Chapter 335 - Chapter 335: Chapter 327: Fierce Battle

Chapter 335: Chapter 327: Fierce Battle

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For example, right now.

As he is about to ask He Song to reveal himself, a spirit amulet quietly appears in Wang Duan’s hand.

However, just as the spirit amulet appears in his hand and before he has the chance to use it.

With a sweep of He Song’s gaze, Wang Duan’s entire body suddenly stiffens.

The instant He Song controls the Golden Elixir Array to suppress Wang Duan in place, unable to budge at all, he feels a sense of relief in his heart.

The Golden Elixir Array is at hand.

Even if a Golden Elixir Master were to attack him personally, He Song may not be able to defeat them, but he would still have room to maneuver.

Once he lured them into the array and trapped them, he could still escape.

As long as the Golden Elixir Array could hold the opponent for enough time, enough time for He Song to escape from the Golden Elixir Master’s divine sense covering range, he could naturally avoid the Golden Elixir Master’s pursuit.

What’s more, this was a fake Golden Elixir, whose actual combat power was not even at the Qi-refining late stage?

Facing such a fake Golden Elixir, any Foundation Establishment Master could easily suppress it.

He Song controlling the Golden Elixir Array to suppress Wang Duan was really making a mountain out of a molehill.

However, He Song felt that it wouldn’t hurt to be cautious when facing a once Golden Elixir Master.

After controlling the Golden Elixir Array, suppressing Wang Duan in place and making him unable to budge at all.

He Song suddenly noticed a trace of horror flashing through Wang Duan’s eyes.

At this moment, Master Yin Yue was on the verge of a mental breakdown.

This familiar array power.

This familiar Golden Elixir Array.

This familiar array suppression.

Weren’t all of these previously under his control and used to deal with other cultivators?

How come now they have befallen on himself?

No wonder.

No wonder he couldn’t sense the existence of the Golden Elixir Array.

No wonder he had a vague feeling of unease in his heart.

No wonder…

His trump card has now become someone else’s tool to suppress him.

His plan has just begun, and already it is declared dead in the water.

For a moment, Master Yin Yue’s heart was filled with mixed emotions.

He even had the impulse to turn around and run.

However, because he has just possessed a cultivator, his current soul state is not good and it will take at least several decades to recover before he can possess someone again.

Therefore, if the Golden Elixir leaves his body, his divine sense within will likely dissipate quickly.

Now he doesn’t have the time to refine the Soul-Congealing Soil again and set up another Golden Elixir Cave Mansion to lure someone else in.



A small Qi-refining late stage cultivator, suppressed by a Golden Elixir Array.

How to run?

Feeling that his entire body, and even his soul, was being suppressed and unable to move, Master Yin Yue’s eyes flashed with a touch of despair.

It could be said.

He, who is now suppressed by the Golden Elixir Array.

Has cried out to heavens and earth with no response.

Whether he lives or dies next, it all depends on He Song’s mood.

A Golden Elixir Master.

Being pushed to such extremes by a Foundation Establishment Realm cultivator, Master Yin Yue is probably the most worthy of the title “first person to experience this.”

Moreover, most importantly.

He still doesn’t know the person who has controlled the Golden Elixir Array and suppressed himself.

How high his cultivation really is.

He hasn’t even seen the person’s face yet and has already been tricked into this situation.

He first took possession of a weak Qi-refining late stage cultivator due to their scheming.

Then, he was suppressed by his own trump card that he left behind.

Finally, he may be greeted by the person’s malicious mockery, right?


At this thought, a cold light flashed in Master Yin Yue’s eyes.

It seems that he must risk everything in the end.

As a Golden Elixir Master, the tremendous divine sense hidden within his Golden Elixir is his only chance of turning the tables.

Although he is now in the body of a Qi-refining late stage cultivator, if he forcibly uses his Golden Elixir divine sense, it may cause serious consequences. This body definitely cannot withstand the Golden Elixir divine sense.

Perhaps, as soon as it is used, this body will be seriously injured.

But, even so, Master Yin Yue has made up his mind at this moment.

Being seriously injured.

Is better than death.

As long as he can find He Song’s location and see him, he will immediately use his Golden Elixir divine sense.

Even if he suffers a serious injury, even if he ultimately fails to survive, he must kill He Song.

Only in this way, can he grasp that slim chance of survival.

Only in this way, even if he dies, he will be able to die with his eyes closed.

Being pushed to such extremes by a mere Foundation Establishment cultivator.

In Master Yin Yue’s heart, it was already considered a great humiliation.

In such a situation, He Song naturally couldn’t let He Song off easily.

However, just as he had made up his mind and decided to go for broke.

