Chapter 198 - Chapter 198: Chapter 198: What is Caution

Chapter 198: Chapter 198: What is Caution

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“Thank you, Senior Brother He Song, for clearing up my confusion. I hadn’t expected the color of the tunneling light to have such profound implications.

I’ve learned a lot today.”

Bowing to He Song, Ping’er looked at him with a hint of admiration in her eyes, feeling that inviting him to leave the sect to visit Chu Shuangshuang had been the right choice.

Otherwise, with her original golden tunneling light, if someone took a disliking to her while she was outside, they could directly attack her with a sword, and she would be killed.

As He Song had said, changing the tunneling light to a water-blue color made it much safer for her to venture outside.

With this thought in mind,

Ping’er looked down below.

She suddenly found that the mortal and cultivator people on the ground below didn’t seem to notice her and He Song’s tunneling light at all, and no one was looking up at the sky anymore.

Seeing this, Ping’er’s eyes instantly filled with even more admiration for He Song.

As expected, everything Senior Brother had said was true.

As long as she changed the color of her tunneling light to water-blue, people below wouldn’t notice her while she was flying through the sky, unless they deliberately looked for her.

“It’s no big deal. I’m just being a little cautious. Such trivial matters aren’t worth mentioning.”

He Song waved his hand, not caring much about Pinger’s gratitude.

Although he was somewhat surprised that Ping’er had immediately changed the color of her tunneling light to water-blue after hearing his advice, he didn’t think he was doing her a great favor by mentioning it casually.

In the sky,

the two water-blue tunneling lights flew by almost unnoticed, quickly crossing the horizon and heading towards the distant Mountain Immortal City.

Both of them were Foundation Establishment Masters. As they used their tunneling skills to move forward, their speed was naturally extremely fast.

However, because the speed of the Blood Escape Skill was obviously faster than other tunneling skills, He Song had no choice but to slow down and fly side by side with Ping’er.

The speed of the Blood Escape Skill, even when used only with mana, was much faster than other tunneling skills.

It was a life-saving ace skill.

Thick Earth Sect’s mountain gate, was not far from Mountain Immortal City.

In just three days, the two had traveled from Thick Earth Sect to Mountain Immortal City.

About ten miles outside of Mountain Immortal City,

He Song and Ping’er’s figures landed in a forest.

It’s not that flying was forbidden within the Mountain Immortal City, but that restriction only applied to Qi Refining cultivators. For Foundation Establishment Masters, this rule did not apply.

Generally speaking, visiting Foundation Establishment Masters would transform themselves into tunneling light and come directly from afar, landing straight in Mountain Immortal City.

However, He Song and Ping’er had not done so this time.

“Senior Brother, why did we land dozens of miles outside the Immortal City?

We could have tunneled directly into the city.”

Next to him, Ping’er, who had been stopped by He Song, was puzzled and immediately asked.

But out of trust for He Song, she only asked the question instead of continuing forward.

Seeing this,

He Song shook his head, gazing in the direction of Mountain Immortal City with a flash of insight in his eyes.

“Junior Sister has spent most of her time cultivatinz under Master Qinzvue and knows little about the outside world.”

“What Junior Sister doesn’t know is that whether entering the Immortal City or Immortal Pavilion, one has to observe from a distance for a moment to ensure there are no abnormalities before entering.”

“Otherwise, if we fall into a trap, we may not have the chance to escape.”

After the insight had flashed, He Song saw that there were no abnormalities in Mountain Immortal City, and proceeded forward towards it.

But this time, He Song used the Qi Refining Early Stage Mountain Wind Riding Skill instead of his tunneling skill.

Simultaneously, his cultivation level also changed from Foundation Establishment Early Stage to Qi Refining Late Stage.

On the side,

Ping’er, who had heard He Song’s words and noticed his actions and the change in his cultivation level, was suddenly filled with astonishment.


Were there so many intricacies to a cultivator’s journey in the outside world?

When trying to enter an Immortal City,

you would land from mid-air dozens of miles away and observe the city to see if there were any abnormalities.

And when entering the city, you would hide your cultivation level and only use your Qi Refining stage Wind Riding Skill to travel.

In this way, even if there were any ambushes within the city, He Song, as a Foundation Establishment Early Stage cultivator, could immediately retreat.

This cautiousness was utterly contrary to the righteous and straightforward teachings Master Qingyue had given her.

However, when they had first met at Bamboo Mountain Immortal Pavilion, He Song had already shown his exceptional caution, which set him apart from other cultivators.

It was precisely because of He Song’s uniqueness at that time that Ping’er had wanted to actively form a connection with him.

Now, as Ping’er took in everything 1–1e Song said and did, it only reinforced her strong sense of agreement with his approach. Caution was key to surviving for a long time!

If He Song wasn’t cautious enough, then forget about reaching the Foundation Establishment stage,

whether he could even cultivate to the Qi Refining Mid -Stage would be in doubt.

With the scene of their first meeting flashing through her mind, Ping’er steadied her nerves and quickly followed in He Song’s footsteps.

At the same time, Ping’er’s aura became faint, and the tunneling skill she used also changed to the Qi Refining Wind Riding Skill.

