Chapter 112 - Chapter 112: Chapter 112: Falling into Water Incident 1

Chapter 112: Chapter 112: Falling into Water Incident 1

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“I didn’t want to get close to him!” Emily Walker spoke up, how could she ever want to be close to that man? All she ever wanted was to get away from him, right?

But it seemed that the more she wanted to get away, the tighter that man clung to her. Now, things had escalated even further, with him kidnapping her little brother as a way to threaten her!

“Really? Then why did you appear in his room? Why did you join Futuren Group?! ” Camila Walker couldn’t help but yell angrily.

She would never forget that time at Futuren Hotel when this woman appeared in Baron Stuart’s room. A room that no women had ever entered, not even Camila Walker herself.

But this woman showed up inside, without any outsiders present.

It was easy to guess what a man and a woman would do together in a room alone. Thinking about this, Camila Walker’s jealousy could no longer be suppressed!

“I…” Why did she appear there? Wasn’t it all thanks to her aunt’s meddling? It was because of that incident that her life was ruined!

Thinking about this, shouldn’t she be the angriest? She had lost her innocence for no reason and was accused of seducing people!

Seeing her speechless, Camila Walker became even angrier. Didn’t her silence prove that she had hit the nail on the head?

“I warn you: you better leave Futuren Group voluntarily and disappear from E

City, or I’ll make you understand what will happen if you try to steal my man!” Camila Walker warned her.

Emily Walker didn’t take it seriously and found her threat somewhat amusing.

“Really? And what will happen?” She didn’t believe that in such a big E City, Camila Walker could control everything.

Moreover, she hadn’t tried to seduce anyone!

If Camila Walker knew that she had stayed at his luxury mansion last night, how furious would she be?

At this time, on the second-floor balcony, Bella Stuart and Leonardo Bryson came out to admire the starry sky.

“Wow… The view is amazing here.” Looking at the night sky full of stars, Bella Stuart exclaimed.

As she turned her head, she saw that Leonardo Bryson was intently watching something on the ground below the balcony.

“What are you looking at?” Bella Stuart asked with a puzzled frown, following his line of sight down.

Not far away by the poolside, two slender figures stood facing each other.

“Isn’t that…” Bella Stuart furrowed her brow, recognizing both Camila Walker and Emily Walker’s silhouettes, “What is Camila Walker doing there?”

By the pool, Emily Walker’s counter-question undoubtedly provoked Camila Walker’s suppressed anger!

What did she mean by that? Did she want to test how capable Camila Walker was?

Camila Walker snorted coldly and approached Emily Walker, the corners of her mouth curling up in a chilly smile, “Want to know what will happen?”

Emily Walker didn’t speak, just staring straight at her, somewhat cautious about her sudden approach.

“Like this, for example…” While speaking, Camila Walker slowly raised one hand and reached towards Emily Walker.

Feeling her touch, Emily Walker instinctively swung her hand to avoid Camila Walker’s grasp.

Her resistance must have ignited Camila Walker’s anger once again. With an enraged look on her face, she reached out once more, grabbing Emily’s shoulder without her guard up and giving her a forceful push…

With a splash, Emily Walker was pushed into the swimming pool, her tragic fate sealed..