At this moment, He Song, who was in the midst of the four great Array Skills- -the Golden Elixir Array, Smoke Array, Seven Kills Heaven Fire Array, and Sea-Stablizing and Spirit-Orienting Array.

He had already started to manipulate the Golden Elixir Array and prepared to launch an attack on Master Yin Yue. The Wang Duan in front of him.


The Golden Elixir Master who had just successfully possessed Wang Duan’s body.

He couldn’t be left alive!

This was the decision He Song had made early in his heart.

When facing a Golden Elixir Master, it was not excessive to be cautious in any way, given that his own cultivation was only at the Late Foundation Establishment Stage.

And because of this, He Song directly vetoed the idea of talking to the Golden Elixir Master face to face.

Wanting to find out the secret from the young master?

He Song knows the Soul Searching Skill.

Would he reveal his plans in front of the enemy, then let the Golden Elixir Master be shocked by his plans?

He Song understood the principle that villains die by talking too much.

Did he want to personally try out the feeling of stepping on a Golden Elixir Master?

Why take the risk of stepping on them now?

Did he want to communicate with them to see if he could recruit them and form a helping force in the future?

He Song was quite clear about his own abilities and would not seek humiliation.

Want to…

These things all required him to meet face to face with the Golden Elixir Master.

It’s like sending a rabbit to the face of a tiger in a cage.

If the opponent hid something, He Song would probably die without a place to be buried.

As an everlasting being, He Song would naturally not do something so dangerous and without any benefits.


As he was already planning to kill the enemy outright.

He Song naturally couldn’t waste time talking and exchanging with the enemy.

Even if the opponent had a high status and was a Golden Elixir Master.

But this identity did not deter He Song at this moment.

At this moment, the person in control of the situation was He Song.

As he manipulated the Array Skills, He Song quickly enveloped Wang Duan, who had been suppressed and couldn’t move by the offensive part of the Golden Elixir Array.

When the offensive part enveloped Wang Duan.

The suppressed Master Yin Yue also instantly sensed the change in himself.

Before, when He Song was suppressing him with the Golden Elixir Array, he did not feel any killing intent.

As a result, he decided in his heart to take advantage of meeting He Song or sensing He Song’s location to forcefully use his divine sense and kill He Song.

At the same time, leaving himself a glimmer of survival.

But now?

Just when he thought he was about to meet He Song or sense his location.

An intense killing intent suddenly appeared above his head.

At this moment.

Master Yin Yue felt his scalp tingling and a sense of impending doom surged in his heart.

Master Yin Yue’s face turned pale instantly, and he could not care less about the damage he caused to himself by using his divine sense and activated it directly.

At this moment, he realized in the dark that if he didn’t use his divine sense now, he would never have the chance again.

And as Master Yin Yue used his divine sense, the body that was originally suppressed by the Golden Elixir Array instantly cracked open.

The skin split, and streaks of blood emerged from Wang Duan’s body.

However, due to the suppression of the Golden Elixir Array, the blood was all confined within Wang Duan’s body.

With scars all over his body and blood filling the cracks, Wang Duan looked extremely creepy at this moment.

At the same time, a golden light burst out from Wang Duan’s Mud Palace Pellet.

Simultaneously, a powerful presence emerged from Wang Duan’s body.

But as this presence emerged, Wang Duan’s blood-red cracks grew larger.

Obviously, using divine sense did indeed cause Wang Duan’s body to be severely damaged instantly.

“How dare you!”

As a shout of anger rang out, the pitch-black cave mansion suddenly filled with golden light, as if a small sun had risen, making it extremely dazzling.

Fortunately, the Golden Elixir Array and the Smoke Array were hiding the place, so the commotion didn’t spread to other places.

However, along with the shout of anger.

Next moment.

A huge bolt of lightning as thick as a bowl came down from the sky and fiercely struck Wang Duan’s head.

When the lightning hit.

When the whole world was enveloped in lightning.

When he felt his body trembling and shattering from the impact of the lightning.

When the Golden Elixir inside him kept wailing under the destructive power of the lightning.

Master Yin Yue, who had taken control of Wang Duan’s body and used his divine sense, preparing to fight He Song to the death, had a deep look of shock in his eyes at this moment.

This person…

Why wasn’t he playing by the rules?

Shouldn’t you come out after calculating a Golden Elixir Master, and tell him everything yourself, feeling pleased with yourself?

Shouldn’t you reveal everything you have done after winning, and see what the enemy’s reaction is?

Shouldn’t you be killed by the enemy while revealing your plans?

Shouldn’t you be killed by a Golden Elixir Master who had already written a script for your defeat?