand wraps, rattles, and toys like dolls necessary for a newborn child, but for Rosalyn and Albert's friendly time, they got rid of the eyes.

“Yes, got it.”

Rosalyn looked a little curious and bit all the maids who brought her tea with the nanny. Now all that was in the drawing room was Duonia, Rosaline, and Albert.

Albert looked around nervously and quietly lowered his hat.


“It’s me, Rosalyn.”

Rosalyn's eyes widened when she recognized Albert. The look on his face made her doubt that he was looking at something.

“What the hell are you doing here? What would you do if someone saw you? It's too dangerous.”

Rosalyn's voice trembled. She was embarrassed, and she was afraid that someone might find out about her relationship with Albert.

But more than that, the joy of meeting the lover of her dreams spread across her face.

“… Don't mind me. I'll keep an eye if anyone's coming.”

When Duonia shrugged, Albert and Rosalyn said thank you and headed to Rosalyn's bedroom.

The two of them sat side by side on Rosalyn's bed, silently looking at Abigail. In a moment like this, there was no need for words.

“This child…”

Albert's voice was watery.

“She is our daughter, Albert.”

Said Rosalyn, looking at him with jewel-like, tear-filled eyes.

“… so pretty, Rosalyn.”

Albert said, feeling a strange tickle in his chest.

In fact, he didn't like children very much. He thought that someday he would marry Rosalyn and start a family with her, but he thought that bearing children was just a way to continue the generation.

But seeing Abigail's blue eyes like this made me feel strange. How can she resemble his own eyes like this?

It was to the point where I felt as if I was looking into a mirror.

“It’s so pretty, really.”

He lightly kissed Rosalyn's forehead. To give birth to such a lovely child

As much as Abigail was lovable, anger welled up in his heart like boiling lava.

This child is a child so pretty, so much like himself and Rosalyn.

Growing up with the hateful surname Chase, disguised as Seamus Chase's bloodline.

It wasn't enough that the woman he loved was taken away, and now his one and only lovely daughter was also taken away.

“Is it okay if I hug her once?”

“Of course. She's your daughter.”

Rosalyn smiled as she placed Abigail in Albert's arms.

“Like this, you just need to support her neck and hug her. You're good at it, Albert.”

Rosalyn's sweet voice was not heard by Albert. It's so light It felt weak, like a candle that goes out when blown out.

“It's too small.”

“It will grow up soon.”

To his complaint-like words, Rosalyn answered with a smile. However, that answer only made Albert's heart feel more dissatisfied.

He couldn't get a close look at this lovely baby growing up.

He was angry at the fact that he always hid in the shadows and had to watch from afar without revealing that he was her real father.


Albert carefully laid Abigail down in the little crib next to Rosalyn's bed. And then he expressed his anger.

By coveting Rosalyn's lips roughly and fiercely.

“eup, Albert!”

I was angry. The other man's body odor on Rosalyn's bed. I thought I'd spew fire when I thought of what the son of a bitch and Rosalyn were doing in this bedroom.

It's not supposed to be like this.

The thought flashed through Rosalyn's mind for a moment. But it was only for a moment.

The stimulation that came from the unfamiliarity of doing something that should not be done morally was too great.

But I can't. I have to stop now.

“Stop, stop now.”

Rosalyn, who caught her last reason, pushed him away, her red, swollen lips.

Albert exhaled vigorously and wiped his lips.

“… People will think it strange if you leave too late, Albert.”

Rosalyn said as she straightened her disheveled clothes. The expression on her reddened face was rather sad.

I had to leave behind a very sweet and very short meeting. I felt like I was about to burst into tears.

“… I'll go.”

Albert left the bedroom without looking back at Rosalyn.

When he left, only the cold wind remained.


After Albert left.

When I went down to the restaurant for dinner, I lost my appetite when I saw Rosalyn with swollen lips.

Crazy bastards.

How can you do that here?

This was Seamus Chase's house. No matter what dirty things you do outside, you shouldn't do that here.

I shivered, finished my meal roughly, and went back to my room.

Because I really wanted to find a way to punish Albert and Rosalyn.

However, after several days of confinement in her room, she tried to think furiously, but without getting any cool answer, she had to forcefully end this confined life.

It was because another guest came to the mansion.

“The child looked like Rosaline and was very pretty. I'm so glad she doesn't look like you.”

“What's wrong with me saying that? I'm a popular person who made a name for myself in society before I got married.”

“… Aren't you embarrassed to say that with your own mouth? It's true, but… I hate to admit it.”

It was Seamus' best friend, Vincent, the heir to the Count of Riviera, his wife, and his younger brother, Anton Riviera.

From a precious daughter, he got married after 3 years of marriage to a welcome guest after a long time. Everyone was in a festive mood, but I couldn't be part of the gap, and I felt like I was falling apart like a borrowed sack of barley.

“Lucia, it seems you are not happy with our brother, whom you haven’t seen in a while. I see you are quiet the whole time. Even if I say yes, Anton is your best friend.”

I was trying to keep my mouth shut because it was awkward to join the fun atmosphere, but Vincent jokingly started talking to me.

Come to think of it, was there any mention that Anton was Lucia's childhood friend and that they were in a special relationship, with marriage talks going back and forth?

Later, when Lucia was accused of being a wicked woman and was punished, that marriage was broken.

“What friendship… Just because she and I haven't seen each other in a long time doesn't mean we're on friendly terms.”

Anton spat out the words bluntly as if he couldn't stand his older brother's words, and I responded succinctly.

“I know. Don't say gross things, Vincent.”

“Ha ha, yes. That's how Lucia is.”

Vincent burst out laughing as if he was satisfied with my answer. Fortunately, my behavior did not seem unnatural.

“… It's because Lucia is not in good health these days. It's because of that.”

I had no one to blame, but Seamus defended me on my behalf. It was not wrong to say that I had been confined to my room with the excuse of being sick these days.

“Lucia, if you are tired, go in and rest. There will be Abigail's christening in a few days, but you need to recover before that.”

Seamus added, looking at me in a worried voice. It was awkward to be in a place like this, and it was a welcome sound to me, who had a complicated mind. I said goodbye and stood up.

But Anton, who had been sitting quietly, suddenly jumped up and followed me.