Ling Changfeng fell silent. After a long time he finally spoke: “This is the end of the matter, he doesn’t need to hide anything.”

Qin Yuan understood that the commander had made up his mind, so he lowered his head and complied.

“I know that there are still some doubts in this matter, so we still need to investigate.” Ling Changfeng sat behind the desk, his tone was a general giving orders, but his eyes were frank like a friend. “But in any case, A Yuan, I hope you understand that Xinghe is the victim in this matter.”

Qin Yuan raised his head, stared at his superior for a while, disregarding courtesy, and finally nodded. “Yes, I understand.”

“By the way, there is another small problem.” Major General Qin resumed his usual comfortable tone. “Speaker Lin Jinshuang of the Lambda galaxy will officially visit the Capital Star next Wednesday with his wife and team for a five-day state event. Speaker William intends to hold a welcome dinner for them on the night of their arrival. Do you want to bring your spouse to attend?”

Ling Changfeng frowned slightly. Recalling Xu Xinghe turning pale at the news of the Lambda delegation visit, he wondered if such a dinner would make him feel more uncomfortable.

“It depends on him. I’ll go back in the evening and ask again, and I’ll give you an answer tomorrow.” After Ling Changfeng finished speaking, he raised his eyes and said to Qin Yuan, “You’ll have to work hard next week.”

Qin Yuan smiled and said: “It’s my duty.”

That night, Marshal Ling went to Xu Xinghe with hot tea again.

He had prepared a lot of words, intending to test his little spouse’s tone step by step, so as not to irritate him again by asking too straightforward questions.

Unexpectedly, Xu Xinghe listened for a while, and suddenly asked, “Aren’t you tired?”

The little deer’s eyes held three points of innocence, and three points of helplessness: “We only slept five or six hours last night… So, let’s talk straight.”

Ling Changfeng glanced at him, and said in a low voice: “As a young person, what’s wrong with staying up all night?”

Xu Xinghe: “…” This guy is quite vindictive!

“I want to ask, do you want to come with me at the welcome dinner next Thursday?” Ling Changfeng stopped going around in circles, and asked while pouring tea. “You–”

He originally wanted to ask, “are you still afraid?,” but before he could say anything, he was interrupted by Xu Xinghe.

“Yes.” Xu Xinghe’s answer was unexpectedly straightforward. Ling Changfeng paused, and when he raised his eyes, he saw a firm light flashing in those black eyes.

“I’m going. If that person also comes with the delegation this time, and appears in front of me… I might be able to recognize him.” Xu Xinghe tried hard to keep his voice calm. He’s no longer the person he used to be – dominated by fear. “Especially that disgusting pheromone, I will never forget it in my life.”

“I want to watch him go to prison with my own eyes.” Xu Xinghe said.

Ling Changfeng was silent for a while, thinking to himself, instead of prison, hell would be more appropriate.

He turned his head and met Xu Xinghe’s dark eyes.

After experiencing the filth of the mundane world, those black eyes are still clear and translucent, pure and innocent.

Marshal Ling lowered his eyes and silently hid his violent emotions.

Not only emotions, even his pheromones were unexpectedly gentle when facing his little spouse.

“Okay.” Ling Changfeng put down the teapot, reached out to hold Xu Xinghe’s hand, and said softly, “Then let’s it attend together.”

He decided to trust his little spouse, no matter what the secret behind that situation was.

“It’s said that the best way to overcome fear is to face it.” Xu Xinghe smiled and shook his hand back gently. His black eyes were bright and firm. “It’s been more than two years, I will always cross this hurdle.”

Ling Changfeng nodded, and covered his hand with his other hand. “Don’t worry, that night, I will try to be by your side the whole time.”


“Daniel Wells, Deputy Speaker of the Nine-Star Council of the Lambda galaxy, 46 years old, divorced, the second grandson of Marshal Wells. Norman Wells, General Secretary of the Nine-Star Council, the seventeenth grandson of Marshal Wells, 30 years old this year, unmarried. And George Wells, from the collateral line of the Wells family, deputy director of the Information Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 58 years old, divorced… It’s not me, but why do the men of their Wells family look like they have a rough road in love?”

On the 88th floor of the Double Star Building, in front of the holographic projection table, Qin Yuan’s fingertips swiped the information of the three people one by one. He looked up at Ling Changfeng on the opposite side. “As it happens, during the diplomatic visit two years ago, four people surnamed Wells came. All three of them were present, and they all had Capital University on their itinerary. It’s just that their positions at that time have changed compared to now. Daniel was just an ordinary member of parliament at that time, and Norman was not promoted to general secretary yet.”

“That is to say, the person who hurt Xinghe was probably one of these three.” Ling Changfeng crossed his hands on his chest and sat behind the large desk, his eyes cold.

“Yes.” Qin Yuan nodded.

“How is the investigation on Capital University’s side going?” Ling Changfeng raised his eyes and asked.

Adjutant Qin replied: “The original banquet hall has been sealed off – for maintenance, so no one should be alarmed. On June 20th two years ago, the signal in this banquet hall was blocked, and the monitoring data was also lost.. The doorman insisted that nothing abnormal happened that night, but later admitted that he stole some alcohol and fell asleep at night…”

Ling Changfeng frowned. “Why does he remember things from two years ago so clearly?”

