Chapter 390 - Chapter 390: Heartless

Chapter 390: Heartless

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Yu Niaoniao asked, “So what if you tell me everything?” Shen Junzhi was stumped.

He had indeed not thought about what happened after that.

Yu Niaoniao was surprisingly calm.

“You’re the Seventh Prince of the Dayan. You can’t give up the responsibility on your shoulders because of me.”

“I can’t compromise because of you. Even if you confess everything to me, there can’t be a follow-up between us.” “I’m sure you understood this four years ago.”

Four years ago, Feng Lianghan suggested marriage to Shen Junzhi, but Shen Junzhi rejected him.

At that time, Yu Niaoniao thought that Shen Junzhi simply did not like her.

Only now did she understand.

He had too many things hidden in his heart to share with her.

Yu Niaoniao continued.

“Since you could figure it out back then, you should know this even better in the future.”

Every word she said was like a sharp knife that stabbed into Shen Junzhi’s heart. It was so painful that he could barely stand.

He spoke with difficulty, his voice trembling slightly.

“I admit that I took it for granted back then. Now I know I was wrong.

“Can you give me another chance?

“Give me three more years…”

“No, just a year!”

‘I’ll definitely give you an explanation in a year.”

This was the first time in his life that he had begged in such a humble tone.

He put down his dignity as a prince and only wanted the person he liked to give him some hope.

However, Yu Niaoniao was not even willing to give this little hope.

“Everything in the past is in the past. Now that I already have someone in my heart, and you have already become the high and mighty Seventh Prince. Not to mention the relationship between a man and a woman, even the relationship between siblings can’t be maintained anymore.”

At this point, she took a step back, lifted her skirt slightly, and slowly knelt down.

Shen Junzhi reached out without thinking, wanting to stop her.

Unfortunately, he was too late.

His fingers brushed past her.

Yu Niaoniao touched the ground with both hands and placed her forehead on the back of her hand. She bowed respectfully.

“From now on, when I see Your Highness again, I will abide by etiquette. I hope

Your Highness will do the same.”

Shen Junzhi’s hands were still in midair for a long time.

Before this, he still had a glimmer of hope, but Yu Niaoniao’s kneeling destroyed that hope completely.

The two of them were clearly very close, but the chasm between them was thousands of feet deep.

His fingers slowly folded, as if he wanted to grab something.

But in the end, he couldn’t catch anything.

He could only put down his hands weakly.

A breeze blew past, and Shen Junzhi’s sleeve swayed gently.

He looked down at the woman kneeling in front of him and asked in a trembling voice.

“Do you have to do this? Do you have to be so heartless?”

Yu Niaoniao said, “There were no feelings, to begin with. How am I heartless?”

These words were really heartbreaking.

Shen Junzhi could no longer speak.

He turned around silently and saw Empress Wen standing quietly at the door.

She had appeared there at some point. He wondered how much she had heard.

Shen Junzhi’s lips twitched. He wanted to smile to express his ease.

But what finally surfaced was a smile uglier than crying.

“Mother, 1… 1…

Empress Wen said, “Princess Consort of Lang County, you can leave first.”

“I’ll take my leave.”

Yu Niaoniao stood up and left silently without looking up. After she walked away, Empress Wen said to Shen Junzhi.

“Find a place to cry and forget about her.”

Shen Junzhi lowered his eyes and said bitterly, “If I could forget, I would have long forgotten. Why drag it out until now?”

Empress Wen sighed helplessly.

“If you really can’t forget, hide everything about her in the depths of your heart. Don’t let anyone discover your feelings for her.”

“You should know that you are the only legitimate prince of the current dynasty. Whether it was the previous dynasty or the harem, there were countless people staring at you. ”

“If others knew that you liked the Princess Consort of Lang County, do you know how much danger it would bring her? If you want her to be safe, you have to control yourself and stay as far away from her as possible.” Shen Junzhi took a deep breath and bowed respectfully.

“Thank you for your teachings, Mother. I’ll remember.”

Xiao Juan was originally discussing matters with the old emperor in his bedroom.

After the conversation ended, when Xiao Juan came out of the bedroom, a young eunuch immediately ran over.

“Your Highness, Vice General Wei of the Sky Wolf Guards, asked me to pass a message to you. He said that the Princess Consort of Lang County is looking for you. She’s waiting for you outside the palace gate.”

Xiao Juan knew Niaoniao’s personality very well. If it was not an urgent matter, she would not have run to the palace gate to wait for him.

He immediately quickened his pace and rushed towards the palace gate.

However, when he arrived at the palace gate, he was told that Empress Wen had already called her over.

He cursed in his heart and immediately rushed towards the Fengyi Palace.

However, the Fengyi Palace was not a place he could barge into at will.

He could only get someone to pass the message while he stood outside the Fengyi Palace and waited.

Not long after, he saw Yu Niaoniao walk out of the Fengyi Palace.

He did not know what she had experienced in the Fengyi Palace, but she did not look well.

Xiao Juan walked over quickly and asked with concern.

“Why do you look so pale? Did Empress Wen make things difficult for you?”

Yu Niaoniao shook her head. “No, I’m just a little tired. I want to go back and rest. ”

Seeing that she was unwilling to say, Xiao Juan did not ask further and led her out.

After they left the palace, they took the carriage home.

She was distracted along the way. It was obvious that she had something on her mind.

Xiao Juan could not help but ask.

“Why did you come to me?”

Yu Niaoniao came back to her senses. “I remembered something. It’s about Shen Junzhi.”

She roughly explained about the longevity lock and finished.

“I didn’t know until today that not only was Shen Junzhi the Seventh Prince, but he was also one of the twins birthed by Imperial Concubine Yue back then.”

Xiao Juan was not concerned about this. He asked, “Did Empress Wen call you over just now for this?” Yu Niaoniao nodded.


“She confessed everything to me. Actually, she was the one who planned everything.”

“Noble Consort Shu, the Sixth Prince, and you and I were all pawns in her hands.”

“But I have no evidence to make the truth public.”

Xiao Juan comforted her gently. “You’ve already done your best. There’s no need to worry about this anymore. As for the truth, how do you know that the emperor doesn’t know anything?”

Yu Niaoniao said, “From what you say, you seem to know something?”

“I was originally wondering why the emperor suddenly ordered Noble Consort Shu’s death.”

“Noble Consort Shu died so suddenly as if it was intended to hide something. It wasn’t until I heard what you just said that I finally understood.”

“The emperor sentenced Noble Consort Shu to death not to punish her, but to silence her.”

Yu Niaoniao was even more puzzled.. “Silence?