Catching up to He Song,

Pinger saw the surprise in He Song’s eyes as he looked at her and quickly blushed, explaining:

“Senior Brother, please don’t blame me. In the past nine years, I haven’t practiced the Breath Concealment Skill but only relied on the Breath Concealment Formulas to manage.”

“But don’t worry, Senior Brother. After I persuade my Senior Sister, I will definitely learn the Breath Concealment Skill first.”

Using the Breath Concealment Formulas to completely conceal her presence,

Ping’er naturally knew that they were nothing more than a Qi Refining skill and were not as exquisite as the Breath Concealment Skill.

However, things had already come to this point, and since she hadn’t learned the Breath Concealment Skill, she could only do this.

Although the Breath Concealment Formulas were not as effective in hiding

one’s own cultivation as Breath Concealment Skill, it should be enough for the time being.

Their purpose here.

Was merely to persuade Chu Shuangshuang.

As for meeting with other Foundation Establishment Masters, neither of them had thought about it.

As long as they didn’t encounter any other Foundation Establishment Masters, there was not much difference between the Breath Concealment Skill and the Breath Concealment Formulas.

On the side.

Hearing Ping’er’s explanation, He Song had a strange look on his face.

Everything he did was simply because of his cautious nature and habits he had formed over a long time.


Pinger had copied his cautious behavior.

However, because Ping’er hadn’t practiced the same skill as him, she was slightly different.

If Ping’er had practiced the Breath Concealment Skill.

He Song was sure that Ping’er would also hide her own cultivation like him and only reveal her Qi-refining late stage cultivation to the outside world.

Maybe if he teaches her.

She would become extremely cautious.

At that time, perhaps Ping’er would also become an extremely cautious person in the path of cultivation.

Thinking about that scenario.

He Song immediately looked at Ping’er.

Then he looked at himself.

A thought flashed through his mind.

Maybe… it’s worth a try?

He had known Ping’er for many, many years.

From the time when both of them were at the Qi Refining Early Stage, to now, when they both became Foundation Establishment Masters.

The time in between was not short.

There must have been decades.

Having known each other for so long, Ping’er and he could be considered fated.

Although they were not close friends, they had a relatively good friendship.


Even if he didn’t teach her.

Ping’er might not be familiar with the outside world due to never having ventured alone, so her understanding of the outside world is very limited.

Now she seems to be subconsciously imitating his actions.

From the tunneling light to the Breath Concealment Skill and Wind Riding Skill, it could be seen that Ping’er was imitating very seriously.

Perhaps even if he didn’t teach her, she would also gradually become as cautious as He Song in their interactions.

However, this would result in many detours being taken.

Instead of that.

He might as well give some guidance, which could also be considered as fulfilling his duty toward Ping’er.

After all, Foundation Establishment Masters like Ping’er, who have little contact with the outside world, would always have an adaptation period after being sent out.

But since they became Foundation Establishment Masters as soon as they left the sect, the adaptation should be relatively quick.

After the adaptation period and having an understanding of the outside environment, their mentality would gradually mature.

If he were to guide her at this time.

It might help Ping’er avoid many detours.

With these thoughts in mind, He Song immediately spoke up.

“No need to worry, this matter is not urgent, our priority now is to find Junior

Sister Shuangshuang, do you know where she is now?”

He Song casually asked as he and Ping’er entered the Mountain Immortal City one after the other.

The matter of making Ping’er more cautious.

Could be considered later.

He Song naturally wouldn’t rush it.

Therefore, he turned his attention back to Chu Shuangshuang.

As Chu Shuangshuang’s junior sister, Ping’er should know her whereabouts.

“Follow me. I know where my senior sister is. Over the years, we have always maintained contact.”

“It’s a pity that Senior Sister failed in her Foundation Establishment, sigh.”

As Ping’er sighed.

He Song did not say anything further.

Foundation Establishment.

Has always been like a thousand troops crossing a single-log bridge.

Starting from the Qi-refining mid stage, many cultivators are stopped and trapped in that realm for life.

Chu Shuangshuang being able to reach Qi Refining great perfection was already quite good.

Ordinary cultivators, with bad luck, could only yearn to reach the Qi-refining mid stage.

Not to mention Qi Refining great perfection.

Achieving Foundation Establishment was like a step into the heavens, a realm that could bring blessings to future generations.

Falling in the bottleneck of the Foundation Establishment Realm.

Although cruel, it was actually already better than countless others.

With no more words, He Song and Ping’er swiftly passed through streets and alleys.

Eventually, the two stopped in front of a small courtyard.

“Senior Sister, Senior Sister, it’s me, Ping’er. I’m here to see you.”

Upon arriving here, He Song saw Ping’er step forward and call for her senior sister.


With a creak.

The gate of the small courtyard opened.

A petite figure walked out from behind the gate.

The moment Chu Shuangshuang saw Ping’er, she threw herself towards her.

“Good junior sister, you finally came to see me.”

However, before the two could touch each other, Chu Shuangshuang, who had lunged toward Ping’er, suddenly stopped in her tracks.

She saw He Song standing behind Ping’er..