“He said it was because he stole two bottles of good wine, so his impression is very clear.” Qin Yuan shook his head. “He may not have realized it, but there’s an 80% chance that he was drugged. In addition, someone intercepted Xinghe’s communication, disguised as his classmate, and sent him the text message leading him there. Our people are conducting a comprehensive search of the entire banquet hall, trying to find the bloodstains left by the man.”

Xu Xinghe said that he stabbed the man’s forearm that night, and the blood dripped on the floor. Therefore, if the interior of the banquet hall has not been thoroughly cleaned by professionals, there may still be some bloodstains left in the cracks of the floor.

“Have you found anything?” Ling Changfeng asked again.

Qin Yuan nodded: “Yes, there are five people’s blood samples not in the Gamma galaxy database. However, since we can’t transfer or compare with the databases of the other four galaxies, we can’t confirm who these bloodstains belong to. “

Ling Changfeng frowned slightly. “Five people?”

Qin Yuan replied helplessly: “Yes, Capital University, as the top institution of higher learning in the Gamma galaxy, will host people from other galaxies every now and then to conduct academic exchanges. The banquet halls are used to receive guests, so they’re frequently used. Occasionally someone may drink too much, so it’s understandable for there to be bloodstains.”

Qin Yuan finished speaking, turned off the projector, and turned to Ling Changfeng. “The most ideal situation at present is that the person is among the three Wells visiting this time, and Xinghe can accurately identify him, allowing us to directly detain him. This will save a lot of trouble. But—”

He changed his words and looked a little serious.

“This is the ideal scenario. In case that person doesn’t come this time, in case his surname is not Wells, in case Xinghe doesn’t recognize him, in case he sent someone to thoroughly clean the scene and no evidence is left behind… Are we going to arrest a visiting official without any evidence during a friendly visit? It will cause public outcry and harm the relationship between our two galaxies, boss.”

“There won’t be no evidence.” Ling Changfeng said with a calm expression. “After all, he is not a member of the Capital Star, and in order to delete surveillance, intercept communications, or let professionals clean up the scene, he must have contacted people…”

Ling Changfeng raised his eyes and said word by word. “There will definitely be traces left behind.”

“Yes, the Security Bureau is investigating and collecting evidence from various sources, but it will take some time.” Qin Yuan’s eyes suddenly moved., “By the way, the sheriff who took over this matter two years ago has also been found and been suspended. He said that he received a notice from his superiors at the time, asking him to settle the matter, and doesn’t know more details. If we investigate further, this clue will be broken. But…”

Qin Yuan raised his eyes and continued: “His superior at that time was someone in Lu Song’s former department. Lu Song, you know, was Barron Ives’ adjutant.”

Admiral Barron Ives, the original Supreme Commander of the Capital Star Military Region. More than a year ago, Ling Changfeng returned to the Capital Star and took over military affairs here. But Barron was in power for too long and was not willing to hand over power. As a result, a series of collisions occurred between the two sides. In the end, Ling Changfeng prevailed, and Capital Star’s military underwent a major reshuffle.

However, after Barron’s decline was revealed, he didn’t make matters worse. He chose to show his sincerity, reveal weakness, swallow his anger, and lay dormant, waiting for an opportunity.

Qin Yuan’s tone paused, and then said: “Speaking of Barron, this guy is obviously not clean. During the past year, I don’t know how many small things he has done in private. Letting him linger like this for a long time is not a solution…”

“I know.” Ling Changfeng lowered his voice and said calmly, “But two years ago, I was still on the frontier battlefield and did not return to Capital Star, while Barron Ives was still the supreme commander here. His faction has been entrenched in the capital star for decades, and its forces are intertwined. If we find and trace any soldier, they may be traced back to him – and not necessarily related to that incident.”

“Yes, I understand. Others have said that they were instructed by Barron, but after investigation, the details are not correct at all.” Qin Yuan’s eyes flickered, and he pointed out: “Now it seems that the kidnapping back then may also be the work of someone’s ulterior motives…”

Ling Changfeng was silent for a long time, then suddenly raised his eyes and asked, “There was a fish that slipped through the net. They seem to be called Gu Nai, has anyone found them?”

“No, this person, to a certain extent, can also be called a talent. The Security Bureau has issued the highest-level wanted order for him, but he has not been confirmed alive or dead.” Qin Yuan sighed. “Su Lan tracked him down for a while, saying that if the other party hadn’t committed such a thing, she almost wanted to praise him – this person’s anti-investigation skills are quite high, she doesn’t know how he’s hidden until now.”

After saying a sentence, there was another silence.

Ling Changfeng lowered his eyebrows and seemed to be thinking about something.

“Can I ask one more question. Are you sure that you want to use ‘regular means’ to deal with this?” In the silence, Qin Yuan suddenly spoke up.

Ling Changfeng raised his head and looked at him without saying a word.

Qin Yuan lowered his eyes and said no more.

He knew that this was the expression the commander showed before he thought hard and made a major decision.

After an unknown period of time, Marshal Ling finally opened his mouth: “As you said, it is difficult to obtain evidence for this matter in a short period of time. And, no matter who on Capital Star’s side is collaborating with them, keeping such people is a huge danger.”

“So, I have an idea—”

When Ling Changfeng raised his eyes, there was an unreadable light in his eyes. “This time, let everything come to an end.”

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