Chapter 389 - Chapter 389: Chapter 381: Killing Foundation Establishment

Chapter 389: Chapter 381: Killing Foundation Establishment

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Upon witnessing this scene, He Song felt an inward sense of caution.


Fortunately, after reaching the Late Foundation Establishment Stage, the top-quality defensive Artifact he chose was a Vajra Shield, which, once activated, could provide all-round protection to himself.

Otherwise, if one day he encountered the same kind of attack, he might die without even having the chance to react, just like this Foundation Establishment cultivator.

Of course, the main reason behind this strike successfully killing a Late Foundation Establishment Master was due to the overwhelming power of the Golden Elixir Array.

It was known that if a Golden Elixir Array was supported by a sufficiently powerful cultivation base and a large amount of spirit stone consumption, it could withstand the existence of a Golden Elixir Master.

Although the Divine Thunder Array was not specifically designed for attack, its power certainly couldn’t match up to those arrays entirely dedicated to attacking.

Moreover, the functionality of the Divine Thunder Array was too diverse, spreading out its power and causing its various functions to be somewhat reduced.

Even though He Song, who was controlling the array, was only at the Late Foundation Establishment Stage, he couldn’t perfectly unleash the powerful strength of the Golden Elixir Array.

However, even so, the Divine Thunder Array was still a Golden Elixir Array.

To use a Golden Elixir Array to deal with a Foundation Establishment Master was actually putting too much effort into something trivial.

Killing a Late Foundation Establishment Master in one strike was actually not too impressive.

It was important to know.

When He Song just took control of the Divine Thunder Array, he effortlessly suppressed the four Foundation Establishment Great Perfection Golden Armor Guards instantly, without them being able to resist at all.

Even though the spirit stone consumption was enormous,

The power it showcased could only be imagined as terrifying.

Now it was just a matter of killing a Late Foundation Establishment Master in one strike.

It was as simple as pie.

As the divine thunder fell.

As one person among the four died.

The remaining three became instantly pale.

They were all enveloped within the Golden Elixir Array at the same time, and He Song did not separate them individually.

Hence, when the dark vortex above their heads started forming and the divine thunder fell, they saw it all very clearly.

As the divine thunder descended, a Late Foundation Establishment Master vanished from the world.

Along with him, the clan behind him might also be facing annihilation.

Foundation Establishment Clans usually had only one Master presiding over them, and it was considered very prosperous if there were two or more.

But that was rare.

Most Foundation Establishment Clans were held together by the power of a single Master.

Just like the Master who had nothing left but ashes after being struck by the divine thunder.

Upon witnessing a cultivator of Late Foundation Establishment Stage die right in front of them, and realizing that the demise of their clans was soon to follow,

Master Lie Feng and the other two Late Foundation Establishment cultivators all had a fleeting hint of sorrowful sympathy in their eyes.


The sorrow in their eyes didn’t linger too long.

He Song didn’t care whether they felt sad or sympathetic.

All he knew was that these four Foundation Establishment cultivators had come to kill him.

If it wasn’t for his early preparations, he might have been in a state of panic and perhaps could have only managed to repel them.

If it wasn’t for his overwhelming strength, he would have died after encountering them.

If it wasn’t for…

Facing those who had already had killing intent towards him,

He Song naturally wouldn’t spare a single one of them and would end them all.

Therefore, quickly, the sound of two more thunderous strikes was heard within the Golden Elixir Array set up by He Song.

With the fading of these two thunderous sounds,

The other two Late Foundation Establishment cultivators who were beside Master Lie Feng also perished, leaving not even a trace of their bodies behind.

They, at least, didn’t die defenseless under the divine thunder like the first Late Foundation Establishment cultivator.

They had learned to use their own Artifacts to resist the power of the divine thunder.

But they didn’t expect that the power of the Golden Elixir Array was not something that ordinary top-quality Artifacts could withstand.

Moreover, though the Defensive Artifacts were sturdy, they still needed someone to control them.

Under the divine thunder, who could withstand the power of the divine thunder and make their Defensive Artifacts firmly resist the might of the divine thunder?


When the divine thunder fell, their top-quality Defensive Artifacts, which they controlled, were almost instantly shattered and their divine senses disrupted. Then, the divine thunder landed on them instantly.

Their divine sense wasn’t enough to support them in controlling their Defensive Artifacts to fend off the divine thunder.

It was precisely for this reason that none of them survived.

None of them managed to withstand even a single strike from the divine thunder.


As He Song turned his gaze towards the only remaining Foundation Establishment Great Perfection cultivator in front of him,

After witnessing the miserable end of the other three Foundation Establishment Masters.

And after thinking about the consequences on their clans,

As He Song looked at him, the pressure of imminent death bore down on him.

Under this continuous pressure,

Even the status of a Foundation Establishment Master didn’t matter to Master Lie Feng anymore.

As the dark thunderclouds above him were about to unleash divine thunder, Master Lie Feng took out a piece of paper that should have been destroyed long ago from his storage bag.

When the fully written side of the paper was placed on the ground,

Master Lie Feng also spoke up.

“Esteemed friend … no, no, no, Senior! This humble one came here under the instigation of this man. All the blame lies with him! Please spare me your mercy, Senior, and let me make amends for my wrongs!”

Before He Song had a chance to make a move, Master Lie Feng placed the piece of paper on the ground and kowtowed deeply, yelling towards the front.

Upon seeing this, He Song, who had been prepared to take action, was somewhat affected.

Under He Song’s perception,

Xu Jie,

The mastermind behind all this, was currently silently waiting for news in the Eight-Vein Immortal City’s Treasure Pavilion.

As He Song’s gaze swept over the many lines of text on the piece of paper held by Master Lie Feng, his expression changed slightly as well.

On the paper, Xu Jie detailed He Song’s appearance, cultivation strength, treasures, and even informed Master Lie Feng about his suspicions about He Song being a disciple of a sect.

At the end of the paper, He Song even saw Xu Jie’s suggestion to Master Lie Feng to seek the collaboration of other Foundation Establishment Masters from the three major clans.

After reading the lines on the paper, He Song’s heart was filled with intense killing intent towards Xu Jie.

This person.

Must not be spared!

If he found out that He Song had killed Master Lie Feng and the other three Late Foundation Establishment cultivators,

Xu Jie would undoubtedly not let the matter rest.

Even acting out of fear of He Song’s future retaliation, Xu Jie would still use all the forces he could to kill He Song.

Although He Song didn’t know Xu Jie’s identity as a Sub-Pavilion Master of the Eight-Vein Immortal City’s Treasure Pavilion,